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  1. NGL, that's actually pretty cool. Even though it lacks the smoothness and shaping of the actual piece (due to the nature of fitting a human head) it's still immediately recognizable as the Shelek and manages to keep that menacing look. Nice job!
  2. Looks good, but as the Chronicler pointed out, the symbols do have a layout. If you were interested, here's how they should line up: That said, I love the size you've done it at. Great little display piece to have sit at a desk or something.
  3. Every single one. Even the useless Mahri things. Why? Because I'm a hoarder collector, that's why. In all honesty, though, I used to use them to store each Toa Mata/Nuva and any of their extra masks I'd collected, and the same went for any Bohrok (Kal) and their krana or the Toa Metru with their disks. From there on, keeping the canisters was just part of the collection for me, and I've never had reason to get rid of them since.
  4. I think this is probably the most accurate description. Gold might have been the intended color, and Greg does often describe more fancy colors in the books than the sets would suggest, like how Mata Nui was described as gold in the TLR novelization. Real-life-wise, gold sockets would get brittle and break really easily, so making the Toa Ignika gold would have been a QC nightmare. Keetorange was the closest, tone-wise, so I can get behind the idea that it's silver, black, and "gold" to represent the countdown stages. That's an awesome thought and I'm accepting it as my new headcanon.
  5. Or they decided that actually speaking the words "fancy helmet" didn't quite roll off the tongue as well as "fancy mask," which makes sense. For one thing, the "A" in both words is pronounced more or less the same, and the following "C" and "S," respectively, produce the same sound, where "helmet" shares nothing in common with the sound of "fancy." So you end up with "fAn[S]y mASk" which sounds nicer and is more comfortable to pronounce. Just try saying "fancy helmet" out loud and let me know how ugly it sounds to you.
  6. Cheesy is correct. Toa generally focus their power through their hands and tools, but there have been a couple instances of Toa manipulating their element "telekinetically" without directly moving their hands or tools. The Nuva could do that elemental time-bomb thing, which didn't require anything more than focusing on a spot and setting the elemental charge for later. Regular Toa haven't shown such abilities much, if at all, and if they did, they were probably very experienced. That said, if a Toa of Sonics were talented enough to focus their powers without using their hands, they could, potentially, direct a blast of sound from their mouth. More likely, though, is that they would scream normally, and then use their powers to amplify (manipulation of element) the sound so it does more damage. This is probably the only scenario in which that could work.
  7. Chain lightning is a sub-power of the Lightning/Electricity element. In this case, Chain Lightning is just a more focused version of that one ability, while the elemental power offers a wider range to a lesser extent. It's possible that it's an ability that takes a lot of training to use, like how Takanuva had to struggle for a long time to learn how to make holograms of himself using his light powers, a Toa of Lightning probably could do it with a lot of training, because once the lightning leaves their body, they would have to redirect it between other targets, meaning it would require a lot of focus to direct and aim that particular ability.
  8. If I recall correctly, it was something Greg answered a long time ago, but it ended up being a longer version of "Here's my take, but don't think too much about it." Like, the twin suns above Metru Nui are actually the eyeholes, but there's two parts to it. 1) When the robot is active, it generates light of its own, and the movement of the "suns" and stars is attached to a sort of moving grid system that allows for day-night cycles (this is the part you don't think too much about). 2) When the robot is inactive, the stars still function, but the light of the suns is now whatever ambient light comes from outside the robot, not what it generates via lightstones or whatever, and the suns now become stationary while the stars only move a little bit. The other domes were supposedly lit by giant lightstones that during the day cycle kinda just made the whole sky bright. Because Greg was so vague about this, I assumed that the only "suns" were in Metru Nui and everywhere else just had a reasonably-bright artificial sky that would go dim during he night cycle. Like I said, he gave some vague answers, but there were just too many holes in them to paint a really clear picture.
  9. Huh. Been forever since I posted anything here, but I just noticed my 10-Year Tohu spinny. Yay! 

  10. I'd imagine that being inside a giant robot with miles of rock and metal between them and the real sun, the FN would be severely weakened. Unless, of course, they had been trained by the dragons the way Iroh, Aang, and Zuko were, and could tap into their more inner source of Fire. If that were the case, then maybe they would be able to take out a Matoran village or two. But consider their lack of familiarity with this world and it's inhabitants. Technologically, they would be outmatched. Biologically, they would be outmatched. Even if they caught the Matoran unawares, Matoran can be pretty hardy individuals. I suspect they might be forced to flee, but not many would be killed (almost none if they were Ta-, Vo- or Su-Matoran). By that time, if there were any nearby Toa, they would put up a fight and, due to their numbers, not be able to do much more than slow the Fire Nation down. Now, if the Brotherhood got wind of this, then Teridax might be concerned for the safety of his future slave-labor force and order the Brotherhood to engage in combat. Just two or three Makuta alone with their powers of Magnetism, Gravity, and the like would destroy any vessels used by the FN. From there, a quick application of their vacuum power drains the FN of their breath, and then they could use their powers of Shadow/Darkness to cut off the light around the FN. Now with no access to air, heat, and light, the FN would be rendered powerless ,and if they hadn't died from suffocation, then they would be taken prisoner by the Makuta for experimentation and the rest would be killed. Personally, I think the whole ordeal would end right there with the fact that they're cut off from the real sun and most firebenders didn't have the training received by the main characters I mentioned previously. No powers, no success.
  11. Ugly silver revamps of the heroes of our childhood. Describe the Toa Metru in a line.
  12. I always liked to interpret that weirdness as Teridax trying to perfect his acting. He's a skilled mimic, as we've seen, but even the best actors need to have some alone time to get into character. I like to think that he was asking himself questions out loud, and then fixing his impression. I know I've had to do that from time to time when doing voice work for projects. Sometimes, right in the middle of a recording, I'll have started off with one voice and somehow ended up slightly deviating in either the tone or the accent, and I have to reign it back in. Assuming that's what we're seeing, I like it because it does something unique with Teridax: it humanizes him. He's fallible, and he knows it. Everywhere else, he's seen as this overly manipulative dark god-like being pulling all the strings. But the one time we see him alone, we immediately see him trying to make sure he isn't messing up. He's perfecting his act and trying to stay in character.
  13. I'd say no, mainly on the basis that you would have one transparent color on the head of the figure while the rest of their body is a different color. Like, with Gali, you'd have a mostly blue figure with a random yellow/orange head, and the same eye color behind the visor wouldn't contrast as well. Sure, Tahu and Pohatu make it difficult with their eye colors and the inevitable mask colors LEGO went with, but personally, I think the best move was to make the mask be a close approximation of a transparent version of their armor color. Plus, it's more consistent with the collection of masks and looks better aesthetically. But that's just me.
  14. I think the official answer is that they get mixed in with the airship explanation. They were either used as storage containers or broken down and used as whatever was needed.
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