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  1. Assuming it's never revived by LEGO, the future of BIONICLE will depend entirely on how much effort we put into preservation in the present. That's why I created Wall of History — to ensure that the entire story is preserved and accessible. I didn't read any of the BIONICLE novels until I first started working on the site a few years ago, and even as an adult without nostalgia goggles, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed them. Because of that fact, I think the BIONICLE story has the potential to be enjoyed indefinitely, by both old fans and a steady stream of new ones, in the same way shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender and Neon Genesis Evangelion are. That's why I keep expanding Wall of History's scope, adding new projects like collecting the official translations of the novels and updating MNOG to be compatible with HTML5. The sets are going to be more complicated, of course — if parts keep breaking, we will eventually run out of them. Whether or not our collections survive will therefore depend on how creative we get with repairs. If we could develop a method to fix broken joints, for example (maybe using acetone), that might keep an otherwise well-preserved collection in nice shape indefinitely. Beyond that... I've yet to be sold on 3D printed BIONICLE parts. They rarely look good. If we, as a community, want to get serious about making our own sets, or recreating old ones, we'll probably need to look to replicating LEGO's injection molding process, though I have no idea how feasible that would be. I think I recall seeing something about a hobbyist figuring out injection molding pretty recently...
  2. I'm glad you like it! Editing it was a lot of fun, and I'd like to make more videos for Wall of History in the future — I'm not totally sure what I'd make, though...
  3. I've been able to get a lot of promotional CD content from the BioMedia Project, but if you find anything they don't have, or if you'd be willing to sell the physical copies you obtain, be sure to let me know.
  4. In support of some women's rights, and some gay people's rights, you mean.
  5. I'm very glad to hear that. :p If they have any problems with the site, be sure to let me know!
  6. I'm really glad you like it! Yes, commercials will be added to the site, following some database upgrades I'm working on. It's unlikely that many of them will be included in the recommended reading order, but they'll be there for the fans who want them.
  7. Here's a big one: the BioMedia Project is merging with Mask of Destiny, Litestone Studios, and Wall of History. This was announced during today's 810NICLE Day stream, and you can see the announcement video here.
  8. Update: I've added a list of the Quest for the Masks and Rahi Challenge story cards I already have. If you'd like to help me finish Wall of History's collection, please send me a message! I've also removed the solicitation variants of BIONICLE Adventures #9: Web of Shadows and BIONICLE Adventures #10: Time Trap, as it's becoming more and more clear that they were never actually sold with those covers.
  9. Update: I've added the BIONICLE style guides to the top of the list. The style guides contain high quality graphical assets, as well as guidelines for designing BIONICLE media, which will help Wall of History look and feel just right (as well as help with the development of an upcoming feature). The 2003 style guide assets, available on the BioMedia Project, have been invaluable to Wall of History's development, and having access to more of them would be even more valuable (and, as with all of Wall of History's assets, they'll be shared for the entire community to use).
  10. Would you be willing to sell any of these items?
  11. Maybe so... That would certainly be disappointing, but I'm gonna hold out hope for a little bit longer. Yeah, that's kinda what I figured. Still, it would definitely be cool to have, and I don't want any part of the BIONICLE story lost to history if it can be helped.
  12. While I was looking over BioMedia Project's latest update, I saw this page from the November-December 2004 issue of BrickMaster, which references a deleted page of the BIONICLE 2 script that was available on bionicle.com at the time. I've never seen this deleted script page before, and it's not available on BioMedia Project or BS01, as far as I can tell. I tried the Internet Archive, but it seems that bionicle.com was just one big Flash game at the time, which is now completely broken. Does anyone else have any information on this script page, or perhaps even still have it somewhere?
  13. I'd like to scan the box art and instructions, as well as dump the ROM myself, just to ensure full data integrity.
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