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  1. Nice to see another 5-Hole Kraahkan out there! I got super lucky finding mine in a random ebay mask lot.
  2. Lucky! I will probably never own that, even though I really want it... I'd rather have a Solid Gold Hau or the Inside Tour Mask of Water.
  3. Most of them are just connected to Mata and Metru heads. The Inika masks use a technic axle and one of these: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=6553#T=C Some of the later Matoran (bottom corner of the third case) are just on one of these: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=32016#T=C I had to get creative with the Ultimate Dume mask,but I don't remember what I did. And the G2 masks are obviously on G2 heads.
  4. I have a 5-hole Kraahkan. First post in this thread says it's worth about $100, but someone offered me $200 plus a Pearl Gold Kraahkan (worth $300-1200) for mine. I'm not sure what's it's actually worth, but I hope this helps.
  5. I'm also missing the Glatorian masks. The problem I have is that these display boxes are cheap and the perfect size for two 48x48 baseplates, BUT there are too many masks for 3 display boxes, but not enough to fill 4 display boxes. I suppose if I got enough customs then I could fill 4 display boxes. However, people over on Reddit seem to think "most complete" means " 100% complete", and they're giving me a headache because I don't have the Lewa Axalara variant (which I don't think looks that good). A 4th box may be necessary just to quiet some annoying people.
  6. Yeah, mine has the same exact gill/cheek deformity. Just a note on terminology: A "misprint" is a mask printed in the wrong color; a "mismold" is a mask like this that was molded improperly.
  7. Yup, mine looks like that, except it's Bionicle gold.
  8. I finished posted my Kanohi collection to Instagram, so I wanted to share it with everyone here. To my knowledge, it's the most complete collection in North America (but if I'm wrong, please correct me). You can zoom in on Flickr, but I'd really appreciate it if you liked, shared, and followed me on Instagram! And if you have any masks that I'm missing and you're willing to part with them, please DM me! Instagram Posts: Whole Collection Part 1 (Mata and Nuva) Part 2 (Matoran, Ultra Rares, and Customs) Part 3 (G2, Metru, Hordika, Inika, Mahri, 2008 Nuva) Close Up of my three rarest masks None of these are for sale/trade, so please don't ask.
  9. Some more data for everyone: I purchased a Black Prototype Pakari in 2016 for $500 from fifi2004 on BrickLink. I have a mismold gold Pakari with the top left "gill" sticking out (but I don't have good pictures of it at the moment). I got it from BrickLink on accident. I got super lucky and spied a 5-hole Kraahkan in a lot of 43 random masks ($50) on EBay (2016). Someone offered me $200 plus a pearl gold Kraahkan for it, but I didn't sell it. I got a pearl gold Kraahkan from the a Russian EBay seller by purchasing the Tower of Toa set for $55 (in 2016). None of these are for sale, so please don't ask.
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