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  1. Xa-Kuta was fun ngl. A bit tonally mismatched, but fun.
  2. I feel called out. But seriously man, I know you've had it rough and you've kicked for still persisting through it. It really is weird going from admiring the giants as you put it, to have taken on that position (you, not me, no one knows who the I am.) I don't often compliment you, but I also know so well how much you care about this game and this site. Game's in great hands with you, and I promise any newcomers that once Ty and the gang gets everything cooking you're gonna be amazed at how good the BZPRPG is. Anyway, I don't really know where I'm going with this, but I figured I had to say something after reading the post. Man dropped my name for some reason. I'll come back to the BZPRPG when BZPower gets a skin that doesn't kill my eyes. Also whenever Salvinn's mark disappears somehow. BZPower honestly probably still is my home, even if I don't visit it often anymore. You guys all still rock.
  3. IC: Kaz Arrives Again! Bring forth justice to desolate plains! Having long since placed all of his explosives, the aggressive inquisitor known by the name Kaz had found himself quite bored by his mission. Setting explosives and ordering the weak around was a mission not suited to someone who desired the thrill of combat above all else. Yet that was where he now found himself, and said mission was quick to cause Kaz to doze off. Yet his dreams of combat, would soon be interrupted by alert of a homing beacon designating that someone, somewhere, was prepping for a fight. With a bolt and a savage grin, Kaz became a mental prepping of his own. Thus sticking his boring job of watching the garrison on some random storm trooper, Kaz sprinted atop his own speeder bike. A powerful, if a bit dated, beast that currently rested outside of the kicked in doors of the outpost. Someone was probably going to get fined for Kaz's previous dramatic entrance, but for now that was the least of his concerns. Well, you couldn't really say it was a concern of his at all, it didn't even enter his thoughts if one's being honest. Now all that was left was the ecstasy of revving the engines of his speeder bike and the burning anticipation he had in hopes of the fight ahead. The speeder burned it's way across the land, rapidly approaching the origins of the homing beacon Kaz had recently received. Of course, Kaz understood a thing such as protocol existed, and so he made a courtesy call where it was needed. To one Costa Vespula, Chief Inquisitor and the woman responsible for stuff that Kaz didn't quite understand. "Fight?" He wasn't the most eloquent of beings when it came to the common tongue. To her credit, Costa was quick to reply with a rather exasperated tone of voice. "Yes, Kaz. Help fight." "Good. Who?" "Since when do you care?" "Need knowing, punch who?" "He's a big guy...for us. Armored head to toe. Liare is having trouble with him." "Good. Under roof?" "Yes, Kaz. We're under the roof." There wasn't another response from Kaz, at least not verbally. For he had a few moments before positioned himself on the roof above the ongoing battle. Thanks then to the buzzing sounds of a saber, mixed with rifle blasts, yelling and the general sounds of a skirmish, Kaz had learned a while back the position most likely to contain fun. Costa had merely confirmed that it was also the right place for him to drop in. Thus Costa received her response in the form of Kaz blasting away the roof and quite literally dropping in. Of course, he had made sure that during said drop, his saber was already out and coming down from above and behind the head of the armored being Liare was currently flanking. Always fond of a dramatic entrance, Kaz couldn't help but shout amongst the confusion and shattering wood the phrase that had long ago become a calling card of sorts for the young inquisitor. "I HAVE ARRIVED!" And in a second, so too would his blade arrive upon the head of his current target.
  4. Sigh..... This is what I come back to? brb disappearing again.
  5. Nice to see someone else who watched and enjoyed Creed. Felt it flew a bit under the radar. Speaking of movies like that, have you seen Man From U.N.C.L.E. yet by any chance? Found it to be one of the most fun movies of 2015 personally.
  6. "Why is this happening? I... I... just wanted to be happy..."

  7. "Then, how can I become a hero? Teacher Kagawa, next time, I... will for others..."

  8. "You... You were supposed to make my game more fun."

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