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  1. Do you have a source for that? Sounds really interesting.
  2. Moltoran versions of Kongu, Tamaru, Onepu and Taipu honestly. Make a big set including all 4 and call it "Kolhii Match" or something.
  3. I think the Turaga brought lots of Kanohi from Metru Nui but they were stolen by the Rahi, so the Toa had to recover them.
  4. So it's not like Bionicle where everything links together?
  5. Hi everyone. Sorry for the dumb question. I want to start this franchise but I dont know how. The most obvious answer would be just watch the cartoon, but that wont be enough for me. I want to know every little detail. But there are so many books, comics, graphic novels and many other things that I just dont know how to follow. Does someone have a timeline or guide or something that I can use to guide me in this vast franchise?
  6. I'm just expecting fan projects now, since Lego only remembers Bionicle when they want to put small easter eggs on their boring and overpriced Ninjago sets.
  7. How can I say this without being rude You're kinda really annoying with this obsession of yours.
  8. Thank you for the upgrade. Is it possible to upgrade the original 2001 release as well?
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