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  1. As long as all due credit is given, I don't mind at all
  2. Builder's note The idea behind Gadu here was to use more classic-styled G1 elements then I'd usually be comfortable doing, while still maintaining a cohesive design language throughout - not the repeating details throughout the classic pieces I chose, such as corrugated tubing, oblong notches and round shapes. I also wanted to dabble with moving away from the usual structure for the TW2 gearbox, ending up with a twisting abdominal region rather than a twisting waist.
  3. I am getting sick of that torso build. That 2011 torso frame is an antique, and the gearbox torso build looks a lot better at the back.
  4. Honestly, Hero Factory would fit into the current LCU scheme much more easily than Bionicle, seeing as HF has a focus on building and rebuilding things.
  5. This is almost as bad as the guy who started a Kickstarter for a Magic the Gathering MOC. If this is a personal hobby project and not something you're going to sell, I think it should be funded by yourselves.
  6. Since Bionicle got canned again I've had much less incentive to buy new Lego. Heck, I'm not even sure when my last Bricklink order was. That said though, I'm still doing a lot of constraction MOCing, and modding the Nexo Knights battle suits may have gotten my System gears turning again, which is good as I have a pretty hefty hoarde of System at my disposal that I hadn't touched in nearly a year. I'm also on Discord pretty much every day with fellow MOCists nattering about what we and other people are doing, and I always have a MOC on my desk at work to keep me company. Today I've got a yet-to-be-revealed rebuild of '16 Ekimu, watching my bearded face get increasingly more sullen as the day progresses. Otherwise though, I've been filling the Bionicle void somewhat with Gunpla. I'm less of a fan of Gundam itself as I am a fan of Gunpla, but I have watched the first seasons of Build Fighters and Iron Blooded Orphans, and also the first three The Origin films. After finishing IBO and BF I'll move onto the UC stuff, beginning with Mobile Suit Gundam. If its as heavy on the politics as The Origin felt like it was though, I can honestly see myself getting pretty bored pretty quickly. And much like with MOCing, I talk Gunpla and Gundam with new friends on Discord practically daily. It's interesting to see what those more invested in the hobby are doing. I also now own about 80+ ties. I like ties.
  7. His Bohrok design was what inspired mine. I showed it to him and he quite liked it!
  8. If it was true though, it'd be really good news, surely?
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