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  1. I believe I still have all three Rahi Control (dark gold/black) S1 as listed in the original post! I can PM you about it in some hours (off to work now); I'm also looking to complete a full set, maybe we could trade (if not, I can certainly sell as well). Thanks! ~~
  2. I would say you're correct -- milky white. I've never seen one before! However, milky white is a relatively common color among prototypes -- any way you might have acquired that kind of piece? Either way, the color seems indisputable -- it's either milky white or opaque glow in the dark! Seems to me that it's either a rare part or a very well made knockoff. Do the marks match other Toa Metru feet you might have? Last question... since we're in this forum, if you believe it to be genuine LEGO, would you consider selling it? ~~
  3. Hi all -- thanks to a recent acquisition, I was prompted to re-check my Kraata and ended up finding a lot more duplicates. As such, see the original post for a much expanded list of Kraata offerings. I've updated other things as well, including adding quite a bit more Krana and a (rare?) Nestle Avak figure to the potential tradeables. Due to life and all that I may be a bit slow on the uptake as far as sending any messages I may have been previously supposed to send, or making other changes to this topic. Just give me another heads-up if you happen to have Kraata (or really need some!). ~~
  4. Great find, and great photo too. From what I remember all prior photographed metallic green/tan Kraata were Stage 3 -- this is the first I've seen of a Stage 4. I'd be extra curious to know if the other stages exist, but they seem too rare to be normally collectible. ~~
  5. I would price Kraata at USD 3.50 per Wild (and Shadow) variant and 3.00 per Rahkshi variant, with the two slightly damaged Kraata discounted to 2.00 each. The total for all regular Rahkshi Kraata on offer would therefore be USD ($)141, and for all Wild + Shadow Kraata would be 168, making the total $313. That said, I would prefer to trade rather than sell; I have a Kraata habit of my own to fuel, you understand. I'll take a look at what LEGO polybags I might be needing and also get back to you as I (with some luck) fill in a few more of those missing Kraata. That would be great, thank you! Let me know when you do. ~~
  6. 2020/08/22: Please check up-to-date Kraata availability below, after a recent pending sale. Small restock expected next week. Greetings all -- I'm back again in search of Kraata, and offering up many in kind, among various other collectibles. As usual, I'm also interested in Nestle items, particularly the throwing stars aka spinners. My target Kraata are the empty squares in the chart hidden below. Due to many duplicates, the Kraata I have on offer are tabulated in text form instead. Please also note the various other things I'm offering if they're of interest, including a handful of Krana as well as BIONICLE and Technic merchandise. I'm happy to negotiate pricing if anyone would like to buy or sell excess quantity in the course of trade as well. Thanks -- please post or PM if you have any questions or issues! Wanted Kraata: Kraata on offer: Krana + other merchandise on offer: ~~
  7. The minifigures look quite good, and the Advent Calendar is a great idea for Harry Potter, but I'm really not loving the broom design in the Hungarian Horntail set (is it a new one?), and the Knight Bus is bafflingly boxy and plain -- maybe the only set where I actively prefer the original to the redesign. The new wands are still not my favorite either, but that's been set in stone for a while now. ~ ~
  8. Whoops -- I think I've solved the PM problem for now (thanks for the reminder). Message sent! ~ ~
  9. NOTE, 4/2/2019: 2001 watch and a very large number of Kraata have been reserved! If you want Kraata, check quickly before the remaining few go! Hello all -- I am looking for a few rare items, as well as looking to sell or trade some of my BIONICLE collection! Primarily, I am seeking collectibles and offering an array of Kraata and BIONICLE-branded merchandise, but please ask if you are interested in specific parts or masks not listed; my collection is in no way complete, but extensive for a casual collector (LOTS of Tohunga/McDonalds Matoran parts, various masks, etc.). My biggest objective is the full set of 2006 Nestle BIONICLE spinners. Example images of them can be viewed here as well as here; they are throwing stars with one Technic pin hole at their top, and came packaged with a paperboard "opponent". I own the Reidak spinner and associated Inika Nuparu card -- I would be looking to buy or trade for any or all of them, including duplicates of that one, but especially the other five. I am also seeking Kraata of all kinds. The empty squares on this chart plus Stage 2 and 6 Guurahk, Stage 3 and 6 Turahk, and Stage 5 Shadow Kraata are what I am most interested in, but I will trade or pay for any Kraata! As such, I am offering Kraata in kind (more or less). I've listed them below with head color followed by tail color; S1 = Stage 1, etc. Rahkshi Kraata are the most well-represented, but there are plenty of Wild Kraata too! Lastly, I am interested in just about any Mata-era mask, especially any misprint or prototype (excluding white Noble Ruru). Please let me know if you have any that you are willing to trade/sell! Happy browsing... Rahkshi Kraata: $0.90 each, $8 for 10 PearlLtGold/Red (Fear): 2x S4 MetalGreen/LimeGreen (Poison): 2x S1, 2x S3, 1x S4, 4x S5 2x S5, 2x S6 PearlDkGrey/LtGrey (Hunger): FULL SET AVAILABLE -- 1x S1, 3x S2, 1x S3, 4x S4 2x S4, 3x S5, 1x S6 PearlDkGold/Tan (Fragmentation): 4x S4 3x S4 Pearl/White (Anger): 3x S1 2x S1, 2x S2, 1x S4 Purple (Shadow-Kraata): 1x S1 Wild Kraata: $2 each, $18.50 for 10 Black/Orange (Heat Vision): 7x S1 4x S1, 2x S2, 5x S4 2x S4, 2x S6 Orange/Black (Magnetism): 1x S1 Red/Black (Power Scream): 2x S1 Yellow/Black (Insect Control): 3x S1, 1x S2, 4x S4 1x S4, 3x S5, 1x S6 PearlLtGold/Black (Plant Control): 1x S4, 2x S6 PearlLtGold/Yellow (Darkness): 1x S4 MetalGreen/Red (Teleportation): 1x S1, 1x S2 Green/MetalGreen (Density Control): 2x S2 Tan/Green (Ice Resistance): 1x S2, 1x S6 MetalBlue/PearlDkGrey (Stasis Field): 2x S2 Pearl/MetalBlue (Slowness): 1x S1 MetalGreen/PearlDkGrey (Weather Control): 1x S4 Other Merchandise: $10: 2001-2003 era BIONICLE early wristwatch (Unity, Duty, Destiny logo, silver face, red/brown/green/black band) $20: 2002 Cahdok and Gahdok original box (slightly worn edges and corners, but never flattened) $9: 2002 Bohrok Awake trading cards, McDonalds promotional pack (new, sealed!) $10: 2002-2003 Pohatu Nuva buildable ballpoint pen (includes detachable Kakama Nuva in brown, 4 extra add-on pen segments)$5.50 each, $27 for the set: All six 2003 Rahkshi mini-CDs (Turahk, Guurahk, Lerahk, Vorahk, Panrahk, Kurahk)$30: 2003 Red (Turahk) Rahkshi shoes, US size 4Y. (No Transparent Orange Kraata included, sorry!) $9: 2003 Rahkshi wristwatch (includes Vorahk and Lerahk heads plus extra silver outer ring; no manual, sorry!) $35: 2004 Toa Metru Whenua Colgate electric toothbrush (new, sealed! permanent marker scribbles and small price tag on packaging back) $10: 2004 sealed bags #2, #4 from Krekka (white front has some dings, but definitely sealed) $9: 2006 Nestle Avak, set 6997 (reddish brown figure, transparent neon orange disc, and bright light orange/Keetorange launcher) $0.90 each, $4.30 for the set: 2006 Vezok cardboard discs, 6x (like new but with a couple of faint scratches -- from the McDonalds figure) $2.50: 2007 Mantax McDonalds figure (working light-up eyes, no extra accessories)$20: 2007 Karzahni original box (slightly crushed front, but no price sticker and never flattened)$20: 2009 Ackar watch (new, sealed!) $25: 2009 Skopio XV-1 original box (front opened, top side faded, but otherwise almost pristine) $1.25: 2009 Tarix original can (used but with no issues) $18: 2009 Tarduk "Glatorian" T-shirt, white, size XL Non-BIONICLE things for sale/trade: $8.50: Nexo Knights promotional polybag (Shop@Home offer) $50: 1999 Electro Throwbot/Energy Slizer (new, sealed!! upper left front of box is slightly dented near picture window) $7: 2002 Nick Bluetooth McDonalds buildable figure (new, sealed! bag is softer than regular LEGO polybag material and shows some wear) $69: 2002 Darth Vader, set 8010 (new! box top flap unsealed, but parts new inside, sealed bags) $5.25: 2015 Doctor Who (LEGO Ideas) original box (great shape, opened as display box but never used otherwise) $21: 2005 Star Wars 7260 Wookiee Catamaran original box (great shape, includes original inserts/minifig display plastic) ~ ~
  10. I have one orange and two gold Vahi, old gold Pakari, and a few other things (Tohunga masks, Rahi masks, infected Hau, etc.). Are you interested in anything beyond 2001 or should I list out more specifics of the 2001-type masks? And are you looking for anything specific in Mata and Noble Kanohi besides the misprint Kaukau? I also can offer sets such as Bohrok, Toa Mata, and various System bits if those would be of interest. Let me know what you think. I can PM you to expand on things to avoid cluttering this topic. ~~
  11. Hello again, Lord of Over (is like a city in Canada, or something?). I have recently raised BZP to it's former place of glory amongst my bookmarks, and I hope that you, too, will soon return. Please contact me in this instance. Sincerely, Komé.

    1. Overlord


      OH MY GOSH KOMÉ! It's been forever since I saw you around here, let alone since I saw myself around here. :P It's always amazing to hear from you. Hello again and how are you? What have you been up to in these years in between?

  12. Did someone say Overlord? No? I'll go back to sleep then. ~~
  13. In response to your comment from Feb 09, Your right, I haven't been on forever!!! Its good to be back

  14. Hey man, I just got your message form Feb 09. Im not sure if you'll ever be seeing this at this point, but good on you for keeping the community alive

  15. HELIO IT'S BEEN FOREVER. I am so bad at even nominally keeping in touch with anyone. How is life, aside from disappearing blog posts on here, which is sort of in-between in the life category?

    1. ~Sol de Medianoche~

      ~Sol de Medianoche~

      Life is kinda ehhhhh, you know? Like I'm not in danger of starvation, hypothermia, being eaten by wild bears of any of that stuff. And I'm in college, but I'm not really sure what I'm doing there? =P So I'm doing all right, overall. As for life, not sure that I ever had one to begin with. =P Lately it's been consumed mostly by the internet and Breaking Bad. How about you, man?


    2. Overlord


      Yeah, I know that feeling I suppose. How is college besides the aforementioned uncertainty? :P May I ask where you are or is that not something people do? XP Anyway, sure you had/have a life, if it can be consumed by the internet! Ah, internet... Oh yeah and Breaking Bad too, that really has a way of taking up people's free time.


      I'm pretty well, comparatively an academic mutant as usual. Wrote a lot, traveled a fair bit, that kind of stuff. I should probably a...

    3. Overlord


      ... attend to collegeness too, but I guess I'll get to that in the fall semester.


      (and of course I forgot about BZP's comment character limit)

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