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  1. Are you offering to sell the 175 disk? I am highly interested in acquiring one if you are.
  2. Well it all started when I made a moc called Onupurple. He was one of my first moc toa and was the first to use purple (my favorite colour). After several years I realised Onupurple was kinda silly and wanted to give him a new name. I had the character for quite a while so I couldn't just change to drastically. So I kept the "On" from the start of the name and put "purple" into google translate and eventually found "vermel". Stick thme together and you get Onvermel. BZpower id the first place I used Onvermel as before I always went with PurpleWolf but decided on a bionicle name for the forum. Since then I have used Onvermel on every platform as it's a name I made up so I a guaranteed it to not be taken.
  3. Phantoka Voriki by Paul Joosten, on Flickr Master Voriki with adaptive armor with his Av-Matoran Kortana. In a world were Takanuva didn’t exist but rather Voriki toa of energy became the seventh toa. In the final battle to save the great spirit they failed. Voriki and his matoran companion Kortana were the only survivors and fled to another dimension.
  4. Sad indeed for Greg but at least he is given quite a fair bit a notice before leaving the company. With his resume I believe he will have no problem finding a new line of work if he chooses. He may just retire. We will see. As for the canon contest I believe they were not bad. Needed? No. I personally wasn't looking forward to all the ones after the Hagah but I had nothing against it. I am happy that we got to expand the Bionicle world one last time and am grateful for Greg who was still willing to canonis stuff. However deep down inside I am glad they have ended. Let G1 rest and let us expand on it on our own way.
  5. It's crazy. The trans orange is on my Bonkle Bucket List. I honestly wonder if there is a reason for the one to be more rare than all the others. I know it always seems that stage 1 and 4 were the most common stages of any kraata but why the particular colour be rare?
  6. This is Greg. Once a chronicler of a far off land. A land with many adventures and Greg spend his time and life to recording those stories for all to know. He always was willing to answer any question you asked. Now he has passed on his toa energy to the next generation of toa so that new chroniclers can record their stories. With talking with my brothers we wanted to make Greg Farshtey in the Bionicle universe and this is how I see Greg. The greatest chronicler ever. Thank you so much Greg Farshtey for all the stories and characters. You made Bionicle a living universe. Best of luck with your future!
  7. Yeah I don't know why they specifically are but if you randomly find any that would be awesome. It is interesting as to how uncommon they are as my brother as at least one of every kraata power.....except cyclon.
  8. Hello folks! So I am looking to try and complete my kraata collection. I am only missing the stages 3,5,6 of cyclone (metalblue head/silver tail). I am looking to buy them and will pay a fair price as I don't have any real trade material. Thanks if anyone can help. Onvermel
  9. So I never had a dark age....so I guess I'll let you know when I do have a dark age. Serious time. I never stopped buy/collecting Lego however I would say the last Lego theme I truly wanted all the sets two for the fact they were cool and wanted them more for the models than the parts would have to maybe be Bionicle Gen2. Since then I don't think I have bought close to a full wave of anything. Also seemed even before Gen2 I was loosing interest in many system lines as I don't care much for licensed themes. Now if we look at the last theme of sets I bought to PLAY with as a kid..... Bionicle Gen 2. No I won't say how old I was when I got them.
  10. This is beautiful sir. I feel like I need this on my desk. Just perfect.
  11. I saw this a couple days ago and got excited. I just hope to Mata Nui that this doesn't end here. So many projects stop after the first episode and such. Please prove me wrong
  12. Selfmocs are always the most interesting to see as they are always so unique and interesting and always leads me to wanting to know more. Yours is a perfect example of that. Great job.
  13. This is super awesome dude! I always liked the look of the shadowed one but this brings it to a whole new level.
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