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  1. That's likely the case, though I kind of wish it weren't, I've got a few dark gold keelerak shells and I wouldn't mind a pearl gold one lol
  2. Do you mean "$175, $200 and $275" ? I cannot imagine one ever selling for $175,200 haha Also I love that you made a list of the PGK prices, I think I'm the $129 one in 2021!
  3. I paid about 100 CAD for my 5 hole Kraahkan, was just last year, no idea on the 175 Kanoka but mysteriouspi is probably right on that! This is absolutely insane, the PGK has been known to sell for several times the five hole Kraahkan alone... Wild. Some people don't know what to offer for things, which I can relate to something but this is unbelievable
  4. Alright, sweet! Feel free to DM me when you're ready to buy!
  5. hey, so i have two you're missing: confusion 5 (black/pearl gold) sonics 3 (black/yellow) those of interest to you?
  6. i think i've seen something like this in one of mine too. i'd have to check to see if i still have it
  7. i can check if i have any you're missing, i'll message you if i do... but i'd just like to say that's a genius kraata display setup. such a perfect piece to use!!
  8. Hi there! To fund something else I'm selling off some spares that have built up over the years of collecting. Here's a picture and then I'll list some prices of the items! Prices are in CAD, Mctoran do not come with disks but some disks are sold separately if I have them, and no instructions or canisters for any sets unfortunately. Umarak the Hunter (missing mask of control): $35 Lava Beast (complete with mask): $30 SOLD Gali Master of Water (missing golden mask): $25 Lhikan (toa only, no kikanalo but has swords in good condition): $30 G2 Inside Tour Mask of Water #188: Make an offer! Mctoran Matoro x 3: $18 each Mctoran Huki x 2: $18 each SOLD Mctoran Kongu: $20 Mctoran Onepu: $18 SOLD Mctoran Miru Disk: $5 Mctoran Hau Disk: $3 Mctoran Kaukau Disk x 3: $5 Mctoran Pakari Disk: $3 Onu-Metru Great Disk 619: $20 Kanoka Disks 665, 638, 574, 373, 334, 437, 225, 226: $1 each Various Slizer/Throwbots Disks (Pictured): $1 each Various Krana (Pictured): $2.50 each Various Set Kraata (Listed in doc below): $3 each Various Wild Kraata (Listed in doc below): $8 each Various Mctoran Scraps (Pictured): Make an offer! Black Metru Torsos x 4: $2 each SOLD Dark Green/Lime Carapar Armour x 2: $8 each SOLD Dark Green Mantax Foot: $3 SOLD Flat Dark Gold Keelerak Shell: $3 Infected Hau Nuva (Less green forehead): $6 Maxilos' Mask: $3 Silver Miru Nuva: $5 SOLD Red Miru: $12 Red Pakari: $5 SOLD White Pakari: $12 SOLD Brown Hau: $5 SOLD Green Hau: $8 Brown Akaku: $5 SOLD Green Akaku: $7 Gold Akaku: $5 Black Kakama: $10 Lime Matatu: $20 SOLD Medium Blue Matatu: $15 SOLD Tan Matatu: $10 Tan Ruru x 2: $6 each SOLD Light Grey Ruru: $5 each Light Grey Komau: $10 each SOLD Lime Komau: $10 Light Grey Huna: $8 SOLD Light Grey Rau: $15 SOLD Copper Huna (EU version): $6 SOLD Green Kaukau Nuva: $5 Blue Kakama Nuva: $8 Kraahkan (Six hole chin) x 2: $5 each SOLD Lesovikk's Mask: $20 Here is the list of Kraata, both set & wild: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cOg0uYDj6AJSEUI-kfXdKqELmqXnx8_42cY7Xd5Uq1I/edit?usp=sharing I will also be getting some more items in the next while, including another of Lesovikk's mask, a four hole chin Kraahkan, a dark green Vakama Hordika head, and some more. Let me know if interested, I ship from Canada and everything except the stuff priced by offer is first come first serve. Given I need the money sooner rather than later, I am really not looking to reserve things for far down the line, but you are welcome to ask. Shipping will be on the buyer but I'll make sure it's the cheapest I can get with Canada Post that will give you what you want with regards to tracking, insurance and shipping times! Feel free to message or comment with any questions. Thanks!!
  9. I wish I could say magic haha. I had to drive (or more accurately, have my girlfriend drive) 2.5 hours both ways to go get em, but it was the same source as most of the prototypes on the list.
  10. See a new notification here reminded me, I haven't posted my prototypes I acquired this year... Two of them aren't actually mine, the launcher and the skrall blade, those are my girlfriend's but eventually when we move in together our collections will combine and they'll be reunited lol. Pictured are a rough design prototype of the midak skyblaster, a skrall blade with a medium blue looking decorational part in the center, a 2007-style glow in the dark inika chestplate (Jaller/Kongu/Hahli's one), yellow shadow leech, and a weirdly coloured thornax fruit. The thornax is some sort of foggy but translucentish white with black bits, including the thorns and one circular area on one side, and all the black is rubber. None are for sale ever just to be clear but I thought it's nice to add to the known prototypes!! That list is already tantalizing, let's make it even better haha. I can take better pictures of my three prototypes if needed, and can ask the same of my girlfriend
  11. oh i want these so badly too... if you find a seller who has more than one of any of them, please let me know!!
  12. it really is, i had a miserable time, it's filled with people listing the colours wrong (or just not at all) but it's typically the fastest way to find em. i can ask some others i know were collecting if they have extras for trade/sale if you like, although it's unlikely they'll happen to have the ones you're looking for
  13. I checked my duplicates, unfortunately I don't have any of these as extras. I assume you've tried bricklink? they can be miserable to track down there but it's worth checking for the final seven
  14. oh for sure. i think it would be really cool to have sealed mask packs too, especially of all the eye colours.
  15. if those are the 01 packs you have junglejunggames, those could have the light blue kaukau, although the chances are veryy low
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