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  1. "Two and a half months later." BZP IS BACK.
  2. Nukaya

    Minecraft server

    It looks very different from the last time I logged on, and now it is all in the sky?
  3. Regular small or ladies medium (if lady sizes are available, probs not), please!
  4. I voted for 4 because watching the Takanuva come togwther was a neat thing to watch (like dang, that anime coat flareout was great to see being designed), and seeing the collaboration with the Makita unfold via messages was really cool. Both MOCs work well individually and together.
  5. 4 because tie dye is great!
  6. I chalk all of those points up to coming home from work, saying "Ok, I've got 4 hours to take this from a sketch to a final piece, LET'S DO THIS", and then posting my entry with four minutes to spare. I'm planning to go back and clean it up her fist and finish the background to be how I envisioned it (because blob plants are no good!). Thank you! It was a fun one to draw. It's the best ship. And, I don't think romance got de-canonized in G2, so we can claim it to be legit!
  7. I voted for 4 because I like mine, and Hahli is my homegirl.
  8. What if Hahli was in Bionicle G2! She could hang out and be all awesomely animated with sweet backgrounds like the ones she swam around in during MNOLG 2. She'd upgrade her protosteel talon to a trident, because tridents are pretty great (and Jaller decorated it for her, so how could she not use it after that?). I imagine that when it came to the enemies in G2, she'd take everyone down and be like "this is nothing, you should have seen some of the enemies I fought as a Matoran". Whether she's in 2001 Bionicle or G2, Hahli is the coolest.
  9. I have totes not cried way too many times this past week about BrickFair being over and all of my friends being gone, nope, not at all.
  10. Bionicle Zone and KanohiPower were merged to become BZPower way back in the day, because the admins figured it would be better to work together and combine forces.
  11. Team name: Shia Lebouf Members: Six different versions of Shia Lebouf. One of them is inexplicably a cat. What does the team look like: Shia Lebouf. Except for the one that is a cat. It looks like a cat, but it sounds like Shia Lebouf.
  12. Nukaya

    no more wind

    If you have issue with someone on the site being continually rude or abusive towards other members, I really suggest you message an admin or global mod about your concerns. No site is or ever will be perfect, but BZPower should be a place for everyone to feel safe to be on, and something as simple as reporting abuse can help us achieve that goal.
  13. Nukaya

    no more wind

    Your lack of respect is disgusting. From what I've heard, she had to retire because of real-life concerns. And your only reaction is "good" because of reasons I can't call you out for. because he's a bigoted, self-righteous, obnoxious, arrogant, abrasive person who hides behind his beliefs as an excuse to despise and belittle people for who they are, and who really doesn't even deserve to be a part of this community (and it's a wonder why he even still is, given all the trouble he's stirred up and the off-site harassment and name-calling he's been involved with)? I'm leaving the site too so I really don't care if there are any repercussions for saying this. it's the truth. Ghidora is one of the most genuinely unpleasant people I've met in my 10+ years on the internet and his reaction to Windrider - someone who is a thousand times better of a person than he is or will ever hope to be - leaving is just another item on the enormous and ever-growing stack of proof of that fact. Just a reminder, that even if you disagree with someone, we still need to be respectful towards others, and that goes for everyone.
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