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  1. As for connections between the two settings, remember this from the official story bible: So the main true canon aspect is that the G2 Mask of Time is the upper half of the G1 Mask of Time. So the connection certainly exists, but how it does is up to your imagination. One more vague connection exists, the next page of the story bible confirms the Great Beings exist in G2 as well: Unfortunately we do not know more about the Great Beings, that is their one and only mention in G2's story bible.
  2. I mean in the case of Bionicle G1, there was an ending... Yes all the B-Plots that got opened up by the serials were never ended; but when we consider the meta-narrative or the A-Plot of the franchise was "Mata-Nui is asleep, the Toa wake him up, he goes on a journey to get a new giant robot body because Makuta stole his old body, and then there is a giant robot punching match and Mata-Nui wins." That story has a very definitive ending, and while the Velika plot and all that from the serials opened a new can of worms and unanswered plot points, its easier to brush those aside as trivial or just world dressing as a reminder that the world continues on even if the main conflict is resolved. So while it would be nice to see the serials resolved, lets be honest and admit G1 had a fine ending; that for 95% of the story wraps things up in a bow; and everything in the serials is just set dressing at best.
  3. Its my cousin's name actually... and he had an Xbox at the time. I thought that was cool. He later on invited me to create a Millsbury account to mess around with that game a bit, so since I was visiting his house I just smashed together the two things; his name and his Xbox. I kept the name when I created a BZPower account later in roughly 2006 or so, and its carried with me ever since. Although I do find it funny when people refer to me as Travis because its not my name, its my cousin's. But at this point going with XboxJake or XboxJacob wouldn't have quite the correct ring to it with 16+ years now of using Xboxtravis.
  4. In all seriousness though, I have said it on Discord and elsewhere but the fact Greg has several months of warning about being laid-off makes me think he is leaving Lego on good terms. Companies don't usually tell you if they are going to fire you, months in advance. So the most likely reason, is that Lego is planning on further shrinking their print-media publishing. I.E. they are going to curtail Lego Life or whatever the magazine is called now, and we are going to see less tie-in novels to themes such as Ninjago; since apparently web media, aps and TV series are likely seen as a bigger return in investment for Lego's advertising arm now than printed media is. Which I think is a shame, especially since I think young reader novels were such a great way to get kids to actually pick up a book and read back in the day giving Bionicle a surprisingly education bent... But alas, I think Greg's departure is just a bigger sign of shifting priorities in Lego marketing plans.
  5. Well Greg wrote the books, he wasn't supposed to be fighting in them!
  6. I don't know the full details beneath the hood, but obviously the preserved BioMediaProject versions of MNOG run without a Flash extension on browser. I don't know if there is a Flash emulator built into the downloadable MNOG or something like that. If you wanted a full non-Flash version, it would maybe be easier to rip the assets and reprogram the game in a newer engine. Of course that could lead to another project of upscaling and restoration... since so much of the audio and texture files are very compressed by modern standards.
  7. Such a wise Canadian philosopher. Has he ever written anything in song form? Or play any instrument, like IDK... the drums? Because such a wise Canadian philosopher musician would make a fine addition to my vinyl album collection. Anyways despite the rush of jokes I feel coming on, I think its time to fly by night out of this thread.
  8. Big Boy would certainly be a set I would love to see come to fruition, either via Ideas or a regular D2C release... but it would also highlight the current limits of the official Lego track system with its sharp curves. Still it would be along with the Maersk Train, Horizon Express, Crocodile and Emerald Night such a satisfying entry to large scale Lego train sets. I wish the project luck.
  9. Its important to note: In the alternate model, Nuparu uses the normal left arm. So it makes me believe the main Boxor model is intentional. Why they included two disk arms and one punching arm instead of two punching arms and one disk arm is beyond me.
  10. Yeah it was this set in particular, I guess it was great luck to get two Kaukaus in it. https://brickipedia.fandom.com/wiki/4151848_BIONICLE_Trading_Card_Game_1:_Tahu_and_Kopaka
  11. Do you mean BIONICLE: Quest for the Masks? I got a trans-red Kaukau and a trans-clear Kaukau for the Tahu and Kopaka packs when I was a kid from that game.
  12. A counter argument to this, Bionicle failed financially once. From what we understand when the decision was made to sunset Bionicle in 2008 for G1, the line was still doing well financially but had begun to plateau. So rather than risk beginning to take on financial losses, Lego canned it while it was still near its peak fiscally speaking. So while I think it is fair to assume G2 flopped due to poor sales, I think its unfair to assume the same happened to G1 which ended as one of Lego's strongest themes in its history. We also can't assume G2 solely happened due to fan demand, its possible something else was a factor that lead to the start of G2 because if the Bionicle fan community is a small and vocal group now it was still a small and vocal group then as well. Hehehehe... you are not wrong. Another good point, and its kind of what I view whatever Faber's mystery posting to likely be. He is just, exploring Bionicle and what it means to him as one of the co-creators of the franchise; making it his own and sharing it with us, but don't expect it to be "ermagersh new canon new toys" type of Bionicle. Canon can be fun, but a slavish adherence to it is something all franchises seem to suffer through. Especially with were Bionicle is now, most of us were kids joining this forum and now almost the entire majority is adults... maybe in a way our imagination has ran a bit more dry and we want to apply "logic" to everything, IDK. I don't disparage people who try and create new canon, I even put an entry into the first Helyrx contest; but nitpicking over the canon of the line now we have to just remember that not everything in Bionicle makes sense and that is okay... and if we find some old thing in the canon that isn't fully fleshed out, well:
  13. Yeah Huw's defense of it surprised me, and honestly has made me reconsider if I was too harsh in my initial opinion.
  14. There is a method to get the battery out, that relies on an Exacto knife and some stressing of the plastic to pop it open. I have done it on all my Piraka... and while the stress marks aren't visible once they are put back on display and its great to get the battery light up eye effect again let me say... It was a lot harder than a Mata head is. The Mata heads I learned are easy to use the flat end of a modern style Lego Brick Separator to slide in-between the eye and the head and with a bit of leverage pop the eye off. Seeing how easy it is to get those brick separators now since they come in almost every higher cost set, I think its my favorite method to swapping eyes.
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