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  1. confirming my spots with these two Player Name: Ehksidian Campaign: A Feast For Titans Character Name: Ehksidian Glacies Gender, Age, Element: Female, 24, Ice Personality: The cold winds of endless nightmares have worn away at what was once someone who had wished for the best for Okoto. Eternal cynicism and bitterness have swallowed her whole, snuffing out that faint glimmer of hope that always shone within her. How could there be hope when she had caused such suffering? Suffering she cannot even remember yet haunts her every moment like a specter of torment. That naivety that once defined her has worn away, leaving a negative space. She is suspicious of everyone now. Suspicious they’re hiding something from her. Suspicious that they know what she did and refuse to tell her to torment her. She must find out, though. That endless haunting dread may have eroded her hope, her desire for the greater good, but it left a new desire. Not one to help Okoto. A desire to find out what she did. A desire to fix whatever she did wrong, or face the righteous retribution she thinks she deserves. And maybe, just maybe, finding the truth might free her from this spiral. Or, maybe, it will only make it worse. History: Ehksidian Glacies, in another time, had been a diplomat. The leader of an army. A Knight of Ekimu, who travelled through time to try and stop the impending apocalypse. Someone who stood for something, who tried to save the island from itself. Someone who witnessed the slaying of a dragon. Someone who caused a Titan to go mad. But that was another time. Not here. For now, Ehksidian Glacies is little more than a hermit, stricken with nightmares of things she does not remember. Deeds she has done that cling to her subconscious yet refuse to surface. For a time, she was able to deal with them. She remembers this clearly. She remembers how she was raised to potentially become one of the Ice Region’s many diplomats. She remembers breaking down, incapable of doing so. How could she? Those dreams haunt her. That name haunts her. Kulta. That name haunts her mind. She can’t remember where she heard it. She can’t remember anything related to it, other than the suffering she caused the bearer of that name. She remembers being ousted from her house due to her failure, and after they found that cursed spear of hers – that spear, pulsing with that hideous thing known as magic. It was her greatest weakness, that spear. It was her greatest strength. It calmed her. Those haunting memories faded, assuaged by something she couldn’t quite remember. But the spear did. That spear called to her. It did not whisper to her directly but being around it planted thoughts in her mind. Thoughts of those cursed places filled with that hideous energy. Thoughts of going there to find the truth. Perhaps entering a mad realm and dying there would be a fate fitting a madwoman. She remembers that her house would rather she be forgotten, that she be erased from the annals of history for ever entertaining the thought of going near those dark places. After all, no sane person would wish to enter those hideously tainted lands. Greatest Fears: Her goal is the truth. And yet, nothing fills her with a greater dread than finding out the truth. The possibility of what it is haunts her endlessly. The loss of her spear, created from some unknown beast’s tooth, is something that fills her with dread unimaginable. She can’t even describe why it acts as a tether to her very sanity. Death itself. She fears the end of mortality, not only her own but the scant few that bear her company. The end of mortality terrifies her. But what scares her more is the potential of what comes after. Greatest Dreams: As it is her fear, it is also what drives her forwards: The truth of what she did. And finally having that answered may, hopefully, bring her peace. Redeeming her name is something she hopes for. It is not something she expects to happen, simply because of how tarnished her reputation has become as a madwoman with a magic spear. But maybe, just maybe, she can find something to redeem herself. And maybe, just maybe, settling down somewhere with someone she cares about would be nice. No worries of impending wars. No apocalypses. Simply a place and a person to return to. Ultimate Power: Undo what Miserix has done, and do her best to stabilize and bring peace to the island - without becoming a despot ruler, or ruler of any sort. Stats: Strength: 1Agility: 3Intelligence: 4Charisma: 2 Player Name: Ehksidian Campaign: The Watchers of Winter Character Name: Krosht Treml Gender, Age, Element: Male, 22, Ice Personality: Men wiser than Krosht would mask their desire for battle and glory behind idiom and patriotism. Krosht, however, makes it clear. He is bold, forwards, and blunt as his favored weapon the Morningstar. He desires nothing more than to see his home – the Ice Region – become the greatest force on the island. And he will do his best to see that through and see it through using the glory of battle. Bloodshed and passion define his base essence, and he is not one for excess beyond that. History: A soldier, through and through. In another time, he may have acted in a more diplomatic fashion – using his strength and power to coerce others into following, rather than outright bludgeoning those against him into submission. He may have stood shoulder to shoulder with his leader and felt true fear at the prospect of death in the cold wastes. But that was another time. Now, here, Krosht has lived and trained his entire life to be a soldier. To lay his life down for the country he calls home. One person draws his attention, though. An upcoming diplomat named Nato. Krosht cannot remember anything of his former leader, the one he did his best to save, the leader that had guided his ideals for so long. Krosht is a soldier. Always has been. He was raised to be one. To take blood. To give his own for his region. He knows that the recent plague affected him, but it was dealt with. His training, his might, remained untampered. His will to fight, steeled. He is a fighter. That is his job. That is all he ever was. Greatest Fears: The destruction of his homeland keeps him up at night. Nothing is more terrifying than that to him. Dying doesn’t scare Krosht. But dying alone, without the glory of battle…the dishonor that would bring terrifies him. Like all good Okotoans, Krosht fears that hideous dark energy that permeates those forbidden locations. It would take a lot of convincing – or a very special someone – to get him to even approach one of those heinous places. Greatest Dreams: Krosht has one main desire he is willing to speak: Bring glory to his region. Whether this be by conquest, defense, or whatever. Spilling blood for his region is what he cares for. He has other desires, though. He knows of that Miserix, but cannot place anything else about him – and hasn’t seen him since that chance encounter. Something about that protector struck a chord in Krosht. He couldn’t tell what kind of chord it is, though. All he knows is that he wants to get to the bottom of who Miserix is, to at least truly thank him for helping with that beast. And, of course, that strange thought that pervades his mind. Nato. Krosht cannot say why, but he deeply desires to follow after Nato. Perhaps it is that thirst for power that may lead to glory. Or, perhaps, memories forgotten. Regardless, Krosht wishes to get close to Nato, who he is sure is destined for great things. Ultimate Power: All will fall under the rule of the Ice Region, or die. That is the choice he will give to everyone. And, from there, he will become the ruler of the newly dominant Ice Region, immortal and undying, fighting to the "death" for glory and for entertainment. Stats: Strength: 4Agility: 3Intelligence: 1Charisma: 2
  2. IC: Lost "Hurt bad! Stop hurting...good!" Lost said, nodding confidently.
  3. IC: Lost "Healer? What healer do?"
  4. IC: Lost "Don't know where?" they asked A! curiously.
  5. IC: Lost Lost's ears finally stopped ringing...just in time for them to realize that no, they weren't bleeding. Thankfully. They blinked a few times and shook their head, before asking one simple question: "Where?"
  6. IC: Lost Lost stared at the word on A!'s hand, then gave the loud child a reassuring pat. "Ok."
  7. IC: Lost Lost made a vague gurgling noise. They did seem to enjoy the consoling pats, at least.
  8. IC: Lost Lost didn't even try to resist. They were still too disoriented to understand what was even going on - let alone make sense of what just happened. They mumbled quietly, still unable to hear anything. The only sensible thing they managed to say was "wet ear" and little else.
  9. IC: Lost Lost didn't even know what to do. One moment, they were happily sitting there...the next, their ears were ringing and felt oddly wet. Their head hurt a lot. The poor Rahkshi just mumbled incoherently. At least pain and uncomfortably loud noises weren't a new concept to them.
  10. IC: Lost "No...hunger. Happy." The stunted Rahkshi's eyes were bright. "Good place."
  11. IC: Lost Lost finally surfaced after what seemed like an eternity. All of their food was gone. "...Good. Feel funny...not empty."
  12. OH RIGHT SIGNING UP Reprising Ehksidian, Diplomat of Po-Koro.
  13. IC: Lost Lost was too busy consuming to notice the other two mimicking them. Not that they cared, after all. They were too hungry to really bother noticing.
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