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  1. Body type: Metrutoran Body colour: Red torso and feet, grey limbs and hands. Mask: Lhikan's Hau, in red/silver. Job (optional): Mask maker.
  2. Way before Velika was revealed as a Great Being, I thought he was a really cool character. His cryptic dialogue and otherworldly skill with technology caught my attention... but then he was sidelined in favour of new characters in 2007. Apart from him though, I'd say... Johmak. Nice powers and the potential for an interesting backstory, but alas she was also buried under even more characters. Just one of the downsides of populating a universe, I guess.
  3. I think the best way Vezon could show up in Gen2 without confusing new fans or leading to a lot of questions would be graffiti on a temple wall in the background which reads "Vezon was here".
  4. They're from the 2002 LEGO Sports sets. Not really worth getting as they're hideous and don't look good on Matoran/Toa heads.
  5. Sadly, we don't even know if Matoran exist in Gen2, and even if they are the same species as the "Protectors" we have no way of knowing if they have individual names or not.
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