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  1. My first username was Redidax, and that is taken from Teridax, with the T swapped for an R, because that's the first letter of my real name. Riglax is also taken from Triglax, an obscure Dark Hunter. The rest of my usernames are just stupid various of those names that I used to think were hilarious.
  2. I was most active in the period of 2011-2013. After 2013, I simply became disinterested in Bionicle and LEGO in general. The fact that I started attending High School didn't help the situation either. In 2014, I barely logged in anymore, and I doubt I made more than 15 posts in total.
  3. After seeing a video of the new Tahu set, I'm now fairly certain that the new sets are going to be great for kids and older BIONICLE fans to enjoy. Personally, I don't think I'm going to be involved much in the new BIONICLE. I'm certainly not going to be buying any of the sets, but I might check up on the story, if it's interesting enough.
  4. I'm neutral. It's been a while since I have bothered with anything LEGO-related, and I simply can't find any excitement in it anymore.
  5. They're a bit too much like Hero Factory sets, but I guess that's to be expected. There's little to no actual design to the pieces; they're a bit too smooth for my liking and don't have enough detail. I still prefer the older Bionicle sets, from the Inika era and afterwards. Maybe it's nostalgia, but those sets look much better than the new ones. The new sets need a little more detail and a little more character.
  6. A lot of things could go wrong; they could get writers that aren't really interested in keeping the entire Universe cohesive and just begin retconning major plot points, the story could come out as one-dimensional and childish, etc. Here's a suggestion: instead of thinking what could go wrong, let's just wait and see. We have too little information to make any accurate predictions.
  7. The concepts are exceptional. They're some of the cooler concepts for Bionicle I've ever seen. Am I the only one who notices some sort of Mesoamerican (Incan?) influence?
  8. I still remember when Bionicle was cancelled four years ago. I guess LEGO realized that 'Bionicle' is a better brand than Hero Factory. Let's see if the new Bionicle has the same level of creativity and intriguing story that the original had.
  9. It's the best game all year for me. Of course, I have a huge bias towards the Assassin's Creed series, but it's an excellent game nonetheless.
  10. I've been keeping my eye out for you. :o Remember me?

  11. There was a page in the old forums that counted your percent of the day's posts. I once made 5% of all the posts posted in that day. Exciting, isn't it?
  12. 1. Greece 2. Greek, English and German 3. Sort of, they are in stores. 4. I can find HF sets; but not BIONICLE ones anymore. 5. Like one month later. 6. I don't anymore. I just bought them from stores before. 7. I don't really care right now, but I wouldn't mind either. 9. It was cut from your budget? 10. I remember you now, because we speak the same language and live closer than most people around here. Also, how are things holding up there after the crisis?
  13. Thanks! We'll definitely try and contact Erebus. If Greg is able to canonize the winning entry, that'd be great.
  14. It started out with two boys across the Pacific Ocean, with the idea of creating an electronic fan magazine for BIONICLE fans. Now, we want to make things not just for BIONICLE fans, but for LEGO fans and fans of LEGO's different franchises - Stuff like games and RPGs, stories, tutorials and ebooks. To achieve this, we have two groups of people working as one team: the original KanohiJournal staff and Mata Nui Inc.As part of this, we have made a decision – cut the KJ magazine, fuse Chronicles and KANOHI.novus, and brand it as one single entity known as KanohiJournal Publications. From now on, instead of being a “BIONICLE Fan Magazine”, we’re going to become a publications entity – we are going to publish stuff like books, and stories, and games and all sorts of other stuff, not just as BIONICLE fans, but as LEGO fans.New StaffUnlike before, when the KJ had its own team of dedicated staff, the new KJP staff team would be composed of two groups of people: Those who were part of the original KJ team, and Mata Nui Inc. Although different members will be part of either team, they would all become part of the KanohiJournal Publications Team by default. We have also created the KanohiJournal Publications Board, made up of the dedicated executives of both Plast! Productions and Mata Nui Inc.New ProjectsBut it wasn’t just as easy as restarting KanohiJournal. With BIONICLE over, and the story serials progressing so slowly, much of the fanbase had seeped away. We’re talking about a community of about 300 people dropped to around 100, if not less. The magazine model we had adopted for so many years simply wasn’t worth the effort for such a small audience. A magazine needs writers – it doesn’t help when those writers are no longer interested in its topic.With all of these new goals in mind, we have set our sights on new projects that will continue to shape the LEGO and Bionicle fanbase for years to come. As time progress, you will find more and more of our projects focusing on other aspects of LEGO than BIONICLE. Mata Nui Inc. is currently assigned with handling two of these projects -- Ancient Chronicle and Solis Magna & Solar System. Ancient Chronicle, also known as Bionicle: Untold, is a project with the goal of sustaining fan interest in the BIONICLE community, while exploring the stories and characters of the distant past, well before the Core War and the fall of Spherus Magna. While many projects have storylines which focus on current events or envision future ones, Ancient Chronicle focuses on the past. Our goal is to produce four canon-based fanon ("canon-fit") stories and expand on them by creating a small database of the characters and the locations on KanohiJournal Publications' website.In Origins and Altum Bellum, the origins of the Great Beings will finally come to light. However, some will see this as an opportunity to rise into power, leading into an ancient devastating war. From the ashes of the war, the Great Beings rose to leadership status over the Spherus Magnans; but, wishing to challenge themselves even more, they opted to begin work on their largest creation yet: a gigantic robot body. But as shown in The Grand Creation and Price of Jealousy, not all the Great Beings agree with the plan -- and there are some who would stop it at all costs, and even those who "agree" have their reasons.All four stories published will be available in e-book and audiobook format, allowing the stories to be available offline and on every device. But we aren't stopping there -- hoping to provide a complete experience for BIONICLE fans, we will create a small database of the characters and locations from within the stories. Accurate depictions of all characters will be made, with wallpapers and other media available for download in the future.Finally, based on the tales of the Core War in the official canon, a multi-voiced audiobook will be produced, called Their Mistake. It will expand on particular events, such as the true story of the Core War, the Shattering, and the ambitious Great Beings. If you're interested in post-Core War stories, then it's your chance to play a role! As the script is passing it's final stage, Mata Nui Inc is currently searching for voice actors.Ancient Chronicle will serve as a prequel to the Biological Chronicle and the toyline that amazed us all. Join us in shaping BIONICLE's distant past today: we're looking for talented writers, MOCers, 3D modelers, artists, voice actors and composers. You can contact us on matanuiinc@gmail.com Downloadable ContentStories OriginsThe Grand CreationBanners and PostersOrigins PosterOrigins BannerThe Grand Creation Poster Solis Magna and Solar System guide is the first ever, full-scale BIONICLE e-book written, designed, organized and published purely by BIONICLE fans. It will be the ultimate exploration into BIONICLE’s amazing locations, and a testimony of the undying and lasting passion from us fans to the story we have all come to know and treasure. Our goal in writing this book is to provide a comprehensive guide to not only Spherus Magna but to the other planets in its solar system. A total of three sections are planned: The first part, Section 1 -- Matoran Universe, is available on KanohiJournal Publications' website. The second part, Spherus Magna will detail major locations and characteristics of the three Spherus Magna planetoids: Aqua Magna, Bara Magna, and Bota Magna. Finally, the last part, Solar System is going to explore the other planets in the Solis Magna system.You may be wondering how we're going to write about planets not described in canon material. The answer is that we will take some creative liberties to provide a more in-depth reading experience, though we will attempt to stay as true to canon as possible and base the Solis Magna system's planets on their images as seen in the introductory credits of Bionicle: The Legend Reborn.The last two sections of Solis Magna and Solar System are going to be produced by Mata Nui Incorporated, and published on KanohiJournal Publications. We need you (yes, you!) to help us write sections 2 and 3. We are looking for intuitive artists and writers to help us out, and should you wish to join us, simply contact us on matanuiinc@gmail.com. Downloadable Content Section One: Matoran Universe We have also brought back our two year old contest, Lesovikk's Hiatus. However, while it was originally planned for the contest to be canon, Mr. Greg Farshtey’s absence has made it impossible to declare the winning entries canon. To conclude this contest, KanohiJournal Publications decided to make it canon-complying fanon (or “canon-fit”).Summarizing, Lesovikk's Hiatus is now a "canon-fit" writing contest based on Lesovikk's wanderings after the deaths of his teammates. The contest runs from September 3 to November 31, 2012 and invites entrants to write either a maximum of three short stories or one novella. Winners will have their entries compiled in an anthology to be released through KanohiJournal Publications.You can find the contest here. Mata Nui Inc Auditions Mata Nui Inc is holding auditions to gather voice actors for Ancient Chronicle. You can find more information on the rules and contest here.
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