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  1. Well guys I'm ba- Oh wait no Mangai quest update? Well see ya again in another 4 months.
  2. I apologize for my inactivity, but school once again reared its ugly head and I've been busy with other things. rest assured though, I will at least try to get one-or-so posts from each of my characters each week, and I've also planned an arc for one of them.
  3. Quoth the smokey black hawk: Not at all to a greater extent.
  4. Tea-rex

    Studio Comic

    I don't know what I've found here but it's magical.
  5. Any of the Toa/Villains. Why? Well, I guess you could count me lucky as I (usually) always got titan sets for my birthday/Christmas, but never any canister sets (excluding Matoran), which left an empty hole, so whenever I see a Toa/Villain, I obviously buy it. (Usually from 2006 onwards). Also smaller sets, like the Tohunga or small ussal crab. They're just too darn adorable.
  6. A black Ruru and a Rahkshi watch. Yeeeah, I'll see myself out.
  7. IC: Sir Cadwin the First I move forward and place the unconscious being on the bed, before moving back again.
  8. IC: Sir Cadwin the First "Well, I'm sorry to bother you right now", I say, "but this maiden here said she required some medical assistance, without saying what, and now she's fainted in my arms, so now I'm here, awaiting assistance."
  9. IC: Sir Cadwin the First The other has now fainted in my arms. Frankly, I am not surprised at this. However, she is much heavier than I imagined her to be. "Right, now where's the infirmary?" I say to the thin air before me. Slowly, I drag the unconscious rahk down a series of identical hallways, before stumbling upon the infirmary. "Excuse me, but is there anyone here who can administer medical help?" I say into the room.
  10. Ic: Sir Cadwin the First It becomes apparent to me that this Rahkshi is not in the most stable mind set (although saying that she doesn't seem to be very intelligent either, but that could just be down to her injuries). I take a quick glance over her body to look at the injuries. "I could have a go, however, I feel that a trained professional would be more suited to the job." I take a quick glance at her again before continuing "I have just arrived here, so I do not have a clue where anything is - but, like-varient Kraata share a bond, so I could track her down." I lie through my teeth. Hopefully, this one believes it.
  11. Ic: Sir Cadwin the First. No sooner had I entered the building than a cry of desperation had entered my ears, and was seemingly directed at me. I lift my head slightly and turn toward the cry, where I see a rather... Interesting, shall I put it, bretherin hurtling down the hallway towards me. I shift my stance slightly lower - you can never be too cautious in a place like this - and called out to the person at hand "What seems to be ailing you, madame?"
  12. Well, this seems interesting. I guess I'll take spot 4, with souvenirs as my specialty. I'll vote for Magma Meltdown.
  13. Uh, is anyone open for interaction? I can't find them if that is the case, and nobody has interacted with Cadwin.
  14. What's the betting that this is the reason that no-one likes Makuta('s masks)?
  15. Ic: Sir Cadwin the First (Main entrance -> Halls) The waves of the rushed by underneath me as I speeded on forwards to my destination. I flew a bit lower, allowing the blade of my sword to carve a straight thin line in the sea. I had been told by my Makuta that I was to be attending a school of individuals such as I. I, of course, was naturally wary of such an occasion, as I had no idea what the cruel minded thing had in store for me, nor what I was to expect from such a place. However, I had eventually been persuaded to go, so here I was now. As I approached the island, the sea had become rougher and more choppy, and for fear of being consumed by the ocean I flew back up to a safer position. As I came closer it the island, the buildings, outcrops and shrubs became more clear, and I was impressed by the size of the building on a rather small island. I flew higher up as the plateau came towards me, before landing down on the first piece of concrete. The building looked clean enough, yet scores of pox-marks and scratches lined the floor and walls. Of course, such a place was not to be expected without damage, even with some of the best staff. Taking in my surroundings, the trees, landmarks, flowers, I sauntered in through the main doors. Ooc: open for interaction.
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