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  1. IC: Lapu and Kimala The Toa of Plants picked up on the tension in the group far more than their words. Inside the warehouse, he took the farthest position in, keeping himself between the group and the center of the building. Kimala did the same, one of her crystal tomahawks in hand, the other still sheathed on her back. As several members' attention fell upon a particular plant, Lapu was drawn toward them by curiosity. He leaned over the small one who held it, and reached out with his element, studying it. A fascinating specimen. He hadn't encountered anything like it, to his knowledge. The cells inside it had huge vesicles, full of water, clearly able to survive for long periods of time. Its life energy was oddly faint too, yet strong despite that fact. It produced spikes as well. Small, ineffective things against a mechanical being such as they. But as he studied the cells that produced the structures, he imagined ways he could create it with his element, into something much larger and more threatening. There was also something within its sap. A biological chemical that he guessed was medicinal in nature. He would have liked to examine it closer, but he could sense this was something important to these individuals, and so refrained from doing so. @ARROW404 @Snelly @Harvali@Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @Umbraline Yumiwa @Mel @BBBBalta @~Xemnas~
  2. IC: Yoka - Oki Abandoned Village The former Taajar glanced at her body's original owner. She couldn't hear the IdeaTalk coming from the bird, and must have been confused about their reactions. Fortunately, Ahri gave an explanation that provided Ikyazu the information she needed. She nodded to the others, though there was little resolve in her eyes. "I will go with you." It was more for lack of any other options that she said so. Ikyazu looked at her with approval. She fiddled with her glaive subtly, in a sign she and her 'sister' had agreed on, a subtle offer to switch positions. 「FIll me in on what I have missed,」Ikyazu said, before drifting toward their body. Yoka slipped out, their shared body's eyes growing momentarily vacant, until its original owner was once more in control, Yoka now the one floating along invisibly. She began immediately to relay information to her. This close to the others, she hadn't wanted to risk someone picking up on the targeted IdeaTalk that would have been required to fill her in otherwise. 「The male, Ahri, speaks Vulgar Taa,」she finished.「It would be best if I remained in our body for now.」 Acquiescing, albeit with a little annoyance, Ikyazu switched back. At least now she had been brought up to speed. @ARROW404 @Keeper of Kraata @The UltimoScorp @Click@Lady Takanuva
  3. IC: Kimala For her part, the Toa of Crystal assumed that whatever those mushrooms were, they couldn't be illegal, because what kind of dealer would do business around a crowd this large?
  4. IC: Lapu - Outside the Takea The tall, plant-matter-covered Toa reached down a little after Kanohi finished showing his message, and touched the tablet, a little trickle of his elemental power restoring the wood, effectively erasing the message so a new one could be carved into it. That done, he turned his attention more to the enormous plants that some of the town was made out of. He was not very familiar with aquatic plants, and wandered just a couple bio away to study their structure with his elemental power, experimentally changing the color of a Matoran's house's wall without fully realizing it, to a deep reddish-purple found on some fruit trees. He rubbed his chin. He had been going for a brighter color. IC: Kimala - same place The burly Toa of Crystal read the tablet quickly, and murmured the word "Seprilli" to herself. She knew very little about it, only the rumors about Skakdi and Lesterin regaining memories. She unfortunately had nothing to contribute to the peculiarly-armored Matoran's inquiries, and she doubted anyone in Timak's group did either. @Harvali @ARROW404 @Mel @Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @~Xemnas~ @BBBBalta @Umbraline Yumiwa @Rahisaurus @Snelly
  5. @Mel @Visaru @Nato G @Snelly @Smudge8 @ARROW404 @Zeal @Sparticus147@Geardirector IC: Gashril - Assaulting Fort Garsi Looks could often kill on Zakaz. Gashril's looks weren't one of those that could, though, lucky for Zanakra. She had a hard time- and precious little of said time- figuring out what was going through her new boss lady's head just then. Had she picked her crew up for just this? Were they going to end up just being fodder for this attack? Why was their fearless (in the bad sense) leader standing in the middle of the attack if that were the case though? Was she just that desperate to have this fort? She had more pressing matters on her hands though. The battle was joined, whether she liked it or not. She rubbed her neck. She had one, maybe two sonic blasts left in her. If she held back a while, she might coax out a third after a little recovery. She swore under her breath, now wishing she had taken Zanakra up on her offer for a Sarke match. She cursed again. It was time to act, not think! The crew she had surrendered to Zanakra nevertheless looked to her. She nodded and pointed her sword toward the fort. They were doing this. At least for now. "Seeker," she rasped, then pointed to T'harrak, "She wants iron. Give it to her." Jojax didn't stick around for a plan, so he would do instead. "Lookout," she called for her Skakdi of Air companion- the one who had been harassing Jojax earlier, but was looking quite serious now- "Find me a target on the walls." He nodded and sprinted off to the side, then stopped, staring intensely at the walls, before quickly diving back to her side. "Stone Skakdi on the ramparts," he told her, pointing to the spot on the walls. He pointed two others off, before she nodded and gestured for him to move out. She nodded at the rest of the crew, those with ranged weapons and laser or heat vision firing into the building. Taking a step back from the front line, she grabbed her Gravity companion. "I'm going for a look. Hold on to me, and call my name if I'm needed." He nodded and shrugged her up onto his back, while she squinted toward the building. Her vision swam, darkening, before reforming and seeing herself, along with the rest of the Razorfish warband below. Some sort of weapon off to the side, firing off chunks of stone. No, not off to the side, held by the Stone-powered individual. And grenades too, at that. A lot of them, which she watched explode prematurely as Lugnoz and Ythrok combined their powers into a wave of lightning-infused plasma that set them off both prematurely and unevenly, dulling their explosive power drastically. Gashril held her gaze through the eyes of the sentry, watching for any hints she could use to her advantage. Seeker, the Skakdi of Iron, arrived at T'harrak's side. "I've got iron, how can I help?"
  6. IC: Priicu - Wise Man's Archive Back Room To say the Ko-Matoran was listening with rapt attention would have been quite the understatement. As a student of knowledge, this opportunity to learn about something hitherto unknown was captivating. As a student of history, his excitement bubbled at the idea of the potential alliance- or at least pooling of resources- that may come of this meeting, and its effect on the future. As a Matoran who wished to see evil purged from the island, he rejoiced in the thought of a weapon turned against evil, or of a cure for the weapon employed by the agents of chaos. And, as the owner of the library they stood in, he was more than a little excited it was happening here. Unfortunately, he had nothing and less to contribute to the conversation itself. And so he listened, excitement registering only in the glow of his eyes as they flitted from one speaker to the next.
  7. IC: Yoka - Oki, Abandoned village Yoka's eyes passed from one member of the trio to the other as they were introduced, and made quick mental notes of which was which. She had no precise intentions, but the odds were, they could help one another. The male- Ahri's- use of Vulgar Taa gave her pause. She had to repeat what he said to herself after he said it before she registered the words themselves. How long had it been since she had heard her language? It was a slightly different dialect, subtly different vowel sounds, but recognizable, and more than a little nostalgic. She wasn't sure how to react to that, and she couldn't communicate with Ikyazu without potentially giving herself away. The one called Raika spoke next, breaking Yoka from her train of thought. She nodded in response. Another wanderer. Then the last one asked the question Yoka herself had been wondering. She shook her head. "No, I arrived here last night and took shelter." She glanced about the empty settlement behind her, then back, eyes resting on Ahri once more, the gears turning in her head. His garb was in even worse shape than hers, no clan alignment discernible. Was he Taajar, then, to speak their language? He lacked the accent, though. Should she ask? She needed more time to think, before the silence could grow awkward. Ikyazu folded her arms pensively. In her ghostly state, she had been unable to follow the Ideatalk portion of the brief exchange.「Ask them about the refugees,」she suggested. "You mentioned refugees?" OoC: I just realized I confused myself. Ikyazu was actually the one who was supposed to be in control. It's too late to change now though, so I'll roll with it.
  8. @Keeper of Kraata IC: Yoka - Oki, Abandoned village She stopped her approach at the defensive response, standing relaxed and non-threatening. Seeing how on-edge they were- and although she kept her Willhammer touch light and unintrusive, she could feel a surprising amount of emotion emanating from one of them- she kept her feet spread evenly, at least ready to run if need be. "Ikyazu," she answered the question, giving the name she and her ghost had agreed to use- it was the name associated with the body, after all. "I am nobody. I was once someone, but the sons of Zataka took that from me." Her eyes did not move as the 'real' Ikyazu drifted into her vision, observing the group more closely, watching for danger.
  9. IC: Yoka - Oki, Abandoned village Yoka straightened slightly at the Ideatalk call. "They noticed me," she whispered. "I will approach." Ikyazu nodded her affirmation and drifted above, observing as Yoka piloted their body toward the beach. She made no effort to remain stealthy, letting the butt of her glaive, and the soles of her feet meet the ground with enough sound to let the gathered group hear her before they could see her. .:Apologies for the intrusion,:. she sent, as she rounded the bend into their view. Those looking her way would be greeted with the sight of what had formerly been a well-dressed and well-trained Menti, who had clearly been dragged through the wringer for some time. Her armor was patched decently at best, and the clothes supplemented with what someone else had left behind. What clothing belonged to her original outfit bore Eiyu colors. .:I was merely making sure I saved my approach until I felt everyone was calm.:.
  10. The BZPRPG recently-ish introduced a new species, the Draconic Mystix, and I wanted to get into some of that action! The wing membranes are purely decorative, and clearly not attached to the body itself. If it existed in set form, it would likely make use of cloth. I based the head on a scaled-down approximation of the Tahtorak, and just kind of went ham for the rest. Oh, here it is, fighting a Rock Lion! And for good measure, a close-up of the head. The main head part is the Ash Bear head custom piece from Galva's custom Stud.io pack. The jaw, as you can see, is made with System parts, attached via clips to a bar piece inside. Hope you like it! His name is Tavo'ssa. You get a like if you understand the reference!
  11. This is way too dang neat, this has to be illegal somewhere
  12. IC: Lumune - Ostia streets The trapper meandered, in no rush, from the butcher's, where she had sold off her catch, a few widgets heavier now. She noticed a tech emporium flyer stuck to a wall and gave it a cursory once-over. She had just been there a few days ago and gotten what she needed, but again, she wasn't in a rush, so why not satisfy a little idle curiosity? She also cast her eyes about the street as she walked, examining the wares on display for things that might be useful, or just nice to have. A few cloaked figures slipped past, though she paid no mind to them. IC: Idas - Ostia desert-side entrance The lion pointedly ignored the looks cast his way, curling up instead for a short nap in the shade. An errant breeze made that difficult though, as a bizarre scent made him shiver. It was distant, but too close for comfort. Ears flicking upward, he sat up and watched for the source of the scent. Antidermis. Rahkshi? He growled lowly.
  13. IC: Yoka - Oki, Abandoned village 「Hold.」 Yoka stopped, at Ikyazu's request. 「Best not to startle them. Wait here.」 She did so, standing in the road, a ways away from the group assembled on the beach, presently out of sight, but not hidden.
  14. IC: Priicu - Wise Man's Archive back room The Ko-Matoran withheld a wince at Muir's venomous words, though his jaw did tighten a touch, nervously glancing between the Toa. So she was a member of the Cultured Gentry. A couple of their members were regulars at the library, though beyond their taste in fine literature and philosophy, he knew little. Despite running a fine enough establishment, he was still what most would consider working-class. His mind drifted a moment to his ongoing investments though, Syzygos's copy crystals, and the Ko-tatsus he had ordered... With some well-placed words, he might find his way into the upper crust's good graces. Just an idle thought, though. He quite enjoyed his current business. Some enhancements would just be nice. He blinked the thought away and carried on listening in silence.
  15. IC: Gashril The former leader of the Tahtorak band brought up the rear of the group, having stopped back at her "throne" for something on the way out. She stayed quiet as she followed the group, not that she had much choice. The battle with Jojak played in her head, wondering how things would have gone had she acted differently. An all-out blast at the beginning, possibly enough to put her opponent out of commission from the start... Hmm, at the cost of an ally's hearing for several days. Throwing the match? Too many variable to know what kind of effect that would have had. Foregoing the sword? Her mind eventually turned to other things, examining the group they now comprised. She was surprised they had come with so few. This couldn't be all that Razorfish had to offer, could it? No, no group this small could hold a fort. She disguised her frown at the lack of Ga-Skakdi, too. You would think a water-based fort would be ripe with them. And again, the Nakihl caught her eye, getting the gears turning. A warlord that accepted openly practicing Nakihl? It was too soon to make any real judgment calls, but this was an interesting troupe, for sure. Her musing was cut off at their fearless leader's cocksure suggestion. Gashril tried not to gawp. She wasn't serious was she? Attacking a rival fort with a bunch of fresh recruits? Well okay, they weren't green by any measure, but they'd had no time practicing together to synergize their techniques. This was asking for a humiliating defeat... Oh, but what kind of weapon was that? Looked sophisticated... Snake-people tech? She withheld all her comments though. Right now, assessing the situation was most important.
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