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  1. Sealed Toa Mata Nui Sealed Karzahni Pearl Gold Kraahkan Opened Korea Piraka set (No1,2set)OR only No.2 set
  2. wow...Reading the comments, there are a lot of interesting pieces.
  3. excellent condition Due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, the shipping cost is high, so i offer a little more discount
  4. 1 karzahni 700 Not 2karzahni price😄
  5. Discount!!! 800-->700USD + S&H Delivery anywhere!! unopened mint box Kazahni
  6. Selling unopened karzahni I'll take an offer over $700
  7. I would like to purchase vmkk, And gunmetal kraahkan wants to trade it for light gold avohkii please please contact me if anyone has
  8. I'm looking for PDG kraahkan. I want to exchange it with Light gold avohkii.
  9. I have a prototype avohkii I am looking for pearl dark gray kraahkan I want to exchange please contact me
  10. can i trade ?? I contacted you on tumblr, but you didn't see it
  11. Hello, I'm looking for VMKK, SSKK I want XA I can buy or exchange it for an unopened set. If anyone wants to sell, please contact me.
  12. Hello, sorry to see you late. Are you still there?
  13. Hi guys Im looking for NEW 3287 set! Movie mask is not included Please messege me
  14. I have 3 new Karzahni im looking for misprint, prototype,SSKK,VMKK Please contact me if you are purchasing, exchanging, or selling
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