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  1. IC: Mitsuri - Oki Village On hearing Ahri's summons, Mitsuri picked up the pace, jogging back the short distance to the village proper. It felt good to be able to move again, a welcome distraction from the turmoil still running through her head. It had taken everything she had to walk away from that place, and she could still feel the paradoxical draw to return there forever, to bury herself in the dirt, but also the repulsion and fear of everything that had happened there, happy memories shattered into painful crystals at a Serpent's touch. She shook her head and focused on the path, on her breathing, on the feel of her muscles stretching and contracting as they worked with her mechanical components to push her onward. It seemed she cut her little excursion pretty close, the others were already loading the villagers onto the boats. But for all the people brought into the village, it was no louder than it had been the day before when it was just the five of them. Everyone moved in eerie silence, a tension in the air as they waited for the Serpents to break through the treeline and attack again. She turned to Raika beside her... and froze, any words dying on her lips. Raika... had not been there a moment ago. But as the Menti faded in beside her, it suddenly clicked that they had followed her all the way through the forest, their footsteps dismissed as just an echo until right at that moment. Before then... Mitsuri wracked her brain to try to think of any other signs of Raika's passing, and came up empty. Last she could remember for sure, Raika had wandered off, promising to watch her back... but of course, she didn't recall that until right at that moment. Had they watched as she grieved, convinced she was alone? The experience was unsettling to say the least. But by the time Mitsuri put together enough to question Raika about it, they were gone, wandering off to help the villagers board. After a moment, Mitsuri followed along while lost in thought, finding an open seat on the larger boat. OOC: @Lady Takanuva @Keeper of Kraata @ARROW404 @The UltimoScorp
  2. IC: Mitsuri - Oki Village Finding herself alone, tired, but with an odd sense of security she hadn't felt in this forest since the attack, Mitsuri knelt at what was once the doorstep she shared with... her, and just let the emotions she'd been holding back run their course. They were unfathomably large, an entire universe worth of agony, and her body a tiny conduit to it, a hairline fracture in a massive dam that could only express so much. But still they forced their way through her in the form of stinging tears and whimpering wails as the morning light became golden. When at last the emotions became bearable again, Mitsuri found herself curled up in the dirt, shuddering, hollow, and tear soaked. After a while longer, she picked herself up and brushed herself off, scoffing bitterly at what little remained of her Vilda pride. It was a few minutes more before she realized she wasn't going back to the beach. She couldn't bring herself to leave now, as if she were tethered to the remains of her former life, to the remains of... her as well. There was this nagging thought that she should bring something with her, but it seemed easier somehow to just let dead things lie. Besides, she had the most precious gifts she had ever received from Heiya, the mask that had preserved her life and would remind her of her love in every reflection, and her tonfas... somewhere. Never let it be said Heiya gave impractical gifts. Come to think of it, she hadn't seen her blades since one of the others took them yesterday. Yoka, was it? Well, she better have taken care of them, or there would be Karz to pay. And that was the thought that finally urged her to snap that tether and leave everything behind her without looking back. OOC: @Lady Takanuva
  3. IC: Mitsuri - Oki Village Outskirts .:If... what was...?:. Mitsuri's exhausted mind was struggling to keep up with Raika, and she didn't even notice them going for their blades. .:Another... mind inside?:. She put a hand to her head. .:Whatever it is, it's fine. It's fine. I just... need a minute.:. OOC: @Lady Takanuva
  4. IC: Mitsuri - Oki Village Outskirts "Raika, no." Mitsuri quickly turned and held the smaller Menti by their shoulders, bending down to their eye level. They tried to look Raika sternly in the eyes before a lash of pain made her flinch and look away. Mitsuri stretched her sore jaw and tried again over their mental link. .:Raika, I would never say such a thing about this. When I was in your mind, I saw... only the last few days, maybe. I saw your thoughts on the others, your fear of trusting us, your feelings for Yuna... but when I pushed further, I hit a wall. You said you opened up everything to me, but this... this was like I ran into your wall all over again. Like you have another mind inside yours that is not as easy to crack. I've never seen anything like it, and I didn't exactly have any time to ask you about it before.:. She was losing control of her emotions the longer she went on, and feelings of pain and unfocused frustration began to leak over their connection. Mitsuri's head drooped as she tried to take a breath and steady herself again, snatching up all those leaking emotions and pulling them back deep inside her. Raika didn't need that right now. .:I... don't know what you've been through...:. she sighed tiredly, .:but I'd like to, if you'd let me.:. OOC: @Lady Takanuva
  5. IC: Mitsuri - Oki Village Outskirts As the minute of silence dragged on, it began to set in how harsh she sounded. Her good eye flicked over to Raika to see her holding just a simple shard of protosteel. .:...bring something with you. That way they're never far. You can let the place go… after a while.:. The wheels turned for just a moment. Then she winced, feeling guilt like a punch to the gut. .:You've... lost someone too, haven't you?:. Mitsuri didn't even realize she was crying until she felt the bitter sting of the tears running into her still-healing wounds. She wished she could brush them away, hide them behind the mask that did so little to cover her broken face. OOC: @Lady Takanuva
  6. IC: Mitsuri - Oki Village Despite everything that had happened here, Mitsuri was just too numb to be surprised at the sudden appearance of Raika. She just continued staring at the ruined hut without really looking at it. .:There is nothing to be done. This isn't something you can just fix. So why are you here?:. OOC: @Lady Takanuva
  7. IC: Mitsuri - Oki Village It was a fitful night of sleep for Mitsuri. Surely there were more comfortable lodgings than coarse sand and itchy vegetation back in the village, but there were also people there, far too many people, far more than the little clan she had only just started to trust anyway. Those few were more like the animals she had cared for all her life; all broken in their own ways, needing her care... and a useful distraction, especially now. Just as caught up in their own survival and oblivious to her deeper feelings, but unlike those animals, she could not vent her emotions to them without consequence. So she would remain silent and distant. Just the ruined Vilda, a ghost on the fringe. She awoke early the next morning, taking a moment to peer at the incredible progress that had been wrought by the villagers overnight. It was only then that it started to sink in: they were leaving, and she might never see their home again. She left before the suns were quite risen, slipping back into the jungle she knew so well, quickly finding the path she had walked countless times. The journey back went much quicker than yesterday; she could feel strength returning to her after weeks of stagnation. And then... she found herself in front of a ruin, and the strength left her. She could not move another step closer. She knew every inch of that ruin, inside and out, and she knew what she would find there, and she wasn't ready to see it again. OOC: @Keeper of Kraata @The UltimoScorp @ARROW404 @Lady Takanuva
  8. IC: Mitsuri - Oki Village Mitsuri tasted blood. As she tried to push herself up, a flare of pain worse than any she had felt before struck her face, and she collapsed again gasping for air. No... she had felt this before, but... couldn't quite... remember. She opened her eyes. Well, tried to, at any rate. Her right eye refused to cooperate, almost as if sealed shut. Her left eye saw something stranger still. She... wasn't home, she was... lying at the base of a tree. She could hear the sounds of waves crashing and industrious workers, but the foliage obscured them from her vision. Her hands felt sore and gritty; from the look of the ground at her feet, she had dragged herself there feverishly. As she stared blankly at the patterns her escape had created in the sand and foliage, threatening to slip back into whatever nothingness had consumed her for... who knew how long really, there was a soft chitter from the tree above her. Mitsuri's eye snapped upward, catching a flash of scarlet that shone with the sickly sheen of an oil slick. Its faceplate opening, acidic venom dripping from its maw as raw terror flowed like ice through her veins. She screamed, uselessly raising her arms above her head as the thing unfurled enormous wings and plunged toward her... It perched by her side, gently nuzzling her shoulder with a crystalline beak. Shinku had sensed her partner's distress and was there, as she always was. Mitsuri blinked away frightened tears and tried to steady her breathing as she gently pet Shinku's familiar, feathery head. Relief broke over her, and Mitsuri descended into choked sobs, curling up tight on the forest floor. It... it may have just been a nightmare, but the memories that inspired it... they were not. OOC: @ARROW404 @Keeper of Kraata @Lady Takanuva @The UltimoScorp
  9. IC: Mitsuri - Oki Village Mitsuri involuntarily took a step backward, eye narrowed. It occurred to her in that moment that she still knew very little about any of her rescuers, nor if they had ulterior motives for rescuing her. Anxiety coursed through her, preparing her limbs, atrophied as they were, to run; purely by habit, she was already reaching out to Shinku to follow her out... Listen Gankonut, you can't let your emotions get the best of you like that. You want to make the most of the situation? Calm down, sit tight, and let them make the first move. The voice unexpectedly bubbled up from her past, knocking the wind out of Mitsuri as effectively as any physical blow could have. She took a quivery breath, and another, opening her good eye that she hadn't consciously squeezed shut to see the fear in Raika's eyes, to realize that that same fear had been seeping into her mind over their connection. And once she realized that, she sealed off that emotion from her own and calmed down as she had been taught. She knew how to deal with that fear in Rahi, the fear that made one feel so trapped and isolated and ready to lash out. She knew with certainty that Raika would not hurt her, they were just scared of whatever past they hid. Mitsuri let a very slight smile spread across her face, and reached out her hand again for Raika to take, an anchor in the storm of emotion. .:I'm willing to offer my help and not my judgement, Raika. But trust has to go both ways, and it begins with an act of faith.:. OOC: @Lady Takanuva
  10. IC: Mitsuri - Oki Village Mitsuri had indeed walked her way back to the coast, a slow process, but she was determined not to keep the others waiting for long. She would not be a burden, not to these people who had already suffered so much and gone out of their way to help her. Even now, she rested to the side, out of the way of the others, making a fresh poultice for her wounds from plants she had gathered on the way. Most of her focus however was within Shinku, spiraling high overhead and keeping an eye on the ship rising from the water, giving sharp calls if it saw the ship growing uneven, but even this was hardly necessary. The Mindarms did masterful work, and soon enough the boat was risen and ready to be repaired. Mitsuri idly watched through Shinku's eyes as the bird perched on the ship's mast, appraising the vessel while her own hands almost automatically applied the poultice. And so when she heard a voice in her mind projected from nearby, she jolted slightly as she yanked her perception back from her companion. Her shoulders quickly relaxed as she recognized Raika, and she tried to offer a sympathetic smile, though she wasn't sure how effective it was given the state of her face, scarred and covered in fresh bandages. On realizing that, she quickly looked away herself. .:I hope you slept well, friend. That is the best thing you can be doing for all of us in these times. You missed very little, at least in terms of what us more... mentally attuned Dasaka can help with. But I was just...:. Mitsuri grunted softly as she started pushing herself up, .:...thinking of checking with the others myself.:. Once she was more or less eye to eye with the shorter Dasaka, Mitsuri caught her shoulder and tried to meet her gaze with a more serious expression, at least for a moment. .:Are you sure you are well, friend? The repairs can wait for a time, your health cannot any longer. I will not pry without your consent again, but please... at least consider my offer of assistance?:. OOC: @Lady Takanuva
  11. IC: Azusai - Ga-Koro She glanced back gratefully to Karoru, both for her steadying grip and her encouraging words. Maybe... she really could do this. She had really gained a taste for nautical navigation over the last few weeks, and the idea that she could do something meaningful with it... while also not starving on a tiny raft, thrilled her. "Thank you, captain. I... w-will try not to disappoint." Her stomach gave an undignified rumble, and Azusai flinched and looked at the ground shyly. As the captain left and the... Toa began to rouse, it was all she could think about. She tried to wait patiently for business to conclude, but Karoru's promise rang in her ears still. Finally, she gave a little tug on Karoru's hand beside her. "Um... c-could we get something to eat... before we head out? You... could see if Miss Skyra would be interested... I'd love to hear more about her." OOC: @Lady Takanuva @Snelly Dinner time!
  12. IC: Mitsuri - Oki Village Outskirts "I'm afraid I won't be much use lifting the boat, but Shinku can keep an eye on things from above or in the smaller crevices." The Sakl bird perked up at mention of its name, and Mitsuri raised her arm, clad in a soft leather glove, for Shinku to swoop down and perch on. She staggered for a moment under the weight of the large bird, but remained steady and almost dignified as Shinku chittered meaningfully in her ear. OOC: @Lady Takanuva@The UltimoScorp@Keeper of Kraata@ARROW404
  13. IC: Mitsuri (Shinku) - Oki Village Outskirts As Yoka pulled the other tonfa from the wall, a small pile of rubble collapsed across the grave, obscuring the name. Shinku gave Yoka a wary look, as if to say, "You better give those back," before fluttering back up to its spot on a beam. With Raika asleep and safe in the arms of Ahri and Yoka, Mitsuri took a breath and pushed herself back up on quivering legs, before staggering slightly to a still standing beam. Getting a chance to stretch was already doing her some good, but a proper meal wouldn't go amiss either. .:Very well, Mashtet Ahri. Please, lead the way to your ship.:. OOC: @Lady Takanuva@The UltimoScorp@Keeper of Kraata@ARROW404
  14. IC: Mitsuri (Shinku) - Oki Village Outskirts .:I see. Thank you for informing me, Mashtet Ahri. I certainly have stumbled into a strange group, but I will endeavor to make things as smooth as I can.:. A strange group indeed. The clan Mashtet had not escaped Mitsuri's notice, nor had the fact that this appeared to be a male from the mysteriously lost clan. The story had fascinated her, though she never had much time to look into it. Perhaps she... Ahri flinched, a hand to his head. .:Are you well, Mashtet?:. she projected softly, trying to ignore his mention of the Fursics. .:I may have little in the way of healing training, but I will offer what I can until...:. Beside her, Raika suddenly collapsed. Mitsuri fell too, more intentionally than it looked, in an attempt to catch her. Kneeling beside Raika, she held up a hand to the others. .:She's fine, don't worry. Poor thing must have been going for days. I think I might have... reminded her of that fact, unintentionally. Please, if you could put together a stretcher, save it for her. A walk may do me some good, but she needs the rest.:. Guilt chewed at the back of Mitsuri's mind, though guilt for what, she wasn't sure. She had only done what she was trained to, soothing and nourishing, almost without even thinking. Even now, her fingers gently brushed Raika's mask like her mother had done when she was feeling ill, her powers projecting a similar superficial feeling of calm into the exhausted Menti. Back in the collapsed hut, Yoka's hand bumped against the flat of a long crystal blade that Shinku was almost fruitlessly tugging at. It was a tonfa, one of a pair, the other seemingly braced against a wall opposite. The pale crystal matched Mitsuri's armor, and it was shot through with veins of wood, elegant as a Mashtet carving, but without their signature imagery. Perhaps even more catching was the hole scratched through the floorboards of the hut between the two blades. In the filthy, broken hut, this one spot was clean, the exposed earth settled and bare except for a name laid out with care in pale crystal: OOC: @Lady Takanuva@The UltimoScorp@Keeper of Kraata@ARROW404
  15. IC: Mitsuri - Oki Village Outskirts Willhammer, such a coarse name for such a delicate process. She preferred to think of her powers as less of a blunt weapon, and more like a delicate massage, easing her way into a mind, proving that she had only good intentions. Her mental fingers gently worked into Raika’s mind, easing the fear like that of a startled animal. Clearly this one needed her so much, she could feel the exhaustion… And so it was a great surprise as walls slammed down on her mental fingers, and she physically recoiled for a moment before getting her bearings again. The conversation had moved along as Mitsuri’s focus was divided, now being redirected out of the mind and into the open air. Well, she wasn't about to speak up unless asked, and they knew perfectly well why. .:I've been here since the... attack. We... I heard screams, but... I couldn't get out before...:. Her focus broke, the distant recollection of events suppressed suddenly becoming all too real again, engulfing her in the same panic she had been fighting back for weeks, letting it leak slightly through her still-open mental connection. It had smashed through the wall like nothing, debris and dust settling on its brown carapace as its piercing red eyes found hers, striking out with a staff that broke from the past and smashed across her face, erupting fresh agony like lava through scars cooled over… She took a deep, shuddering breath, blinked hard, and returned to the present. She was clutching her right cheek hard, and it was only with difficulty that she forced herself to let go. They were looking at her, especially the Iden wearer. That one was getting a little too close for comfort, peering through Mitsuri’s mask at the blood soaked bandages. It was clear why talking pained her, her lips peeked through the bandages covered in scars, gently bleeding again at her exertion. But the scars seemed limited to her head, neck, and chest, shockingly little damage seemed done to the rest of her, at least, nothing quite so severe, aside from the oddly bandaged fingers. She had truly been lucky, those beams that had imprisoned her had also kept her from fatal harm. She was just weak from lack of real food and movement for an extended period. She turned her head down shyly at the scrutiny, finishing her thought with a soft, .:They ruined… everything they touched… no warning, no negotiating… no explanation…:. Her eyes flicked to Raika and she projected a thought just to her. .:My apologies, friend. I am… unused to sentient minds. Minds with emotions… with secrets. I swear I saw nothing… nothing but your fear and exhaustion. I will not intrude again, but… if this is not inappropriate… I would like to help you ease your burden, if you ever feel ready.:. The Sakl bird Shinku had gone unnoticed for a moment, sitting up on its perch above the ruins, looking down on the group as the very image of a monarch beholds their subjects, but as Ikyazu left the rubble, Shinku abruptly swooped down into the hole its master had been extracted from, hopping down to the floor, and fishing about in the rubble there for a moment. There was a sharp sound like crystal ringing as something fell. OOC: @Lady Takanuva@The UltimoScorp@Keeper of Kraata@ARROW404
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