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  1. IC: Phantom - The Forge "Ah, simply. Makes sense." It didn't make sense. She was just going along with Gaever on this, since she probably knew better. Did things just grow out of the ground willy nilly? Things you could eat? Out of everything Phantom had learned this past several days, this was the most bizarre. "Food like... this?" She grimaced as she prodded the gruel with a utensil.
  2. IC: Phantom - The Forge Phantom idly scooped the food into her mouth with her figners. Another project would be good, it could keep them busy for a while. Maybe even for a long while? She sighed. One could only hope. "How does food grow?" She asked the plasma rahk. This was not a concept familiar to her. IC: Sim Xire - Gym For the entire duration of the conflict with the muaka, Sim had been frozen in fear. Quite literally. It was no sooner that he saw the monster that he activated his ability and became stationary, like a stone set in the ground. He watched with a degree of shame as they fought around him, while all he did was maintain his field. How disgusting. He couldn't see anyone now; he couldn't turn his head to look down past the edge of the roof. A sickening weight fell in his stomach as he watched the Muaka devour a rahkshi, only contributing to his inaction. He was powerless. And cowardly. Just like Fate said.
  3. IC: Phantom - The Forge Phantom nodded in response; food would be good. The unpleasant sensation in her head faded away as her priorities shifted to eating, a fact which Phantom decided to file away. She turned towards the cobble stone structure that was the forge. For a few moments, she didn't move, instead drawing her eyes over the thing which she had built with her friend. For the duration of that project, she hadn't felt even the slightest bit of discomfort in her head. It felt right. Maybe there was more for her to do, rather than fight? She shook her head. Now wasn't the time to get lost in thought. It was time for food. Still rubbing her arms, -perhaps more from the chill, now- Phantom returned to the forge proper.
  4. IC: Phantom - The Forge Phantom dropped her shoulders, sighing. She felt she had let Gaever down, especially after having put the time into teaching her. And that feeling in the back of her head that had caused her to be so hesitant, would it come back? Or was it still there, waiting in a hidden place inside her? Maybe this was a bad idea after all... "That's... good..." Phantom grasped for the words, "I think I would like to be done." She waited for Gaever's response, arms crossed with hands unable to stay still.
  5. IC: Phantom - The Forge Still nervous, Phantom aimed her open palms at Gaever. She was sure that Gaever was far stronger than her, but she couldn't help but worry. It wouldn't be so difficult if it weren't for the buzzing in the back of her head.... almost like someone had placed a finger on her neck, inside her suit. It made her hands not want to do what her brain was telling them to do. The most troubling thing about it was that it was this buzzing, this feeling, that was telling her hands to unleash, and not her brain. To Phantom, the only option available was to be gentle. She had to try and do what Gaever asked despite her fears. Focusing on the feeling in her hands, Phantom let out a half-hearted gust of wind towards her friend. She tried to smile, but only grimaced. OOC: more to come
  6. IC: Sim - Gym Rooftops I stopped in my marching at the sight of the figure now catching their breath. "Who are you?" I asked, uneasy, yet still angry at the whole situation. IC: Phantom - The Forge At first, Phantom raised her hands and turned toward Gaever without hesitation. As her brain caught up to her motions, though, she stopped. Her hands lowered to just above her waist. "Wait... you?" A look of concern played across her face.
  7. IC: Sim - The Gym I stopped running when I heard the call of Luffy through the building walls. Were they seriously going to fall for that? I audibly exhaled, putting my hand against my face.Might as well get this over, then. I turned for the nearest flight of stairs. I was going, but I wasn't going to be happy about it, and I planned on taking my sweet time getting there. Stepping out onto the roof, and walking along the rooftops to their location, I grumbled to myself. This whole situation was idiotic.
  8. IC: Phantom - The Forge She turned to the new stack of stones, happy with Gaiver's praise. There seemed to be a lot of that going around. Planting her feet, Phantom drew in her arms. They felt as though they contained all the winds in the sky, all at once. She thrust both hands forward, almost being pushed back from the force of wind exploding from her palms. The rocks tumbled backwards, not as quickly or as powerfully as the individual rocks had, but strong enough to scatter them. This felt so natural to her, despite never having done it before. Or.... hm. Best not to dwell on that in the moment. "Good?" She asked Gaever. OOC: I'll post sim when I figure out what the heck is going on with him
  9. IC: Kekepua - The Cauldron The beast was in some sort of heaven, a glorious state of being unrivaled by even the Great Spirit. She had found a worn create full of tapestry and ribbons, loose cloth and stray trappings. It was true delight. But after a time, the endorphin rush faded from her mind. Torch had left some time ago, likely while she was busy frolicking in the fabrics. There was no other Rahk present, only the sounds of the waterfall at the mouth of the cave. She looked at the surrounding cave. This could be a fitting home for her, if it weren't for that waterfall at the front. She'd have to figure out some way to keep it out of the way. Maybe a set of shields could part the way? Idly thinking, she popped another set of stones in her mouth, feeling the sizzle and crack of heat inside her jaws. Relaxing against the pile of cloth she'd amassed around her, she pondered the possibility of moving here even more. It could be easily defensible, as well as well stocked with weapons. Maybe...
  10. IC: Slif - Gym "Well don't scratch it just yet," I whispered to Reda, "As much fun as a fight would be, our big goal here is to protect our cargo."
  11. IC: Sim - Gym Right now, Sim was far too busy running to bother trying to hear what dialogue was being made outside. He dove for the stairwell, thumping down the steps. He kept running, weaving through hallways and doors, trying to find a suitable place to hide and cocoon himself. He'd been mistaken for a gargoyle before, maybe he could try it again here. IC: Phantom - The Forge Phantom stared at the small rock. A target. Now, the freezing feeling bundled into one place, one focus of her body. Without even thinking, she tapped her foot, a rush of air pushing out to sweep the rock's base out from under it, clattering to the ground. She turned in place, seeking out another such target. Loose piles of stone were piled nearby, leftovers from the construction of the forge proper. Her hand rushed forward, and so did the topmost stone. She repeated the motion with her other arm, alternating. Sometimes the stones only rocked and spun in place until she was able to hit them. Her aim was sound, though, and it was more often than not that the stones were there and then not. Before she realized it, all that was left were a few stones that made up the base of the pile. She blinked in bewilderment. "Sorry... got excited." She sheepishly turned back to Gaever. IC: Slif - Gym Well this is awkward. I kept my mouth shut, not really knowing what I could even say.
  12. IC: Slif - Gym I kept rolling after the two of them, trying to give Pyle enough space that he could stay hidden. "Hey Pyle," I called out, trying to be quiet, "You see anyone yet? I'm gettin' antsy from all the nothing that's been happening."
  13. IC: Fate - Gym I really don't have time to bother with the missing rahk, let alone these two beside me. I went back to the armory, intent on finding the weapons that matched my holsters. This place was a mess. There didn't seem to be any kind of organization system at all. For all I knew, they just placed the most recent arrivals wherever it was most convenient... "Hm." I glanced to my side, at the floor of the rack nearest the door. Two flare guns rested on the ground. ...Alright then.
  14. IC: Slif - Gym (Team WSPR) "Alrighty," I said in response to both Waiata and Reda. I rolled on after her.
  15. IC: Slif - Gym (Team WSPR) I laughed. "Yeah, I expect I wouldn't. Not a fan of half-eaten slop." Pushing off the ground to roll forward a few feet, I started going slowly. "That okay for you?" IC: Phantom - The Forge Once again, she smiled in response to Gaever's praise. It was nice to hear. Phantom lowered her arms slightly, shifted in her stance, and tried again. Another ripple of air pushed through the mist. She continued at this, only somewhat concentrating on what she was doing. "Not so hard," She said, musing at the relative ease with which she could pulse.
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