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  1. Woo! Made it into the Top Ten! Thanks for sticking around.
  2. I continue my dance, but begin to increase the rate at which I perform it.
  3. Honestly, I feel like I come here just to gawk and to see if the website still exists. Got kinda spooked when I saw the error message from the old forums when trying to find them a few months ago. I really have nothing to say anymore that would be of value, and most of my interaction with people on the internet has become much more intimate, so most of my thoughts go into speaking with friends I've made. , the reason I joined this site in the first place was to talk to my friend over the internet before we discovered Discord or even used email to chat. But now he's long gone from here and hasn't logged on in probably about a year. I don't know, I sure don't pay attention. I really think it's the fact that I'm still technically a member of a community that I stay. Some sort of obligation. I never really felt like I integrated, but with something like a forum, you're either in the in-crowd or you isolate yourself. I really only ever posted in the Games section, in the threads that really didn't require much effort into posting, so it doesn't really surprise me that I didn't make any real, lasting connections. Though few and far between, I have good memories of the short time I've been here, but I don't think I have nostalgia for it. It was my first foray into the world of online interaction, and it has its charm, but it is no way my go-to place for discussion of my interests. It's just kind of a reminder of where I started, and by Jove, did I start late. You know, I always feel like I turn these things into meaningless rants. Never got that out of my system I guess. Hah hah.
  4. Too bad you have forgotten that your family was hiding from the Popo inside said building's basement. That's rough, man. Got 'em!
  5. Sculptor. Another original! Stuart Sayger
  6. Happy New Year to "What Are You Thinking?" and all who happen to read this! Here's to having a year even better than the last.
  7. Suddenly, all of the parts that were in the canisters violently erupt from said canisters and fly into your agape mouth, whereupon you suffocate on the plastic maelstrom. My mask.
  8. What an odd thing to say. What exactly do you mean by that, TTL? Things have been moving fast, but at least I have a course of action and friends to help me. I'll take solace in that. Also, I'm glad DavePro has started airing Golden Wind. I've been hyped since the livestream those months ago.
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