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  1. IC: Onepu - Ussalry HQ The commander cocked a brow at Nika's observation, glancing at Pae without turning his head as he added more, then looked back at the former. "I'm well aware this is no walk in the park. Each Koro in their own right has tried to solve this mystery, and each has failed, as far as I'm aware." He folded his arms. "But we were all operating in broad strokes, making clear moves. We were easy to elude- or at least easier than a few independent investigators." He shrugged one shoulder. "I'd like to think I can help. I've got resources at my disposal. The question is how I can help."
  2. IC: Suran - Ostia, approaching the Dancing Crab The lone traveler stepped from the skiff that had carried him from Ga-Koro, and tossed a small pouch with the agreed-upon price to the ferrywoman. He tilted his bamboo hat over his eyes and squinted at the sun-kissed sandstone before him. Ostia was at the same time exactly his sort of place, and very far from it. The heat, for one, made him feel like he would turn into a bag of parched Ruki strips in a matter of minutes. And second, he ordinarily wouldn't care to be seen so openly in such a lawless corner of the island. But if his sources were to be believed, he wouldn't remain here long. He rested a hand at the hilt of the blade held securely between two plates of armor at his side, and strode quietly through the dock district, making eye contact with none, though his eyes ceaselessly scanned the area. There, a poster with what he was looking for. Crew wanted. Sailing to lands unknown. Zakaz. Not his target, but not far either. It was his best shot. He turned his head to a man hawking his wares nearby. No, too shrewd, by the look in his eyes. He would get no information without wasting money. He walked, sticking to the shade. A beggar. He, too, would require money. Ah, there. A matoran sharpening fishhooks. "The Dancing Crab," he said simply. The Matoran looked up only long enough to get a look at the Lesterin asking questions, then pointed down a street. "Right turn, head straight 'til you see the sign." "Much obliged." Tip of the hat, and he was off again. He stopped to buy himself a poncho on the way. The sun was really baking him in his own armor. Better dressed now, he ducked into the bar and immediately figured out who he was supposed to. Pirates tended not to be the least conspicuous customers. Rather than announce himself, he simply walked up, removing his hat and hanging it off a corner of his armor, and giving the group a once-over. Another water Lesterin seemed to be their leader. He allowed himself a little smile at the coincidence. Seemed the recruiters were engaged with a Skakdi at the moment. He could wait. OoC: A returning character from Season 1! Though to be fair, he did basically nothing back then, so who even remembers him? Even I barely do. Hopefully things will be more interesting this time. Anywho, @BULiK @Void Emissary
  3. Very much looking forward to continuing! Kehuri's been on ice for far too long.
  4. IC: Kimala and Lapu Curious, Kimala followed the group, but lacked the curiosity to try the Miracle Cactus, herself. She wasn't fond of entering altered mental states- not even drunkenness. A crystal clear mind was what made her effective. As... a teacher, of course. A habit drilled into her by her past life, but one that held true today. Plus- she reasoned- if she, one of the few Toa of the group, started lashing out as a result for whatever reason, it would be a bloodbath. Bad idea. She didn't entirely approve of Timak's choice to take some, but it wasn't as if she was their guardian or anything. So she just stayed alert. Lapu debated internally whether to follow them at all, but before he had the chance, they were already on the move. He was eager to head back to Le-Wahi, now that the perversion of nature had been dealt with, but he also wasn't eager to part ways with his current traveling partners. So he stayed, at least for now. He idly noted the lack of mud he tracked into the hotel. Ga-Koro was a rather clean place. Not a bad thing, but another thing he was unused to. And the walls and ceiling around him made him conscious of how much weight was being held over his head. That was a bad thing. But he shrugged it off as the subject turned to the cactus. He had to admit, he was curious, and took some tea as well as a slice. The tea was nice. He wasn't used to drinking hot things, but it had a most pleasant effect in his chest. He enjoyed it for a moment. The moment gave him the opportunity to witness the effects of the cactus in a few other members of the group. It was curious. Some sort of toxin that affected the mind, not the body. Fascinating. Now resolved not to actually eat of it, he instead studied it with his elemental power, seeking a way to replicate the effect. It was complicated, however... Probably the most complex property of a plant he had ever attempted to reproduce. He toyed at it in various ways. Absorbing it with his element, then regenerating a portion of it. And by pouring his power into it, he was able to- at least it seemed so- regenerate a full second cactus out of his piece. He didn't know if the whole plant possessed the toxin, however, and if it did, whether it was as effective as the original. And he didn't want to try testing it on himself. Kimala rubbed her mask as Timak got on all fours. She had no idea how to handle this sort of sitation... so she tried something logical first. Taking Timak's arm, she lifted them back into their seat and pressed a handkerchief into their hand. "It's on your face, Timak. You're wearing your mask. Now here, you can start polishing."
  5. @Palm @Void Emissary IC: Onepu - Ussalry HQ Onepu had left dealing with the two rogues to the desk jockey members of the Ussalry for a while. They were kept securely, but their claims to be working for Ta-Koro (or at least with Ta-Koro) had earned them nicer lodgings than the standard jail cell. Plus, they were cooperative, which had earned them some downtime now and then- albeit under heavy watch. Still, neither left the HQ building for about four days as a messenger first had to be sent to Ta for confirmation, then gather information, then return with the corroborating testimonies. Finally, first thing in the morning on the fifth day, Onepu showed up at their cell and stepped inside. A Toa of Magnetism and a Toa of Earth waited outside the door, for security. "Alright, well, I've got everything I need to let you two go," he said with a sigh that sounded a mix of apologetic and disappointed. "Officially, you two can walk out of here free right now. Your things have been put in a bin in the entry area, waiting for you to go claim them, as soon as you show them this," he said, loosely holding out a document with his signature on the bottom. He wasn't finished, though. "Unofficially," he continued, "I'd hate for this to be the end of it. Mainly, I'd just like to be in on this. Going after the Turaga's killers is personal for me. And lots of others, I suppose." He placed his hands on his hips. His stature prevented him from physically imposing himself on them, but his gaze was firm, backed by his authority, but also bearing the frank expression of a man with an interest in their success. "In a word, I want to help."
  6. IC: Yoka and Ikyazu She laid the tonfas, as well as her excess baggage and glaive down a ways up the beach, before wandering closer to the wreck they aimed to salvage. She wasn't optimistic about its future use, but- as seemed to be becoming a habit now- she went along, seeing no better alternative. Ikyazu's invisible form drifted under the water, curiously observing Yuna, as well as the boat they were about to lift. Yoka steadied herself with a breath, widening her stance, and closing her eyes. She let her mind calm, then reached out, stirring the air in front of her with her Mindarm in an elemental equivalent of a warm-up stretch.
  7. What do y'all think of an expedition to Seprilli and Zakaz? A trader looking to expand their prospects with exotic foreign goods, putting out flyers looking for labor at various ports?
  8. IC: Priicu - The Wise Man's Archive The librarian needed a moment of his own to collect his thoughts. Today had taken a sharp turn from what he had expected when he'd woken up. He settled himself at his desk and busied himself with filling forms out. The orders for the Ko-tatsus were done, but there were books, scrolls, equipment, all sorts of busywork he could do while thinking. An innovative business proposition that turned into potential sedition. A Toa that had given off the impression of dishonesty at first, but then proved to be perhaps the most forthright person who'd visited the Archive that day. Establishing the beginnings of a rapport with the Kalta, and possibly the Gentry, and it seemed, involving himself in something quite a bit bigger than he had ever envisioned. He wondered if today's meeting might be worthy of history in the future. The seedbed of an alliance? At the thought, he set aside the work he had half done, and took out his journal instead, documenting the details of the day for posterity. Whom could he trust, he wondered. Muir was friendly, and had probably made the best impression on him. But he knew what people said about lawyers... Cyrix hadn't made the best first impression, but that had been pretty nicely cleared up. Syzygos was pretty mysterious... Priicu had never particularly prided himself on his judge of character, but he had even less of a read on him than usual. But he was willing to do honest work, so that was that! He saw no reason not to continue their arrangement. And then there was Niici... Muir's warning echoed in his mind. The Ko-Matoran didn't know what to think of it all, or who to trust. But with the warning he had been given, he would keep the Gentry at arm's length. Amiable enough to not make enemies, but distant enough not to become friends. For the time being, anyhow. He set the journal aside and got back to work. He'd put some hiring flyers out the next day, looking for scribes to transcribe the tablets Syzygos had made him. Yes, business as usual. He thought it best not to overthink the questions he didn't have answers to.
  9. IC: Kimala The Toa of Crystal had just turned to check on Timak when the Sonics Toa suddenly stood and approached. She smirked a little, glad to have her worries assuaged, at least temporarily. She'd pass on eating the cactus, but she was curious. "What exactly is so miraculous about it?" she asked, approaching the group, but staying toward the edge of the crowd. IC: Lapu The silent Toa of Plants stood so still, one could easily have taken him for a tree, out of place as that would be in the middle of Ga-Koro. He turned as Hakari spoke, head tilted in curiosity. She had to leave, she said? He glanced at Kanohi, wondering if the two were going somewhere. He had joined them later, after all, and assumed that- mismatched as they were- they were some sort of team.
  10. @Lady Takanuva @The UltimoScorp @Click @ARROW404@Keeper of Kraata OOC: Sorry to keep you waiting IC: Yoka and Ikyazu She failed to note the expression of the bird, focused more on the rescue for the moment. The tonfas, she assumed, must either belong to her, or to someone she knew, and would be returned when she regained consciousness. "Whichever requires more help," she answered Ahri's question.
  11. OOC: Don't think I'll ping, pretty much everyone who checks the thread is relevant here! IC: Gashril The screaming earth swirling about the battlefield quieted slowly, then lowered in pitch. It seemed to form words in the seconds after the battle had been completely turned upside-down. #*** THIS! The Shrill Blade called her vision back to herself and yanked on her partner's shoulder, dismounting. He, and the remaining members of the crew- her crew, for Zanakra had never truly held their loyalty- took the burst of sonics energy for the signal it was. It was over, there was no point in continuing. Amid the earthen mailstrom, each pushed against the tide, weapons raised over their heads, and fought to make their way as far from Fort Garsi and its host of traps as they possibly could. Seeker took one step toward retreat, then was flung backward with surprising strength by Ahuum. "Wait, I'm-" His words were cut out as something struck him from behind. Joint elemental attacks finished the sentence, and his life, as he was ripped to shreds against the barrier of his own making. The screaming finally ended as Gashril reached the edge of the pit. "Miraule," she said, finally revealing the name of her Earth-aligned companion. She looked back and found the Plantlife one just behind them. "Yavonna, combine your powers. Put up a barrier, and get the rest of us out." They nodded and reached back, earth and roots combining to form arms that dragged their still surviving companions from the debris, and through a freshly erected barrier that would at least buy them the time to get way. A blue Skakdi of Water- "Okulmo, good," Gashril nodded. A purple Skakdi of Gravity, and Lookout, the Skakdi of Air last. And Gashril personally extended an arm to T'harrak, who had been close behind her as well. "Smart move, sounding the retreat." She nodded to Miraule and Yavonna, "Get Sohm-" She turned and spotted the Slugger right by her and nodded. Yavonna looked away, her X-Ray vision having guided the rescue thus far. "Lugnoz, Ythrok, Gutuor, and Seeker all fell," she reported with a heavy heart. "Where's the creepy one?" Gashril asked quickly, gritting her teeth at the loss. "Running our way." She had been busy at the moment of Seeker's betrayal, as had everyone else in the crew. "Get him- them?- and anyone else both alive and retreating out. Anyone dumb enough to stay, stays." A last vine-laced arm of earth reached for Ahuum to drag him to the safety of their position as well.
  12. @Snelly @Rahisaurus @Harvali@Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @Umbraline Yumiwa @Mel @~Xemnas~@BBBBalta IC: Kimala and Lapu Kimala placed her hands on her hips, looking down at the Matoran group she had agreed to help. "Well. That sure took much less time than I expected! When you said 'cactus', I was sure we were off to Po-Wahi!" she said jovially. Oof, her knees ached... She hadn't run like that since... the hospital. Lapu remained in the greenhouse for a while, examining the plants, and making sure the last of the parasitic plant was gone. Not absorbed, but shriveled into ash by his power. Power like this- to dominate the body of the host- was terrifying. Reminiscent of infected masks. Maybe that was why he hated it so much. He took his mind off the unpleasantness a moment by simulating cactus spikes on his wood-covered arms. Flimsy things, but painful to the touch. Maybe he could find a way to modify them in the future, because standard thorns seemed more effective to him.
  13. Well, you guys make some pretty compelling points. At the very least, maybe I should stick around for the stories my characters are prominent in. It wouldn't be fair to just drop off the face of the earth there.
  14. Thanks for all the kind words, guys. I feel real sad now, but the issue isn't the rate people post at, just at how tiny the community is. At the height of the BZPRPG (or even past its prime) you could throw in a character randomly, and someone would interact with it. Now though, it feels like it's just propelled by a few players with a lot of characters. And with Bionicle gone from store shelves, I don't see that trend reversing. The stories we made here were amazing, but it just isn't the same without the hope of new people getting swept along in the adventure, you know?
  15. Guys, I think I'm gonna quit the BZPRPG. There just aren't enough people around to keep things interesting for me.
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