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  1. This just made my day. The Toa Mata ones are spot on.
  2. Honestly, I think there will be more kids that cherish Hero Factory than Bionicle G2. It's not because it lasted longer than G2, it's because I've seen some HF in the wild compared to G2.
  3. With the current state of LEGO is it really possible to see a successor to CCBS? Honestly CCBS is great and in some ways it could be argued that it's perfect, but it could be improved. I myself believe that CCBS could be "specially" made to fit themes. For example, for more robotic themes they can use more robotic shaped pieces and for more human themes they use more human shaped pieces. This could also be seen as a downgrade, but these systems are meant to merge perfectly unlike let's say the Ben 10 theme and G1 Bionicle. BTW, just to elaborate I'm mostly referring to the bone pieces of CCBS that could be changed to fit with specific themes.
  4. I'll say it! Hero Factory did do some things better than Bionicle: First, they had very good minifigures compared to the ones we had with Bionicle G1. Second, we actually got mechs with this theme and that's all thanks to. Third, CCBS I love the system it hardly breaks and it's superior to the old Bionicle system. I do admit that with CCBS we get less detail but with G2 we actually did get some pretty detailed shells.
  5. Simple, third year collect the fragments of the Mask of Ultimate Power. The Toa get new masks and armors that lets them use 2 elements which is something that Ekimu was against with but reluctantly did, for example Tahu would be the Toa of Fire/Water etc. With villains we get more deformed creatures with interesting builds and finally we get a bigger worthy of the G1 Titan tag Makuta. This is my version without any connections with G1 if there were it would be much, MUCH longer
  6. Not with OK KO that's for sure! Honestly like other people I do believe that Bionicle shouldn't have any crossovers, but wouldn't it be funny if Takanuva using the Olmak accidentally traveled to Ninjago.
  7. If we ever do get Bionicle G3, it should try to be a constraction/brick theme. I'm sure this idea has already been shared here before but it's simple, concentrate on the brick sets which include REAL minifigures not those old ones we got in G1 and at least release the 6 Toa in constraction form. We've seen this scheme before with Chima being a brick centered theme that got some CCBS releases. I think that at least with how things are right now this model could work and to be honest Bionicle is known for having beautiful landscapes which could be captured in brick form.
  8. Honestly I'm more into constraction. Even though that's the case I still prefer the display of Spherus Magna. It's by far IN MY OPINION the best LEGO ideas set, because even though it's an ideas set it really looks like an official LEGO Bionicle anniversary set if we ever get one.
  9. Fellas we all know who can really handle the power of all the infinity stones, and that's ................................................................................... Matoro (2001-2007). But in reality I think a better one would be which is more powerful, the Ignika or the Infinity Gauntlet?
  10. Put this in a box and its a sold product. But to be quite honest when they said the engine was made of Lego Power Function Motors I just.......wooooooooooow.
  11. To be quite honest, these builds would have been great brick master polybag sets.
  12. Granted, but it only lasts for one day and because of it WW3 starts. I wish for a SANDWICH! (I bet someone knows this)
  13. What kind of music do the bohROCK hear?............ ROCK!
  14. Granted, but their Roast Me memes. I wish for a Apple Store to open close where I live.
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