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  1. Continuing the Topic by Lenny. we... haven't seen Constraction in this year or the year Before, and we haven't seen any Parts being used in any of the New Sets. and while I like to keep Hopes up I... I feel like I can't, without Bionicle or Constraction I feel like I've become a Madman. and I have Grown to have a Extremely Ugly Unhealthy Mind Set. this is Truly a Cruel World, a Great Depression, a Dark Age... (Anyways what do you guys think?)
  2. well... I Hate Ninjago Now... THANKS @Sir Keksalot!
  3. oh Gosh, I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Constraction still Gone and it still hurts. and yeah I agree, without Constraction, I don’t know what to buy from Lego as well. Dark Times indeed my friend...
  4. you call this terrible?!? it's Hacking Great! I would love to see more of your work!
  5. well thanks! there's actually a Reason why she has a Tail Lore Wise. she's half Ackuten, a Subspecies of Okotans with Animal like Features Such as a Tail, and I guess Choroko seem to got it form her Mother side of the family. Moc Wish... i just thought it was a cool idea. for the side-by-side, Kivoda would of been Smaller if I didn't Modify him (I also updated Choroko sense then) but yeah, I'm glad you like it
  6. I feel like there haven't been that many G2 Mocs after it ended a few years ago... let's fix that! this is Choroko a Protector of Water and the Daughter of Kivoda. she's probably my Favorite Protector Moc I have made and I hope you like her as well so yeah, hope you like the Moc!
  7. now this is a really nice Kopaka Moc, you did a good job!
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