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  1. IC Kanohi - Ga-Wahi - Ga-Koro Kanohi had followed the group, but had not partaken in the cactus for two reasons. Firstly, his visions were already nonsensical enough since his captivity, he did not know what this cactus would affect them. The strangely colored De-Matoran, Ranok was his name, right? Kanohi though he had implied there was something sketchy about Miracle Cactus. The cross-wired vigilante had enough mental health struggles without trying a substance he knew nothing about. The second reason he hesitated though was he did not eat. Kanohi did not like chewing food, or digesting with his mouth. He was not even sure he could do it, the idea repulsed his body too much to try. Instead, he would draw the energy out of food through his hands, letting meals crumbled to dust at his touch. The Matoran were a sliding scale of animalistic to mechanic, and he tended towards the latter. So instead of partaking in the cactus, Kanohi had stood watch in case anyone had an adverse reaction, or if allies of that Lesterin struck back at them for shutting his operation down. The vigilante still was unsure of many details surrounding this adventure, from what they knew he had spent the past few years as a merchant, until suddenly my he changed in manner and personality. From the sound of the timeline, he changed around when Hakari regained her memories. It’s possibly he had reverted to his personality from before he washed on Mata-Nui’s shores. Please Mata-Nui, do not return my memories from before I awoke on the shore. Kanohi was jostled from his thoughts by the sound of footsteps. He shifted from his perch to see Eita shaking Nichou. Kanohi had been unfocused for much of this, and Eita was whispering, but as he grappled over to make sure Nichou was unharmed, he caught the last sentence. ”Aurax is back!” OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly @Rahisaurus @~Xemnas~@Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @Umbraline Yumiwa @Mel
  2. IC Kanohi - Ga-Wahi - Ga-Koro The cross-wired vigilante nodded, they needed a way to secure the Lesterin. Though … ideally not something too rough. It was hard to describe, but as he looked at this stranger overpowered by a Matoran, blade at his throat and mobbed by a small army, it felt … familiar. Not precisely and not like how a vision would feel, but the feeling of being overwhelmed and helpless. Kanohi’s heartlight flickered in memory of that cave in Ko-Wahi, that deluded Matoran binding and torturing him, and that terrible flame that smothered his throat with ash. He … Kanohi could not recall having someone at his mercy before, but these memories haunted him. As horrible as what the Lesterin had done to Rahi, in this moment, he wanted to be merciful. He turned away from the Lesterin, only for his optics to zero in on his own Volo Lutu Launcher. The one he had bound to his arm using bandages he bought in Le-Koro. Bandages, meant to be attached to a chassis. Kanohi reached underneath one of his wooden masks and produced some of his spare bandages, offering them to Eita. OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly @Rahisaurus @~Xemnas~@Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @Umbraline Yumiwa @Mel
  3. IC Kanohi - Ga-Wahi - Ga-Koro Underneath his many wooden masks, Kanohi felt his face go red under Knichou’s stare. Ugh, no, his name was Nichou, and he was a Matoran. Not a Toa of Iron. Get that right. And Nale … she was not a Toa of Magnetism either, just a Fa-Matoran. Why were his memories so distorted? Well, he knew why, staring at the flames for what felt like years, he was forced to have so many visions that many were nonsensical. A city of metal the size of an island, a barren island where a colossal god’s head lay crashed on the west side, those felt as real to him as Mata-Nui. He needed to focus on what was real. And the Lesterin, Hakari, Lapu, and Nichou were real. The vigilante realized he was staring while lost in thought, and turned redder. He shifted his gaze away away, hopefully any reaction had been buried by his masks while he had stood there silently. He grappled up to the rafters, to search for anything that— Had … had that gold and blue Matoran captured the Lesterin? Kanohi grappled down, landing in a tumble besides Eita. As Kanohi looked up he saw some sort of coolant dripping off a mostly translucent Lesterin, his throat pierced by the Matoran’s blade. It was only a shallow thrust, but it looked like it was digging in deeper to his flesh. Kanohi felt his heartlight flash he … he had not thought of this. Obviously the Lesterin needed to be stopped, but he did not want anyone else to … die. But he could not defend the Lesterin against these new allies, not after the abominations he had made and his calloused disregard for life. But he could die. Knocking out the Lesterin would make him no longer a threat but Kanohi was … he was no fighter, he couldn’t bring himself to harm another. Cowardice or not, he could not let alone else suffer. But it could save his life, On the other hand, he could disarm him. Kanohi reached to the Lesterin’s face and wrenched off his mask. Tossing it aside, he began to click frantically with his telegraph. “He’s powerless now, barely stronger than us. We have him.” Nothing further needed doing, right? OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly @Rahisaurus @~Xemnas~@Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @Umbraline Yumiwa @Mel
  4. IC Kanohi - Ga-Wahi - Ga-Koro Kanohi felt his heartlight sputter as vines encircled around Nichou, yanking the Matoran into the air along with another. He took a step back, clutching his Volo Lutu Launcher through trembling fingers, even as another vine entangled Lapu’s arm. Of course, the Toa was stronger than a Matoran, and his element was the jungle itself. The vine began to shudder, absorbing into the Toa’s chassis, even as the rest of the plant relaxed it’s grip, dropping Nichou and his fellow like a fabled Toa Cannister crashing to an island. The cross-wired vigilante’s optics blurred as Nichou fell, he could see Aurax falling now, not through the air but through the jagged staff of a Rahkshi. And Nichou flickered in and out as milliseconds passed, shifting into a Toa of silver and red and back into a Matoran. But he, that was nonsense. Nichou was a Matoran, as fragile and weak as one could be. He could not lose another Companion. Not when he could act. Kanohi fired his Volo Lutu Launcher right below Nichou and with a lurch grappled at him, hoping to catch him as he fell through the air. As the vigilante hurtled through the warehouse he could not help but stare at that other Matoran as she fell. Failure, a real hero could save both of them from the fall. Toa Stannis could have with ease, same as any of the Maru. He would be lucky if he could help one. Please Mata-Nui, have someone save this other victim, as I cannot. OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly @Rahisaurus @~Xemnas~@Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @Umbraline Yumiwa @Mel
  5. IC Kanohi - Ga-Wahi - Ga-Koro Kanohi tensed up as he spotted the beast approach. Spiny Stone Apes towered over even Toa, and while the parasite that infested the Gukko had seemed uncoordinated in that Rahi and failed to fly, this parasite seemed to have more control. It puppeted the ape in halting lurches, but it did not flop, and the floor quaked at its fists. The vigilante swallowed, seeing those familiar flowers. The Gukko’s parasite used those flowers to search for light sources, it had been drawn to heartlights and fire. And it had burnt itself to ash trying to reach fire. Kanohi shifted towards Hakari, and tapped her thigh. Then cautiously and without facing her directly, he offered her his lighter once again. He did not know if this parasite would be as weak to fire, nor did know if it would be as simplistic as to not recognize it was burning itself. It might be smarter than the first, and that might be why it puppeted the ape so well. Still, no one here wielded the element of Fire, his lighter was one of the few weapons they had, especially given how fast the first plant regenerated. And Hakari knew how to use his lighter against such an infestation. He trusted her to succeed and return the lighter too. As for the vigilante himself, he now saw his many targets. The plants were spreading and trapping the group here, they might be able ensnare the Matoran or even the taller people if they got close. And the Spiny Stone Ape was certainly another threat too. And that voice came from somewhere, though he could not tell where. He needed to be ready to rescue anyone who got too close to the plants, or got in reach of the ape. It was a lot to focus on, hopefully he could manage. OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly @Rahisaurus @~Xemnas~@Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @Umbraline Yumiwa @Mel
  6. IC Kanohi - Ga-Wahi - Ga-Koro That was the cactus? Such a small thing, this was the miracle the botanist plucked from Aurax’s corpse. Obviously his visions were not always the most literal, but still, it did not resemble Aurax at all, it looked simply like an inert plant. Kanohi was not a fighter by trade, call it cowardice or prioritizing life over death, but he knew that if fighting started, he would fill a support role. If he could focus, he would be grappling around to rescue people in the fight, or shuttling them around the battlefield to wherever they needed going. He stumbled slightly. Focusing would be the problem, he was still a bit disoriented from Hakari shunting him and Lapu to Ga-Koro, the sheer speed of a Kakana was astounding. How was Hakari able to withstand the sheer turbulence of running that fast, let alone having the reflexes to turn and adjust at that speed? Was the mask giving her a degree of agility and durability too? Lesterins were certainly powerful to able to harness the powers of masks. On their own this green Lesterin would be a great threat to the Matoran, but thankfully they had their own Lesterin, not to mention Toa were even stronger than that. And the Maru far stronger. Self-depreciating aside, with the sheer number of folks present, they should be able to defeat the mad botanist quickly. Still, Kanohi recalled his parasitic plant, he could not help but suspect there would still be dangers. The vigilante prepped himself to dive at any of the party present, to grapple them to safety if something went astray. OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly @Rahisaurus @~Xemnas~@Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @Umbraline Yumiwa @Mel
  7. IC Kanohi - Ga-Wahi - Ga-Koro Kanohi nodded at the strange Matoran. He was dressed in crystalline armor, his chassis blue and gold. It was an odd combo, one would expect a Matoran of Stone or Crystal to don crystalline clothes. But much the same could be said for Kanohi, a Matoran of Iron dressed in hand-carved wooden masks, who had spent much of his recent life grappling across the jungles protecting travelers. The cross-wired vigilante scribbled another series of circles, before showing it to the whole group. “That sounds like I good idea. I am not sure where to track down the Lesterin, all we know is he is green, male, and dresses in a cloak. The latter might mean he wishes to hide his identity.” Kanohi winced, that hit a bit close to home. He continued, “I am not sure of his element either, though Jungle is possible given his work.” Kanohi paused and wrote down, “according to the merchant, the Lesterin claimed he was a trader from Seprilli. We wondered if he was trying to provoke strife between Le-Koro and Seprilli, by causing Mata-Nui to believe the parasite was a terrorist attack. The plant had tried to spread to the merchant, if it had gotten a foothold in Le-Wahi…” He then turned to Hakari and wrote, “Hakari, about when did your memories of Seprilli return? If our foe’s memory returned at around the same time, and if his plan with the merchant was to cause tension between islands, maybe he came up with the plan when his memories returned. And then maybe his mannerisms changed then too. If we look for a green male Lesterin who suddenly began acting different, maybe we could have a lead?” Then he added, “but do any of you have any other ideas for tracking this individual down? Maybe by looking into the rarer plant trade?” OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly @Rahisaurus @~Xemnas~@Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @Umbraline Yumiwa @Mel
  8. IC Kanohi - Ga-Wahi - Ga-Koro The cross-wired vigilante’s words seemed unnoticed by Lekua and Nichou, and maybe that was for the best. Kanohi did not know how much the general population remembered Stannis’s Companions, his recollection and endorsementof the earlier group might have been suspicious. Made them figure out who he was. Or rather, who he used to be. A Ga-Matoran and Hakari both spoke up with concern, and beneath his masks Kanohi blushed. He scribbled down with his left hand, “I am a bit stressed, but I can manage. I have to. Stopping the Lesterin is more important than any unease I feel.” Then a strange blue and gold Matoran spoke, Kanohi felt his heartlight pound again, “I wrote something down, before showing it to Eita, “Hakari here is a Lesterin, they are tall beings with the passive elemental abilities of Matoran, and the ability to use masks of a Toa. They hail from a distant land, recently Hakari’s memories have started to return of that land, she remembers it was once known as Seprilli.” He wrote more, “The Lesterin we seek is a botanist, who also seems to remember some things of Seprilli, based off what the merchant said. He has some mastery of plants, he was able to turn a flower into a parasite that could puppet a Gukko as a marionette. Maybe he would also be seeking this miracle cactus, since it’s a rare plant. I feel like the merchant had mentioned he had said to her that he was after a miracle too, though I forget her wording, it’s been a few days.” That last part was from his most recent vision, not what the merchant said, but hopefully Hakari would not question it. More importantly, it now hit him that Lekua and Nichou were here along with Kanohi. And his vision was of something being ripped out of Aurax’s corpse. Was this a coincidence? Or were some of the former members of the Companions being driven back together after what felt like decades? Was this Destiny? N-no, it couldn’t be. Kanohi was too unimportant for Destiny to take notice of, and this was Dece’s past and that name mattered far less. Still, he knew enough about interpreting fate with his visions to take notice. OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly @Rahisaurus @~Xemnas~@Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @Umbraline Yumiwa @Mel
  9. IC Kanohi - Ga-Wahi - Ga-Koro The masked Fe-Matoran suddenly stumbled, his heartlight dilating as he heard a name he had not heard in ages. Lekua, here? And could that voice be, Nichou? He … he had gotten a vision of Nichou in Ga-Koro, but that seemed like almost a year ago. To be here, with two of the companions… What if they identified him? And with the three of them here, then Aurax in the latest vision might not be a metaphor. This might be about their fallen better. But Dece can’t say that, he … he can’t face Nichou and Lekua, he could not stand before them exposed. Kanohi could stand, but if they identified him… He could not mention his visions to them. He could not bring up seeing Aurax. He … he was not sure if they knew Dece had visions, but if they did, he could be outed instantly. And then others would come. He clicked his bracelet, trying to destress. He did not pray to Mata-Nui much, but he plead with the god of Matoran that Nichou and Lekua could not see the traces of Dece beneath his masks. He needed to be this mysterious vigilante. Kanohi’s hands were shaky as he wrote something down. “Lekua? The name is familiar, I heard it before I think.” He paused artificially, to try to seem like he was lost in thought. He continued, “Weren’t you a precursor to the Wanderer’s Company? Perhaps a hero like you could help track this Lesterin down. The parasite he inflicted a Gukko with seemed unnatural, maybe the work of a follower of the Makuta. It puppeted the bird likes marionette, Hakari fought it so she may know more.” It wasn’t lies, but it was less of the truth than he wanted to tell the Companions. His circles were a bit more sloppy than usual, though hopefully it was not too noticeable. Hopefully his masks would not only cloak his optics, but his flashing heartlight. OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly @Rahisaurus @~Xemnas~@Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @Umbraline Yumiwa @Mel
  10. IC Kanohi - Ga-Wahi - Ga-Koro Kanohi offered the taller Lapu a hand to squeeze as they approached, if it would help steady his uneasy. The vigilante knew from experience how overwhelming sensations can be, he dreaded his raving anxieties and fears, but the hustle and bustle of the city was not the most pleasant either. But as they approached, Kanohi spotted a Toa both leaving the tavern. Interestingly, he looked like he was of the element of Sonics. Kanohi was hardly an expert on elements, Jungle and Iron felt more familiar to him, for some reason, but he believed he had heard that De-Matoran had enhanced hearing and could easily be overwhelmed by noise. He might know where to stand to avoid overstimulation. And indeed, the Toa began to huddle to the side, perhaps overwhelmed from the noise of the bar. Kanohi’s hand drifted in the direction of the Toa, feeling a pang of sympathy. A thought struck him. There were a few coincidences potentially piling, to run a Toa who could suffer sensory overload? At a tavern named for the Rahi whose tooth Kanohi used to focus his visions? It was a big island and many of the Element of Sonics lived here, he easily could be reading too much into it, like he often did with his visions, but something about it nagged at him. The vigilante struggled to believe that Destiny had him on its radar, he did not matter. But maybe Lapu would be significant in the optics of destiny. Or Hakari. Either way, Kanohi chose to embrace the coincidence. He started to lead their Odd Company to the Toa, when a green Matoran approached them. Kanohi reddened beneath his many wooden masks at the bard’s words, but ultimately nodded. Perhaps a storyteller like a bard would know. Writing was slower than speaking, but great an ally as Hakari was, she could be a bit loud, and that might overwhelm the larger of the two strangers. But Kanohi was silent except for clicking and the sound of a charcoal stylus smearing paper. He should take point. The masked Fe-Matoran wrote down on his wooden tablet using the charcoal, “I cannot talk verbally, so forgive my speed, but we are looking for a green Lesterin. We are not sure of his exact element, but from what we understand, he has knowledge of strange plants, as he fed a Le-Matoran merchant’s Gukko a parasitic plant. We were told by the merchant he might still be in Ga-Koro.” OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly @Rahisaurus @~Xemnas~@Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @Umbraline Yumiwa @Mel Hooray, we met before it’s been a year into arc three, we made good time.
  11. IC Kanohi - Ga-Wahi - Ga-Koro Kanohi honestly had forgotten most of his memories of Ga-Koro, and even if he recalled it accurately, the landscape had changed. A local would know where to search, even if they had been a way for years the older hits would still have been a clue. But to him, the landscape and his memories blurred together. Still, the vigilante recalled where Hakari and him came after they rescued the merchant; an inn. People talked and gossiped in the tavern, it had been somewhat overstimulating. And Lapu tracked them down there too. Kanohi wrote down, “somewhere travelers come and go, where people talk. Maybe an inn, or a tavern?” Then he paused, stunned into stillness. His optics had caught sight of a coincidence. He pointed to a tavern standing in the distance. The Great Takea was written on the side, that was the beast whose tooth he had used to make a spear when he first arrived on Mata-Nui, the tooth he had hollowed out and used to make his lighter, the flame that helped him focus his power. Ga-Koro was the village of Water, it was not remarkable to see the King of Sharks referenced. But in terms of coincidences, he felt drawn to follow that path. OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly get ready, we are about to bump into some folks
  12. IC Kanohi - Ga-Wahi - Ga-Koro When it became that Hakari was more exhausted than injured, and that Lapu had been more disoriented than hurt, Kanohi relaxed. The Fe-Matoran still offered both of them his hands if they needed support standing, though in truth Matoran of Iron were known for their inventiveness and their endurance, strength was not his greatest aspect. The short vigilante also took in the city. Ga-Koro like Le-Koro felt like it was in between eras, the old huts and lily pad platforms still clung here, but now there was better manufacturing, metal and composite wood was not uncommon, and faintly he could see the greenhouses if the village beneath the sea. That was another point. From what Kanohi understood of the industrialization of the island, Ga-Koro was becoming the pharmaceutical center of the island, the greenhouses used to grow rare plants to synthesis into medication. And if there was such advanced medicine here, maybe he could get something to help his vocal processor. The damage was mostly from smoke, heat, and ash, maybe the people of the Village of Water would have something to soothe his throat so he could speak again. Aurax’s corpse would come first though. His carcass mattered more than Kanohi’s voice ever could. OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly
  13. IC Kanohi - Ga-Wahi - Ga-Koro For all his flaws and faults, Kanohi could take a tumble. Not just because his passive connection to the element of Iron granted him better endurance than other Matoran, but because of his lifestyle. Grappling across Le-Wahi every day, lurching suddenly as he was tugged along his Volo Lutu Launcher, smacking into branches, twigs splintering on his chassis, crashing to the forest floor; the vigilante had developed an ability to roll with the metaphorical punches. Kanohi stood up. He admittedly was a bit shaky, greater durability or not, the Fe-Matoran was not used to traveling at the high speeds of a Kakama. Still, he was familiar with being whipped about by his grappling, it was not something totally unfamiliar. The Matoran vigilante went to bother of his distressed allies, looking over if they needed any medical care. Hakari mostly seemed exhausted, though Lapu falling on her could not have helped. And Lapu himself seemed stunned. Luckily Kanohi still had some medical supplies left over from modifying his Volo Lutu Launcher, and tried to help bandage any bruises on the two tall folk. He was not a fighter, but he could help people. OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly
  14. IC Kanohi - Ga-Wahi - the Southern Border Kanohi shook his head firmly, his hands still unsteady. Aurax, this beast was going to do something to Aurax, take something from him? Was he going to d-defile his corpse? Was there something l-left behind from where the Rahkshi had s-stabbed him? His heartlight was frantic, they needed to reach Ga-Koro now. He wanted to refuse her, for a moment thinking it would be faster for the three of them to run or grapple under their own power. Then he remember she was Lesterin, the Kakana she wore was not just a style choice. She had access to a Great Mask of Speed. Shakily he wrote below his earlier message, his handwriting still unsteady, “Time is of the essence, we have taken too long to reach Ga-Koro. I would not wish to burden you, but you carrying me while using your mask might help us reach the Village of Water in time to stop the villain. But we need to go as a group, we cannot leave Lapu. Is there a way for you to haul the two of us there? Otherwise, I can manage.” He found himself hesitating to explain why he was so rattled. He … he trusted them, but what if someone was watching, listening. His visions were not as glamorous as a prophecy, but his knowledge of the future, he knew it would be tempting for the followers of the Makuta. He could not risk anyone learning who he used to be. But would Nichou realize who he was? He was in Ga-Koro, and they had been companions before. Kanohi, his memory failed him, remembering too many conflicting visions, but he thought Nichou had known his power. And if he met him in Ga-Koro, he might be exposed… But they had to save Aurax’s corpse. Maybe that’s why he had been driven to Ga-Koro, what his recent visions led to, to help a friend Dece had been too weak and unimportant to save. That now Kanohi and Nichou would work together to help make sure Aurax’s remains were not mutilated. And that would be w-worth being a target. Right? OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly
  15. After what feels like at least a year, Kanohi, Hakari, and Lapu have reached Ga-Wahi. That’s right, we are in the endgame now.
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