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  1. Sorry I misunderstood🤦‍♂️To answer your question, it depends.
  2. Thanks🙂 Yes I will update news regarding my progress with the magazine. From Now on. LOL I was so very busy working on the magazine I've forget to share it! Once I have finished the magazine it will be available to share and to keep as a PDF file. 👍
  3. I have been busy putting together a “FanZine” on photoshop. It was a personal pet project of mine and a lot of fun. The magazine is still in a long development with changes and some possible proofreading but I will be posting some more pics here once I have finished the entire magazine. Enjoy!🙂 News 20/11/2022 - Forgot to share updates regarding my magazine🤦‍♂️
  4. Could someone help me find this specific piece to build Helryx's arms? Thanks.
  5. Could someone help me find a specific piece to build Helryx's arms? Thanks.
  6. Really been thinking of cosplaying as a Bionicle character. I don't know how you americans make such accurate depictions.🤔 All in all, great job!🙂
  7. Lately I have been very busy with my video editing. It was very fun to do as a noobie youtuber as well as a late newcomer (due to my excessive time and effort with my former studies in college) but at the same time trying hard to push myself with my self-esteem. It's not perfect as a well edited video but it is something I wanted to share passionately over a well-known franchise that has changed my life from the past decade. (Please let me know if my post was in the wrong topic. Thanks.) (I am also having a difficult time in resizing my thumbnail lol) https://youtu.be/LrHNoBQ2IXM
  8. I agree Have you played the recent game update for LOMN Rebuilt?
  9. I was very excited for 8IONICLE DAY! Thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the livestream. Having said that, I am so excited for next year and to play downloadable games like Masks of Power, Kohlii Champions, QFTMs Online Card Game!
  10. Thank you so much Greg Farshtey and Christian Faber for changing my life. Bionicle has been my whole life as a teenager growing up and has aspired me to write my own novels as a future author as well as writing fanfictions. Aside from the sets, I have collected every novel, graphic novel, guide book, and animated dvd films (Including Kanohi masks and Krana). Now as an adult in 2021 Bionicle will always have a special place in my heart and will always revisit the 10 year storyline. I cannot wait for the Bionicle Day livestream at beaverhouse!
  11. Happy 20 BIONICLE! You have been a huge part of my teenage years and so happy to see Faber and Farshtey!
  12. Hey everyone. I am having a very tough time in finding the right audio microphone for my voice narration. I have bought every type of headset mic including condensed microphones to voice record on my video editor (VideoPad) but didn't work out when I playback on my video timeline. As my audio and my voice (?) stayed quiet when playing it. I am very passionate with my project and I am wondering if anybody has any key advice or tips when in need of finding the right equipment for voice-over mics.
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