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  1. 1 Large, Makuta Luroka will be picking it up for me since I won't make it this year most likely.
  2. T-Dawg


    A simple 1 year course in welding covering the most used process and a couple other subjects and I'm done, now to work on a resume and get my foot in the door. Planning to start small and build up my skillset and then move on up to better positions/jobs, a far off goal could be pipeline work with my own small side shop doing request work for repairs or art people would want. Dunno where this field will take me but I'll make sure to try to enjoy it and learn more things along the way. Here is a trophy I made for a friend as a sort of prototype. More ideas down the line but gotta buy my own Tig machine first.
  3. I dig year long school programs, at the very least I'll be able take welding tests for stick and GMAW at possible job opportunities. I've also set myself on fire twice by accident and flashed myself 3 times lol Pretty fun stuff overall looking forward to TIG in the next couple of weeks.
  4. T-Dawg


    Been welding since about May now, pretty fun stuff, I know my way around a stick machine and even have my own home machine. Still got a lot to learn regardless but my classes are great. I even pimped out my helmet. Got advanced stick classes in a couple weeks and MIG as well, Tig most likely next year.
  5. Large please, last year even with a reservation I still ended up without one in my size.
  6. Eh it's been a while, spot 16 I guess. Edit oh I need a song, maybe I should read topics instead of just blindly posting. I'll take Easier said than Done.
  7. I regret nothing.
  8. When stuff really starts getting to you and you can't even fall asleep until nearly 4 am, I'm such a mess lately and anything I try to do about it makes me worry more about it all
  9. It's been a while, why not I'll join. Spot 16 please.
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