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  1. Sorry for the delay. Got stuck in a house in Wales for a few weeks where the internet went down if it snowed...or was cloudy...or was the wrong kind of sunny...or if a sheep looked at it funny. But anyway, Wither is approved
  2. IC: Indeed. The door to the Headmaster's office opened, and the beams of light that flew into the dark office stung at Illusive's eyes until he adjusted to them. I will not expect reports too frequently, I realise regular updates would compromise the undercover aspects of your task. But do not leave me too long in the lurch. You may leave.
  3. Taken from Relentless Link 2 See I took this to mean that we're on Bara Magna while Makutatron is also on Bara Magna. Because how else would we have species like Toa and Skakdi around? They don't exist anywhere outside of the MU. Not wanting to spoil things is one thing, but doing things in the way you're doing is making it tricky if not downright impossible to provide feedback. Because how can I know if its something that needs improving or if its something you've deliberately left out? How can I tell if you've not explained something, or if you did and its just five pages back in a different link? You're just not doing yourself any favours by posting things piecemeal
  4. Timeageness, I'm honestly not sure what the story to your RPG is. Maybe it just doesn't come across because you've linked to links which link to links, and posting your RPG piecemeal like that murders its clarity, but for the life of me I couldn't tell you what the RPG is actually about. Something about a Makuta controlled Spherus Magna I think, only one where none of the locations are the same, a lot of the history is different and there's somewhere called Caelum Insula and I'm not sure if thats a new region on Spherus Magna or a name for Spherus Magna itself... I would suggest putting everything you have in one post, so I'm not following links that have outdated information because you have updated them at another point while also trying to piece together all the bits you've scattered across the topic like some weird treasure map jigsaw thing. I also think that adding some long list of available hybridisations is making things massively overcomplicated. I think you're over-prioritising the technical intricacies while seemingly ignoring the actual story, the thing thats going to be attracting players in the first place. Its not that I'm against all lists and rules, its just that this game looks to be getting bogged down in bureaucracy straight out of Brazil (the film, not the country) and its gong to detract from the experience. If you were determined on having the hybridisation as a game feature, to suggest aeons have passed for example (like I said, I'm not really clear on what the story is), then might I offer some advice? Instead of trying to list every species and every species those species are compatible with, just have a shorter list of genetic traits, some of which can be applied across multiple species, and let players pick and choose a certain number of them. That way if they want to be a third-generation Toa they can just select things like Kanohi Usage and Elemental Powers to keep things simple, but if they wanted they could throw in something like Superior Strength or Psychic. It allows for a decent range of customisation, which is I think what you were aiming for, while also meaning players could give their characters a bit of mystique. Where are they getting extra powers from? Was their grandpappy a Skrall or Skakdi? Gives them some skeletons to have in their closet. Like I said, I'm not against lists or systems, I just think there's a better way of doing them other than regurgitating pages of information at the reader
  5. IC: Then I suggest you start by finding out what you can about those groups, the Makuta suggested, If they have delusions of equality about the Matoran then they may have decided to eliminate Xara as some token gesture. A slender lead, I accept, but a place to start IC: No arrows chased Caoutchouc from the forest below. Nor any errant and aggressive weather patterns. Fletch was apparently allowing him to leave in peace. For all Johmak had bigged the Hand up as sociopaths, they apparently had some limits
  6. Approved. The name thing doesn't bother me, its not like we don't have repeats in the real world
  7. IC: One of the most prominent missing is a chain lightning variant named Xara, said Icarax, According to Tridax's notes she was an extremely competent fighter, a promising warrior for the Brotherhood's ranks. And yet there seems to be no trace of her. I would know what has become of her. To find her? Watch and listen amongst crowds. Make people come to you by offering rewards for information. If the trail leads off-campus use infected Matoran as your agents. I will help you where I can but the task is yours. OOC: I'll get something for Hoto and Johmak up for you, Click, once I actually figure out something to do with them
  8. Wouldn't that hole in his casing be rather painful? You say its letting in light, and kraata aren't especially fond of that stuff. Description of his powers is also going to have to change. While the "creating small holes" thing isn't too far off what Molecular Disruption could do at that stage, manipulating density is its own power completely separate. If she was going to imitate others, wouldn't Chameleon be a better choice of power? I suppose you could do it with Adaption, but it just seems easier to use a power designed for changing your appearance Nothing wrong with this one, Approved Who's she actually hiring herself out as an assassin/thief/spy to? If his intelligence is that low, why is he even at Corpus Rahkshi? Going to have to bring up the power levels again, because level 2 laser vision can only create blinding beams by focusing light
  9. Since you say there's only around 24 Matoran in the village, and that seems to include some NPCs, what does that mean for character limits? I'm guessing it just going to be one character per player, but do you think its going to restrict the number of players you can have?
  10. IC: The sensation of having Icarax reform his armour felt curiously like taking a warm bath to Illusive, assuming he had ever experienced a warm bath. The metal was heating up as it was put under the stresses of twisting and warping, but the Makuta seemed true to his word and it never rose to levels that would, say, sear or char. Once the process was over, and Illusive began to quickly cool, the changes became apparent. Minimal though they had been, it created a definite change in how he stood, making him more hunched and curled. Smaller, in other words, and less noticeable. A little something to make him more suited to creeping about with no-one paying him any mind. Pigmentation alterations will have to be your doing, though I understand paints and inks are not hard for your students to acquire
  11. Being trapped in the Fifth Circle o Dante's Inferno for a month gave me some thinking time, and there's a concept I've been mulling over: It'd be set just as the Zakaz Civil War is kicking off, but rather than play as the warriors characters would be refugees fleeing the destruction. Except no-one else wants to have them (Skakdi already having developed a bad reputation around the world) so they're all stuck in a camp with nowhere to go, kind of inspired by what's currently the hot topic in Calais. I have a broad idea for the story in mind, where I'd want it to go and how I'd want it to end, but since I'm looking for at least one other person to run and largely host the game more planning would be done with them
  12. Corpses are generally taken by the Porters to the memorial grounds near the causeway. You'd need to get one that was fairly recently made
  13. IC: The entire school did not realise the potential behind infecting Matoran. Your efforts singled you out as resourceful and intelligent. I have already been through this, are your efforts to continue circling this discussion an attempt at dissuading me. Are you trying to lead me round in circles to distract me, or hoping that I will confuse your stubbornness for stupidly? I assure you, neither will work. The air around Illusive seemed to congeal and stiffen, tell-tale signs of magnetism being used to hold him in place. Let me make this simple. Being sapient does not prevent you being subservient. I issue the orders. You follow them. Otherwise things become very unpleasant for you. I strive to be patient but my tolerance for insubordination only goes so far. Now, if you co-operate I can endeavour to make alterations that will be relatively painless for you. If you do not…well a limp would be most realistic if I actually broke one of your legs IC: Caoutchouc had the right idea…but the wrong choice of target. Flashes of lightning, reptilian tongues of brilliance, spat out from the murk below as fog cloud was changed to thundercloud. But none of these striking whips went anywhere near the Rahkshi in the sky, instead rending at the trees themselves. The lightning was joined by lesser light; wildfires started by the attack. Black and boiling smoke started climbing up to Caoutchouc as Fletch sought to blind him once again…and this time destroying any tracks he might have been following into the bargain, as the wildfires started spreading
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