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  1. Hi, thanks for checking in. The deal was completed a while ago, but I forgot to update the status. I know another user (Toa Trisabelle) who would be very interested in negotiating for your Cyclone kraata at this thread:
  2. So exciting that you're almost done! I have no spares at the moment. For anyone else out there: I've traded with Toa Trisabelle before and had a great transaction.
  3. Good: @Geyerr1 (trade): Excellent communication. Shipped quickly, safely, and with tracking! A+ to deal with Bad: none
  4. Unfortunately I don't have any spares left, but if I come across any I'll let you know!
  5. Hello everyone, I recently acquired a spare Trans-Orange Kraata (pic attached) so I'm putting it up for trade. At the moment, I would prefer to trade for a Stage 6 Cyclone kraata (examples also attached) as it's the last one I need to complete my set. I'm also looking for european misprint kanohi and any rare metal krana (WMKK, VMKK); I understand the latter are far more valuable, so I would trade/pay extra to make it fair. Happy to take more pictures if interested. Thanks for looking! (UPDATE: trade is completed)
  6. Do you mind if I DM you? One of those kraata may be the last one I'm missing from my set (pic attached) and I would pay you generously to get it for me
  7. Hi everyone, I updated the original post above to show what I'm looking for. Do any of you have one available? Thanks!
  8. Sounds great, thanks! I tried to PM you but it doesn't seem to be going through. Feel free to reach out anytime
  9. Hi there, i realize this post is old but are any of your Rahi Control S1 still available? I'm very close to completing a full set Thanks!
  10. Ahh you're so close too! Unfortunately I don't have spares of those either I've heard Cyclone is particularly hard to find, I suspect their color scheme is more prone to being listed incorrectly on BrickLink (metal blue vs sand blue vs light blue and the various gray options for the tail). If I come across any you need I will give you a heads up
  11. Hi everyone, I'm one Kraata from a full set and will pay a generous price to anyone selling. I'm looking for Cyclone Stage 6 (metal blue head and pearl light gray tail, pic attached). I would also consider trading some spare Kanohi or Kanoka. Thanks!
  12. The 2.0 sets. Cookie-cutter designs got old a while ago
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