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  1. IC: Thurisaz / Gym He had successfully comforted his vassals, and Waiata's music now distracted them. With this latest success came a different distraction for the scarlet sovereign: his pulse, calming since leaving the arena, began to race again, and he shivered with excitement before letting out an awesome and triumphant yell, filled with newfound power. The talented Turahk had reached level 3. Of course, in the one minute that took his eyes off his companions, they'd started a fight. How badly did they need to be micromanaged? "Paladin, what's going on?" he asked, soaring over and reaching to helping Tube up. * * * IC: Vlad / Gym "Er... thanks, yes... ve all did vell," Vlad conceded to Diode. Doing well in the Makuta's cruel contests had never been his goal, so why had he fought so hard to be successful? Was he just another vicious Rahkshi, only pretending he was a good one somehow - ? But that train of thought was cut off quickly and repeatedly, first as Waiata's music interrupted his train of thought. Before he could really respond to it, Helkyrie had collapsed to the floor beside him - and as he hesitated over whether and how to help, he suddenly found himself struck with similar sensations. He dropped to his knees, staggered, vision blurring as a great hunger wracked his body. For a moment he wondered if it was some virus Icarax had inflicted on the two of them as some ironic gift, but then he recognized the feeling: the Vampire, too, had levelled up. "...I think ve have," he murmured, his head pounding from more than the music. Now he was more of a threat to the students around him than ever...
  2. IC: Thurisaz / Gym Despite his cunning machinations, the scarlet strategist found himself skidding to a stop outside the arena, his team eliminated. He gave a light sigh, grinned wryly, and casually straightened and began to dust himself off. "Fault? Failure?" he mused encouragingly, as his dismayed comrades gathered, "I noticed none. See how many arrived before us - many, who we sent? And notice how few were, or yet remain, as unified as we are. Only our luck failed us in this transient assignment - rise, my friends, you performed as well as any team." * * * IC: Vlad / Gym Finally, it was over. It almost felt like a waste to go so far and not win, but he would not be disappointed as long as his teammates were okay... as well as the students he had, he now regretted, feasted mercilessly on. There would be a lot of people to check on... But for starters, his team. "Everyone feelink okay?" he asked.
  3. Gallery Man reigned recklessly over the world, trampling Nature and spawning Machine to subjugate. When their pain grew too great, the hallowed Reaper rose from both to end the age of Man and free the world. My entry in the preliminary round of the Bio-Cup 2019, for the theme Scary Monsters. Contemplating how little time we have to curb a climate catastrophe, and the machines we make that exploit rather than serve the world, I thought I could personify that most rational fear - for the future. This apocalyptic robo-druid was the result. Enjoy, and good luck to entrants in the Bio-Cup!
  4. Gallery Years ago a rising star was forced into retirement by injury, and disappeared soon after... could he have become this shadowy challenger, tearing through tournaments and titleholders with dark devices? And can even the heroes of the RoboRumble 3000 avoid their eclipse by this sinister insurgent? My entry to #DJOKEMSOKEM, Djokson's boxing robot contest! I figured better builders than I have probably got the grey robot with red gloves sort of thing covered, so maybe a darker rival would be interesting. On with the RoboRumble 3000!
  5. My vote is definitely for #3. Although 1 is hilarious.
  6. My entry in the Brick Badge contest! Inspired by my namesake - plus a Kraata, to remind of my Bionicle focus. It's wearable using the standard convention badge magnet.
  7. From molten canals in the earth's depths flows the guardian twin Iyamei, whose domain is firm bedrock, rich soil, and elegant flame. And from icy clouds in crisp skies stirs the guardian twin Eselye, whose domain is cool water, boreal wind, and majestic glacier. Fire and ice, balanced. These were inspired a little by the Toa Kaita, but definitely went off in their own direction. Both have their own ways to glow in the dark, too, which I think looks pretty cool and was a fun challenge to somehow photograph. Enjoy!
  8. Hi, welcome to the game! Sorry for the wait, things are slow here a lot of the time but we're still happy to have you if you haven't given up! Explota looks like a interesting character, I like the idea of someone theoretically capable of cunning strategies but possessed with a preference for blowing things up instead. I do have to talk about his gear though. We generally try to avoid gear that substantially resembles other Rahkshi powers, since having a Rahkshi with effective access to several powers would be somewhat unfair. So with this in mind, just realize his fireproof armor may shield him from moderate flames (like the ones his swords make), but not a blazing inferno, or worse, plasma or lava. Similarly, those swords will heat things up, but not to the same devastating degree a Plasma or higher level Heat Vision Rahkshi can. If that doesn't sound as intense as the pyrotechnics you were hoping for, I would encourage you to consider swapping variation to Plasma (or maybe Fire Resistance), but if you're excited to play a Shattering Rahk exploring the limits of his pyrotechnic streak, I think what you have can work. As long as you keep this balance in mind, Explota is approved! If you have any questions or want to talk things through, you can always ask them here (we'll try remember to check more frequently!), but if you'd enjoy something snappier feel free to join our Discord server, too.
  9. I'll see you on the dark side of the moon. I've had this mask for quite some time (my thanks to the generous Patrick Biggs!) but found it rather difficult to use conventionally. Hopefully this does both the mask and the album justice.
  10. Thanks! It's probably not set-legal, yeah. But surprisingly it's easily solid enough to hold itself on, I don't think they've fallen off on me once.
  11. A crab Rahi that can be tamed and used for transportation, mining and sport. Ussal are prized by Matoran for their friendliness, strength, and swiftness. They also have a remarkable ability to tunnel, making them useful for Onu-Matoran miners.
  12. IC: Thurisaz / Gym Maze Looking around after a decisive blow, Thurisaz found his coalition victorious, if not as quickly as aspired. The kingly conqueror casually straightened, stowed his weapon and dusted himself off. "Irksome creatures," he scowled, moving to help Tube to his feet. "Everyone all right?" he asked his companions.
  13. IC: Vlad / Gym As Percy's eyes flickered and widened, a manic energy flowed through Vlad's, fueled by the deep draught of his opponent's savory strength. There was nothing like this! He could end Percy this way, drink him into helpless feebleness. But the teeth tearing into his own arm brought back some perspective. His opponent was still a threat, and the sooner he finished him the sooner he could help his team. And... he shouldn't do that. Right? Even though it was breathtakingly exhilarating. Even the energy pouring into his lifeblood through Percy's teeth, numbing the wound they'd created, a vampire's bite in reverse. He hammered the shaft of his axe down on Percy's exposed head with his other hand, aiming to knock him unconscious.
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