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  1. They're prototype Glatorian helmets (specifically Strakk's and Tarix's). I have a variant of that prototype Strakk helmet with a different distribution of the 2 colors. Haven't seen the Tarix one before but I'm almost certain it's also a prototype.
  2. Hahli was likely chosen to become one of the Toa Inika because she was more widely known due to her significant presence in the Mask of Light movie. Similarly, Nuparu was likely chosen over Onepu due to Nuparu having had more of a presence in story material post-2001 (particularly in the Bohrok animations).
  3. Oh wow, that looks fantastic! It's amazing to see this compilation in physical form; I want to have a copy made for myself eventually. I do have plans to eventually make a reformatted version optimized for printing (with page gutters, resized page dimensions more common for books, etc), but it might be a long while before I have that completed, and the copy you've printed looks great using the current release! If/when you print copies of the rest of the volumes, please continue to share pictures!
  4. Greg has kind of answered this: https://greg.thegreatarchives.com/2008-2010/page306#post12237-line1-9 From his description, it sounds like the inside of each dome is lined with many, many lightstones, which glow brightly enough during the day to create the illusion of an evenly bright sky, and during the night fade to a soft glow so they resemble stars. As for the sundial, it was made by the Great Beings and wasn't actually meant to be used to tell the time - it was for pointing the way to the Codrex (presumably there to aid the Toa Mata in their mission when/if Mata Nui went offline).
  5. Sorry for taking so long to answer this! Had to dig out the right pieces and reconstruct it from memory (if I still have the old one I used to use, I don't recall where it is). Hopefully these photos explain it clearly enough, but let me know if you have questions!
  6. This collection contains all of Chronicles, Adventures, Legends, and the Young Reader books, and all of the comic content that isn't redundant to the books (the comic pages that show events already included in the text are left out). It also includes all of the web serials and podcasts, as well as some extra story material from guidebooks (e.g. Makuta's Diary from Makuta's Guide to the Universe). Let me know if you have any other questions!
  7. I never found the Rahkshi heads too bad (you can always push an axle through the hole in the top). The Mata eyestalks are tough, but I've found that a butter knife works great for removing them. The worst, in my opinion, is removing the second liftarm from inside the Rahaga heads. I ended up building a tool specifically for that, and even then it's tricky.
  8. The Toa Metru brought all the masks they could with them from Metru Nui to Mata Nui, and hid them across the island - those are the masks that the Toa Mata later searched for. Artakha did create the additional 30 Kanohi Nuva and teleport them to the island of Mata Nui (though I'm not sure why he hid them...), though he didn't make them from existing masks.
  9. Ah, thanks. I had to re-create the covers at the last minute because of a resolution issue and I must have mistyped that in my haste. Thankfully Book 10 only has one version to fix. I'll push an update up shortly (won't require an updated download link) EDIT: Fix is now uploaded for both the individual Book 10 download and the ZIP. Let me know if you still see the issue, or if you find any more!
  10. The big 810NICLE Day Biological Chronicle update is now live! Check out the details here: https://crosswiredgeeks.com/2021/08/10/biological-chronicle-810nicle-day-update-and-book-title-poll-results/
  11. Been a long time, but I just made some small revisions to this story based on feedback. Call it a little 810NICLE Day celebration. Thanks to everyone that shared kind words back when I first posted this.
  12. It's a Kakama. Gali, Kopaka, and Lewa's masks are shown behind Wairuha, and Tahu, Onua, and Pohatu's masks are shown behind Akamai. It does look a bit different from the real Kakama, but it's in-line with how D'Anda typically drew it (with some detail removed, just like on the other background masks in this scene).
  13. I believe the "7 Books of BIONICLE" were mostly in Bob Thompson's head, and everyone else only knew what was coming up next. Because of that, we don't know a lot about those original long-term plans. However, Bob Thompson will be appearing on the Bionicle Day stream on the Beaverhouse Twitch channel and answering questions (though the cutoff for questions has already passed), so hopefully we'll finally get some insight into the ideas that he never shared.
  14. Yeah, those are just Hahli Inika's legs, nothing unusual about them. The variance in the amount of each color is typical for dual-injected parts.
  15. Yes. The one used to drain Butaka's power was a special one created by Hakann. The regular Antidermis zamors actually increased Brutaka's power.
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