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  1. SOLD! Title says it all! I’ve decided it’s time to part with this gorgeous Pearl Gold Kraahkan misprint Kanohi from my personal collection - it’s in immaculate condition, an absolute beauty to add to any collection. First to send a PM and complete payment gets it! $500 USD including US shipping, additional fee for international shipping, all payments via PayPal. See photos below! Best, Sam
  2. Well, it’s been a few years but I’m back with more goodies to round out your collection! Check back often for updates. Please PM me with any questions or order requests. All prices are in USD, all transactions will be made via PayPal. KANOHI ALL silver Kanohi - $3ea MIRU Red - $13ea Blue & White - $9ea Nuva White - $17 AKAKU Green - $6 Blue - $5 Nuva Red - $4 Nuva Blue - $11 PAKARI Brown - $5 Red - $6 Green - $6ea Blue - $4 Gold - $5 HAU Brown - $6ea Black - $18ea Nuva Blue - $7 KAUKAU Red - $12 Gold - $4 KAKAMA Blue - $7 Green - $8 Nuva Black - $6 RAU Orange - $8 Tan - $9 KRANA ALL - $0.50ea OTHER Prototype red tohunga feet - looking to trade for other protos or mold tests Mismold Kalmah armor piece - make an offer! Protodermic Miru - $3ea Shadow Kraata - $2ea — Thanks and happy hunting! Sam
  3. Apologies to all folks I never got back to, I've been mostly AFK on here for a while. I'll have a new thread up soon with updated inventory and prices! Sam
  4. A few 5-hole Kraahkans for sale on eBay (none are mine), quite pricey but worth keeping an eye on for the die-hards: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-5-hole-Kraahkan-Lego-Bionicle-kanohi-misprint-mask-from-the-Makuta-8593-set/274393412793 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-5-hole-Kraahkan-kanohi-mask-Makuta-8593-instructions-from-Lego-Bionicle/274393412517
  5. @eddluu PM sent! @Toa Lhikan Hordika The 5-hole Kraahkan has indeed sold. @Jkrk I've got two interested buyers ahead of you on the vahi but if neither comes through I'll let you know!
  6. All I have left are the shadow kraata, PM me if you're interested in those
  7. Hefty price but appears to be genuine and super-rare. Not my listing, found it in my usual ebay scouring: https://www.ebay.com/itm/LEGO-Bionicle-Authentic-Prototype-Sterling-Silver-Kanoka-Disk-1-of-1-Worldwide/274330085013
  8. Apologies for the delay, disk of time sadly has sold but if there's anything else from the post you want shoot me a PM! Thanks!
  9. @InconspicuousShark Unfortunately all Rare items have sold other than the Vahis and disks of time. The Dreambuilder has sold as well, sorry about that!
  10. Hey all! It's been a while but I'm back with some new goodies for sale! See below for photos and prices, all prices in USD. I'm happy to ship US domestic or international, just be aware international shipping costs a minimum of about $14. PM me your shipping address and I'd be happy to get you an estimate. Payment will be sent via PayPal, I'm open to giving discounts on large orders, just ask! Please PM me with orders rather than commenting, I'd like to not clog up the comments section unless people have questions. I will update this post as needed with what's still available. RARE ITEMS Pearl Gold Vohtarak Shell - $75 (open to offers) Pearl Light Gray/Silver Akaku Nuva - $25 Trans-Neon Green Skull Scorpio Mask - $15 5-Hole Kraahkan - $75 (open to offers) Brown Noble Ruru Misprint - $10 Blue Noble Ruru Misprint - $14 Green Noble Matatu Misprint - $17 Trans-Medium Blue Kaukau Misprint - $50 Gold Vahi - $15 Orange Vahi (2 available) - $9 Disk of Time - $2 OR free with purchase of 2 or more Vahi masks FLASH SALE ITEMS - $1ea All just $1ea, multiples available of all shown above! KANOHI MATA HAU Brown - $2.50ea White - $5ea Black - $8ea KAUKAU Trans-Black - $5ea Trans-Neon Orange - $11ea Trans-Green - $8ea Trans-Red - $7ea MIRU Blue - $5ea White - $7ea Red - $7ea KAKAMA - ALL $4ea AKAKU - ALL $3.50ea PAKARI Blue OR Brown - $1.50ea Green OR Red - $3.50ea White - $6ea GOLD & SILVER KANOHI $3ea OR $16 for one of each of one color (set of 6) KANOHI NUVA $3ea NOBLE KANOHI Ruru - $1ea All others - $4ea KRANA/KRAATA Wild Kraata - $1.50ea Purple Krana (light purple on the left, dark purple on the right) - $1ea Bohrok-Kal disks - $1ea OR both for $1.50 Krana Va - $0.60ea SETS Glopo Dream Builders Masters of Disaster Doomsday knockoff (complete, never assembled) - $15 OTHERS: Click this link to go to my eBay store to see sets I have available. If you're interested in anything PM me, we can arrange a direct deal through PayPal for 10% off prices listed on eBay. Thanks for looking! Sam
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