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  1. IC: Lapu - Forsi, Papa Podu's Possibly against his better judgment, Lapu had given in to his curiosity, and his attachment to the little band that had formed around Kanohi. He had never taken himself for the sentimental type, but he had spent more time 'socializing' with Hakari and Kanohi in the span of a couple of days than he had with anyone else in years, and leaving them to go back to the jungle somehow seemed less important than figuring out what this niggling sense at the back of his skull was. How he regretted following his curiosity now. It was hot. It was dry. And the only plant he had seen in hours were cacti- and the aloe plant sitting on the windowsill of the restaurant. Not remotely enough to comfort him. He wanted to touch grass, curse it. He almost grumbled, but instead opted for simply allowing his face to adopt an even more sullen look than usual. He was here- his armor was wilting already- and he lacked the ability to ask for a way to somewhere greener anyways. So, like it or not- he didn't- he was along for the ride.
  2. @Geardirector@Snelly IC: Ushadra - Mangaia Ushadra followed, projecting her illusory image to her right, pressing against the wall and making "herself" as small as she could. The illusion peeked cautiously around the corner, then gasped at the gruesome sight shrinking back into the darkness. Ushadra mirrored the motions, then shaped the image with her mask's power, into the vulnerable and pitiful appearance of the Matoran.
  3. IC: Suran - Ostia, The Dancing Crab Having paid his boarding fee, he figured he might as well spend whatever Mata-nui currency he had left, and ordered himself a bottle of middlingly-priced alcohol to sip. As the first shot wet his palate, he listened in. So this one was leaving to escape the Makuta. He gave a little sideways nod of his head in consideration. Once that idea spread, journeys like this one were sure to become more popular. If he thought to find heroics on this new island though, the Lesterin strongly suspected he would be disappointed. "Empty hope," he muttered quietly, not intending to be heard, but not particularly caring if he was either. "Run from the Kofo-Jaga, straight into the nest of the Nui."
  4. IC: Kimala The Toa of Crystal chewed her lip in consternation. She did want to go... But could she? With a sigh, she gave her answer eventually. "I need to run some errands. I will join you if I am able, but I cannot say for sure. I will meet you at the exit of the Koro if I'm able to. If not, don't wait for me."
  5. IC: Ushadra The illusory Matoran gave an uncertain nod, but made no attempt to get closer, pressing herself further against the wall and gesturing with a subtle nod for the seeker to take the lead.
  6. @Harvali @ARROW404 @Mel @Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @~Xemnas~ @BBBBalta @Umbraline Yumiwa @Rahisaurus @Snelly IC: Kimala The tall Toa considered the possibility of accompanying Aurax. It was... an interesting idea. Her students would probably be inconvenienced if she left, though. Unable to give her answer at the moment, she considered in silence, rubbing at her mouth pensively, and glanced at the other Toa in the room, wondering if one of them would undertake the journey at least. IC: Lapu The Toa of Plants stared at the window, lost in a thought just out of his reach. Hakari's voice drew his attention slowly back, and he turned to try and read what he could make out of Kanohi's message. He felt like he had missed something while he had spaced out. Kanohi seemed to be bidding Hakari farewell, but she said they would travel together for a bit longer. Where had they said they would be going? Back to Le-Wahi, he hoped. Silent and inscrutable as ever, he simply stood beside the pair he had arrived with.
  7. IC: Aar, Oceanna's doorstep The unassuming-looking Matoran guard gave her a salute of greeting. "Apologies, it looks like I woke you up. I'm here to deliver you this." He held up a cloth bag stamped with the Ussalry's logo. It looked heavy for its size. "For your help apprehending some suspected criminals the other day." He never could quite get used to talking with civilian Toa. Twice his height and ten times his power, but he was the one who was supposed to command respect and protect them in a crisis. It was odd. He didn't let it show on his face though. OoC: I don't even know what widgets are worth, full disclosure. Just uh... the bag contains about what you'd expect I guess? @Palm@Geardirector@Void Emissary IC: Onepu - Akiri's hut Onepu loved visiting Nuparu. When he talked with his old friend, it almost- almost- felt like old times. He did not like visiting the Akiri's hut, however. It reminded him of Whenua. Life had been good before... Before the Toa and Takua- He caught himself before fell too deep into reminiscing. "Gentlemen, I think you've got this. He waved his former charges toward the door. "I think I'll go for a walk. Nuparu can give a holler if he needs me."
  8. @Snelly OoC: This is happening a ways down the tunnel, far enough the fire would be well out of sight. I'll go ahead and assume we can still hear him though. IC: Ushadra The black smear gave way to features the longer the Toa of Crystal looked at it. It appeared to belong to a Matoran, either Po or Onu judging by the black and tan armor. Female, judging by the voice. "S-seeker?" she repeated. "What is-" Drakkar's voice drifted down the hall, and the figure flinched. Behind the illusion, Ushradra frowned in annoyance. She wanted to play around a bit first... But she quickly changed tack, as she was forced to. The figure looked toward the source of the voice, then back at the approaching Toa with an expression of confusion and concern. OoC: So, Ushradra is projecting the illusion a few paces from where she is actually standing, and making it sound like her voice is coming from it. Depending on her sense of smell, Zelvin may or may not pick up on this when she gets closer. Up to you.
  9. IC: Ushadra - Mangaia The sound of footsteps caught the sensitive ears of the Toa of Sonics, even amid the sound of screams. Who could that be? Cloaked in silence, she cast an illusion of pure blackness over herself that blended perfectly into the shadows of the tunnels, and stole out to see for herself. Finding the individual was a trivial matter to one with her sensitivity to sound, and once near enough, she approached to get a closer look, at just such a distance she could make details out from. A Toa, not infected- and more surprisingly, not currently being impaled by a Rahkshi. She would not underestimate this one. She also appeared to be wearing a Ruru, a smart choice for these dark tunnels. Ushadra's disguise as a black smear would not hold up any closer. She considered with the moment she had, how best to proceed. Intimidation with a Rahkshi illusion? Call actual Rahkshi to kill or infect her? Or perhaps subterfuge? She smiled. She loved subterfuge. "Who's there?" came a hoarse, scared whisper from ahead of the Toa, where a form appeared to be sitting, curled up.
  10. IC: Lumune - the middle of the desert Idas crested the top of a dune, and the Iron Mahi's tracks came into view. From what Lumune had gathered, the lion didn't much care for said tracks- didn't like staying close to them. She could imagine why. Dead metal like that was an odd sight, that must have set the rahi's senses on edge. Or maybe it had had a bad encounter with the Mahi itself. Couldn't say the same, herself. She'd never had a reason to use it, not a reason to dislike it. Movement caught her eye, and both she and the lion zeroed in on a potential catch. Her brow furrowed. Her eyes must be playing tricks on her... She gestured with her spear, and Idas stalked forward so she could get a better look. A Turaga. A live one, no less. Out here? In the middle of the desert? Her mind went back to a track she had seen once or twice in the past year. She hadn't known what kind of Rahi it could have belonged to, and now she knew why- it had belonged to a Turaga. Not a footprint she'd been familiar with before, but now that she saw those crooked feet, she made the connection. "Bit far from the safety of home, venerable one!" she called once she was close enough for the wind not to carry her voice away. Idas continued his slow approach with a look of curiosity. Lucky Turaga, the lion had just eaten. IC: Suran The Lesterin spared a curious glance at the Toa who had certainly gained the Crab's patron's ire by destroying one of the establishment's windows. His hand went to his sword, but relaxed as he saw the Toa offered no danger, turning his attention then to Lohkar. "Ah yes, a fee." He looked to said subordinates, wondering which one would be telling him the cost of the journey.
  11. IC: Gashril and the Tahtorak crew - Fort Garsi warzone Yavonna abandoned all hope the Nakihl could have survived that. "It's over Miraule," she told her earth-aligned partner. Gashril agreed with a nod. "Even if he survived that, there's no getting him out now." She grunted in frustration. She'd wanted to get a chance to speak one on one with them. Now it seemed that would never happen. By her side, Sohmak designated T'harrak the crew's new leader. She couldn't complain, she'd already proven to have more sense than their old one- and now stood alive because of it. Living proof the foolhardy Skak:Dii way would one day eat itself alive, she thought. Their new leader made a choice. Gashril spared the open door of the fortress a glance, but shook her head. Why trust someone who offered peace, then let their underlings pick off the ones who had surrendered but simply didn't leave quick enough? "Agreed," she echoed T'harrak's sentiment, and the rest of the group fell into step with her. "The ride back is going to be light," Okulmo commented. Gashril allowed herself a small sigh of relief at hearing his voice. He was key to the group, and he had survived. The $$$$ show was over, and they had paid steeply for it, but all was not lost. Speaking of... She peered through the mist and located Mandokk, the gravity-aligned member of the crew. Quietly, she fell into step beside him and spoke in a hushed tone. ... As the mist slowly drifted along and away from the battlefield, one last figure stood, where the rest had gone, walking slowly toward the open door of the fortress, his weapon held over his head in surrender. His colors gave away his element- gravity. He walked slowly, cautiously, ready to bolt at the first sign of treachery. @Techn0geist@Nato G@Sparticus147@Mel
  12. OOC: Finally! An invitation to put Ushadra to use! IC: Ushadra The priestess of Makuta could hear the screams long before she arrived, bearing the next week's supplies. Well, that explained why she had been sent on an errand. Dealing with traitors was best left to Brack alone. Not wishing to distract her brother from his task, she cloaked her footsteps in silence, and took her time finishing her task before dropping by.
  13. IC: Suran The stoic Lesterin glanced at the hand on his shoulder, slightly surprised, slightly suspicious, but his hackles remained down. "As your friend said," he responded, inclining his head toward Frii'glokk. "I seek passage to the- hmm- 'Greater Zakazian area'. I had been hoping for Seprilli, but Zakaz will do."
  14. OOC: Sorry about that! IC: Ussalry Toa guy "No, nothing to sign. Well, not for you anyhow," the Toa said with a smirk. "Your name and where to find you will suffice. Once we've booked these guys and ascertained their crimes, we'll figure out what you're owed. Should take a day. Two, at most." ... Mid-afternoon the next day, there was a knock at Oceanna's door. Aar, Exo pilot currently grounded due to repairs, had been delegated to bring the reward to her, and now stood at the door of her abode. OOC: Figured I was puppeting NPCs too much anyway. IC: Onepu The Captain inclined his head, taking Nika's meaning. "Of course. Nuparu will be more than happy to help. I already told him of your errand the other day, so you won't have to bring him up to speed." He held their permission-to-leave slip a little higher and let them take it. "For the time being, I recommend you two get yourselves something hot to eat- my treat, for your long stay here- and a place to lay your heard- also my treat, same reason. I'll catch Nuparu after his big speech today and let him know you'll swing by soon."
  15. IC: Gashril and the crew Yavonna grit her teeth with frustration as she saw the boulders impact the ground. "Cover Ahuum," she said quickly to Miraule- but not quickly enough to respond to the mines that had been set off. "Son of a ****!" Her eyes pierced to root, earth, and stone to see if Ahuum had made it. In the meantime, she continued to reel... whatever was left in with Miraule. The hail of stones cut off a number of their arms, which brought another frustrated scoff up. "Thicker," she said to her partner, and the two shifted to quality over quantity, single large 'tentacles' of root and earth quickly proving too thick- and most importantly, too soft- for the stones to have much impact, lodging themselves in the writing limbs without managing to pierce all the way through. Dividing her attention, she relayed what was going on to Gashril, who growled. "Looks like that offer of mercy was worth ****-all then." She nodded at T'harrak, and her lackeys understood, combining their powers to quickly shroud the group in a growing blanket of fog. Meanwhile, Gashril mentally clicked her vocal blaster on and tilted her head up toward the fortress. "WE GET IT ALREADY, WE'RE LEAVING!" she power screamed, keeping it short and sweet. She only had so many uses before she had to recover. She hoped the one hurling stones at them was just one trigger-happy loose cannon who would stop once the message got across.
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