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  1. Sealed Toa Mata Nui Sealed Karzahni Pearl Gold Kraahkan Opened Korea Piraka set (No1,2set)OR only No.2 set
  2. wow...Reading the comments, there are a lot of interesting pieces.
  3. excellent condition Due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, the shipping cost is high, so i offer a little more discount
  4. 1 karzahni 700 Not 2karzahni price😄
  5. Discount!!! 800-->700USD + S&H Delivery anywhere!! unopened mint box Kazahni
  6. Selling unopened karzahni I'll take an offer over $700
  7. I would like to purchase vmkk, And gunmetal kraahkan wants to trade it for light gold avohkii please please contact me if anyone has
  8. I'm looking for PDG kraahkan. I want to exchange it with Light gold avohkii.
  9. I have a prototype avohkii I am looking for pearl dark gray kraahkan I want to exchange please contact me
  10. can i trade ?? I contacted you on tumblr, but you didn't see it
  11. Hello, I'm looking for VMKK, SSKK I want XA I can buy or exchange it for an unopened set. If anyone wants to sell, please contact me.
  12. Hello, sorry to see you late. Are you still there?
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