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  1. Has anyone been able to get Mask of Creation (downloadable on BioMediaProject) to work on their phone? I got it working on my computer, but the phone version (I tried both versions on the site) sits at a loading screen forever. Any ideas?
  2. IC: Lapu - Po-Wahi desert trail The mute Toa paid little attention to the conversation happening at the other end of the group. His focus was on scanning the surroundings, ensuring everything was safe. In one of his hands, he practiced summoning cacti and aloe, based on what he had seen thus far in Po-Wahi. As a result, he had also learned how nice chewing them was, and offered a piece of each to Kanohi and Hakari. OoC: @Harvali@Snelly
  3. IC: Mandokk - Fort Garsi All of the curse words went through Mandokk's head in the ensuing thirty or so seconds. He had half expected this, but that harpoon had come out so fast... "Figures," he choked out. "Do whatever you want. I'm expendable," he coughed, half snarling, half grinning.
  4. OoC: Apologies again for the long wait. I'm in the middle of moving, and still struggling a bit with motivation to RP IC: Yoka and Ikyazu Yoka watched Yuna get up and bolt with a look of confusion on her face. She looked at the spot where the Rahkshi had vanished under the water, then back at the receding form of her compatriot, wondering what had been so unusual about the Rahkshi as to provoke such a reaction. Probably something traumatic, given her reaction. Not wanting to possibly make her reaction worse, she got up slowly and started after her at a leisurely pace, a moment before Raika zipped past her. "Ikyazu," she said quietly, "Mind going to keep an eye on them?" [Why?] her partner asked impassively. Yoka frowned and rolled her eyes, then activated her mask, drifting out of their shared body. [Fine, take the body and I'll look.] Ikyazu's ghostly form shrugged and took over their body, apparently deciding to to follow at the same easy pace Yoka had been. The latter fluttered on invisibly ahead at a quicker pace. When she arrived, Raika had clearly caught up to Yuna, and the two were just staring at each other. Ideatalking, she imagined. She stayed there a moment, watching, until finally one of them spoke up. "I don't know about not panicking, I did just run off because Yoka saw me do water things, after all…" she shook her head, "Look, I don't know what I am, but I do know that you and Ahri and the others are…. All I have. I don't want to let you go." Water... things? She thought back to the sight of the Rahkshi dipping beneath the waves. She had really not noticed anything unusual about it at the time. The Rahkshi had gotten pulled in rather powerfully, but she could have attributed that to Mindarm... Had she done something with the- "And um…. D-don't take this the wrong way but I think I might….like you?" If it were possible for a ghost to blush, she would have. Turning about, she zipped back toward Ikyazu and stopped her. [Everything is fine!] she said, putting on her best poker face after what she had accidentally overheard. Whether Ikyazu believed her, or just didn't particularly care, she gave a little shrug, and returned to help with the boat until the two returned. [They're back,] Yoka eventually observed, and Ikyazu put down the hammer she had been working with to approach them. "Everything okay?" She glanced pointedly at their held hands, then back up at them.
  5. IC: Ikyazu and Yoka - Oki Village Yoka gave a nod toward the surf behind Yuna. "Just long enough to see a Rahkshi armor slide under the waves. Good riddance." She squatted down beside the panting Menti. "I would have helped you drag it," she said flatly. [And maybe smash it up a bit too,] added Ikyazu, privately.
  6. OoC: Sorry y'all, for some reason I had a lot of trouble getting into the Kentoku side of things, but I'll put in some more effort here now. IC: Ikyazu and Yoka The shared body of the two Iden-users peered around the hull of the vessel. Rest finished, Ikyazu had gotten up to inspect it some more, and now heard a peculiar grinding sound from the other side. The source became apparent as she came into view. A chill rand down both of their spines as they beheld the empty shell of a Rahkshi's armor. Setting her jaw, she kept herself from clenching the side of the boat too hard, and approached the collapsed Yuna. "Easy," she said, not quite as gently as she intended to. She wasn't too experienced with 'gentle'.
  7. IC: Balian the Mask Maker - Kanohi Dragon Forge Mask-making was an art. Of course, even a lava farmer would call his trade art, but Balian would dare anyone to come up and say it wasn't so of his trade in particular. A beautifully ornamented Mahiki sat finished before him, the product of two weeks' work, not counting breaks to focus on other commissions. Protodermic base, as with all masks meant to be worn, gilded at the edges and along the raised surfaces, set with gemstones from Onu-Wahi, truly a sight to behold. Maybe even a contender for his best work. The finishing touch laid, he sat back in his rocking chair, joints creaking, and simply observed it. It almost was a shame this beauty wouldn't stay here. But the act of giving his masks to the buyer was an essential step in the ritual that was his daily life. It kept him humble, preventing him from amassing his pride around him. No, his place was dingy, covered in soot, and sparse in terms of decorations. It got cleaned once a month by a maid, and he didn't entertain much. Anyone would see the place and think 'a humble man lives here'. Balian didn't know if he could really be considered humble, but at least he didn't show it outwardly, except in his care and finesse in his craft. "Thank Mata-nui I'm a mask maker," he sighed with a contented smile. He gave the arm rests of his chair a pat and lurched to his feet, took the mask off its stand and placed it in a safe until its commissioner would come to collect it, then went up to the living area of his shop, to bed. OoC: Just a reminder there's a mask maker in Ta-Koro.
  8. IC: Gashril - Fleeing Fort Garsi She spared Jojax a glance as the fog swelled, soon obscuring her from view. "She could still make it out," she thought to herself. "Get to the edge of the mist, and follow." Then she shrugged dismissively. "If not, well... She should have known better than to jump right into the middle like that." The last part she left unsaid- that if Jojax died, it was her own **** fault. "A wise decision, T'harrak," she said, following- though not at a full run. She didn't have enough breath in her lungs for that just yet, and to be honest, she wanted to give Jojax something of a fighting chance to catch up. Mindless hot blood had its uses. To her side, she caught an inquisitive glance from Okulmo. She knew what he was thinking. Do we take Fort Razorfish for ourselves now? She shook her head and he looked ahead, taking the message without question. Taking over the fort had never been the plan, after all, and the loss of Zanakra hadn't changed that. Of course, it wasn't out of the question, but she saw no reason to do it either.
  9. IC: Suran - The Dancing Crab, Ostia The Lesterin knocked back a second shot, then tapped the bar for a second glass, which he poured and slid toward the Ta-Toa. "Nothing makes me 'sure,'" he said. "Which is precisely my point. We don't know what to expect." He gave a slight shrug, "Matoran, Lesterin, Skakdi- people are not so different from one another, at the end of the day. Probably, we will find a place full of people whom, at the core, are just like the rest. Either way, I'll keep my hopes... middling."
  10. IC: Ushadra - Mangaia The illusion of the Matoran clung back at the edge of the light, just outside the door, a foot and her shoulder the only parts visible from beside the fire. Ushadra, herself, stood on the other side of the door, however, peeking in, hidden in her illusion. She was somehow both intrigued and disappointed. So the Toa wasn't the heroic anti-Makuta type. That took some wind out of her sails- those ones were fun to play with. But someone this flavor of "open-minded" was bound to be interesting either way. She said nothing, just listening. @Geardirector@Snelly
  11. IC: Aar The guardsman disguised a wry smile as a muscle twitch and scratched at the corner of his mouth. "It's much appreciated." He gave a small nod, "That's all for you today. Unless you need anything with the guard."
  12. IC: Lapu - Forsi, Papa Podu's Possibly against his better judgment, Lapu had given in to his curiosity, and his attachment to the little band that had formed around Kanohi. He had never taken himself for the sentimental type, but he had spent more time 'socializing' with Hakari and Kanohi in the span of a couple of days than he had with anyone else in years, and leaving them to go back to the jungle somehow seemed less important than figuring out what this niggling sense at the back of his skull was. How he regretted following his curiosity now. It was hot. It was dry. And the only plant he had seen in hours were cacti- and the aloe plant sitting on the windowsill of the restaurant. Not remotely enough to comfort him. He wanted to touch grass, curse it. He almost grumbled, but instead opted for simply allowing his face to adopt an even more sullen look than usual. He was here- his armor was wilting already- and he lacked the ability to ask for a way to somewhere greener anyways. So, like it or not- he didn't- he was along for the ride.
  13. @Geardirector@Snelly IC: Ushadra - Mangaia Ushadra followed, projecting her illusory image to her right, pressing against the wall and making "herself" as small as she could. The illusion peeked cautiously around the corner, then gasped at the gruesome sight shrinking back into the darkness. Ushadra mirrored the motions, then shaped the image with her mask's power, into the vulnerable and pitiful appearance of the Matoran.
  14. IC: Suran - Ostia, The Dancing Crab Having paid his boarding fee, he figured he might as well spend whatever Mata-nui currency he had left, and ordered himself a bottle of middlingly-priced alcohol to sip. As the first shot wet his palate, he listened in. So this one was leaving to escape the Makuta. He gave a little sideways nod of his head in consideration. Once that idea spread, journeys like this one were sure to become more popular. If he thought to find heroics on this new island though, the Lesterin strongly suspected he would be disappointed. "Empty hope," he muttered quietly, not intending to be heard, but not particularly caring if he was either. "Run from the Kofo-Jaga, straight into the nest of the Nui."
  15. IC: Kimala The Toa of Crystal chewed her lip in consternation. She did want to go... But could she? With a sigh, she gave her answer eventually. "I need to run some errands. I will join you if I am able, but I cannot say for sure. I will meet you at the exit of the Koro if I'm able to. If not, don't wait for me."
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