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  1. A roguelike game where players must traverse seven deadly trials, collecting & crafting loot along the way! Click the banner to join the Discord - AetherGarde begins October 3rd.
  2. Voltex

    More Art

    Just the other day I shared a bunch of cover pieces from some of the Bionicle campaigns I run on Discord, and just last night SPECTER L completed their latest piece for my horror campaign, Glass! I commissioned it for "Book I", A Midnight Requiem, and as I like to do with everything in Glass, I hid away various secrets of my own within the cover. Many have been uncovered by the players on the Discord already, but a few still remain hidden This cover features @Jakura Nuva's character in the campaign, Dale Eisenhorn. He's an Agori who worships the Moon, but he's in a spot of trouble with the Green... like with last time, if you click the image you should be able to see a higher quality version.
  3. Voltex

    Cover Arts

    I might share the variant covers for Verdant Wind at some point, they were pretty neat. And yeah, it's all still text based! It's easier to run that way, folks can just pop in and give a response whenever they're online.
  4. Voltex

    Cover Arts

    you're always welcome in the discord, even if you don't want to play!
  5. Voltex

    Cover Arts

    Felt like posting something on this old relic so here, enjoy some of the cover arts that I've commissioned for the Bionicle campaigns I've been hosting on Discord the past few years! I like to think they've been pretty varied. All but two of the covers below feature art from @TBK! The Argonauts was a pirate adventure, with a dash of horror and time travel to spice things up. The Aenid was a sequel to The Argonauts. Still a pirate adventure, but also a tragic war story that culminated in a massive battle. Twilight Requiem was the second part of the Edge of Dawn saga; it dipped into Norse Mythology, sci-fi, time travel, and politics all wrapped up in an academy storyline. Azure Moon was the third part of Edge of Dawn. It was a war story, with some of the most brutal scenes in any of the campaigns. The protagonists of this story thought they were the heroes, but were actually the villains. Silver Snow was the fourth part of Edge of Dawn; it went all-in on Norse Mythology, and revisited the Underworld before instigating Ragnarok. Crimson Flower was a blend of everything, as the heroes sailed the seas against greater odds than ever before. They ended up overcoming death itself in their quest to victory. Verdant Wind was the culmination of Edge of Dawn - and it was also the culmination of every other campaign in the series up to that point. It brought everything to a head, as the players ended up taking on the gods of the world. For Verdant Wind I also commissioned several variant covers, from the likes of @ZippyWharrgarbl, @ToaTImeLord, @xccj, @Akaku: Master of Flight, @Jakura Nuva, and a few non-BZP members. The Mysterious Affair at Styles was a murder mystery taking place in a new world. Its cover features art from @Taka Nuvia! Epigoni was the tale of a last stand to save the world from an alien invasion. Glass is a horror campaign, taking much of its inspiration from the Cthulhu Mythos - but also from gothic horror and more. Its cover features art from Specter L! (i think if you click the image, you should be able to see a higher quality version)
  6. if greg is leaving lego i'm interested to see what he'll do next
  7. Voltex

    January 16

    On January 16th, a new and uncertain journey begins: There is nothing to fear. Welcome to Aaru. In this world, there is no magic. Nothing lurks in the shadows; there are no gods to rule your destiny. No Masks of Power, no Relics or Artifacts. Just people, living ordinary lives in the valley. Ignore the sounds of shattered glass; there is nothing to fear. You are safe in the light, by the warmth of the hearth. Live your perfect life. Do not look for answers, for you already know what you need to know. Live these good days. Do not seek out the Question. There is nothing to fear. And then... Later this month, a final stand will be made. All on Discord : https://discord.gg/4wYG8Xdg
  8. Voltex

    January 17

    The end is here.
  9. Voltex

    Deja Vu

    The final battle is almost upon us. The end of the Eternity War; a Brave New World. Ragnarok; Two Worlds Collide. Let's do this one more time.
  10. Voltex

    Crimson Flower

    The Empire has fallen. The Church reigns supreme. Ragnarok approaches. The Black Eagles face greater odds than any protagonists before them. As they are hunted across the world, they must search for one last miracle to save the day... ...or there will be no more tomorrows.
  11. IC: Mahryo Mahryo was still lost and muddled. His own personal loyalty to his brother and attachment to the cause that NU had granted him had allowed him to creatively interpret the orders Takadox had given him - those orders with such a mystical, addictive draw to them.... But that creative interpretation had only left his head aching even more, and he stumbled along almost blindly after the Vahki, lost in his thoughts. @Toru Nui @xccj @Jakura Nuva
  12. IC: Mahryo Though Takadox's little speech resonated deep within him - and gave him a pounding headache at the same time, as though his mind was trying desperately to reach for something that simply wasn't there - it mostly just confused Mahryo. He did not know what this 'Coliseum' was, and did not know who this 'Pridak' might be. If they were associated with Takadox at one point, they must surely be a villain in need of a heroic stopping. Perhaps another adventure afterward. For now, he wielded his wrench, waiting for the Vahki's command. @Toru Nui @Jakura Nuva @xccj @Sparticus147 @Burnmad @Onaku @Snelly @Vezok's Friend
  13. IC: Mahryo Mahryo nodded. "We'll follow your lead, General Robot!" @Toru Nui@xccj@Jakura Nuva
  14. IC: Mahryo "We'll follow your lead!" Mahryo said, grinning at the robot. @Toru Nui@Jakura Nuva@xccj
  15. IC: Mahryo Feeling more than a little lost (perhaps because a being of higher power secretly controlling him behind the scenes had been busy), Mahryo continued to follow NU as they fled from the Mesi and the giant worm, assuming that the Vahki could get them out safely. @Jakura Nuva@xccj@Toru Nui@Vezok's Friend
  16. IC: Mahryo Checking to make sure that Lueji and Triki were also following, Mahryo bolted after the robot. He swung his wrench threateningly at any Mesi who dared get near. @xccj@Jakura Nuva@Toru Nui@Vezok's Friend
  17. IC: Mahryo Mahryo was stubborn, but he wasn't foolish. NU was telling him the fight here was hopeless, and he was inclined to agree. He followed the robot's lead. @Jakura Nuva@xccj@Toru Nui@Vezok's Friend
  18. IC: Mahryo As the fireball surely struck the giant Mesi and distracted it, it not harmed it, Mahryo was happy to see Triki bolt into the cave. "I thought we'd lost you!" He called. "Welcome back!" He then returned his attention to the giant Mesi, firing his eyebeams at it to shrink it back down. @Jakura Nuva @xccj @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend
  19. IC: Mahryo Still linked up with his brother, Mahryo swung his wrench at the nearest for - more worried about giving himself space to room than actually hitting the target. "We cannot allow them to escape!" He yelled. "Those villains must be stopped!" He unleashed a sizeable fireball upon the giant Mesi, throwing it straight at the enemy's face. @Vezok's Friend @Jakura Nuva @Toru Nui
  20. IC: Mahryo - Tunnels Mahryo considered wielding his powers over fire as well - but decided against it. In all likelihood, he would burn his brother's vines away before doing any damage to their dastardly foes. Instead, he turned his attention to the enemies trying to flee - and beams of light once more shot forth, this time with the intent to make their target grow to twice their size. With any luck, the target - Takadox, of course - would become too big to fit all the way through. Once he was stuck, they could capture him with ease! @Jakura Nuva@Toru Nui@Snelly@Dane-gerous@Burnmad@Sparticus147@Vezok's Friend
  21. IC: Mahryo - Tunnel "Takadox!" Mahryo yelled, pointing dramatically at the one NU had identified as Takadox. "Remain where you are, villain! We have come to-" Whatever the rest of Mahryo's truly heroic speech was going to be was forgotten, as his attention was drawn by the Mesi. His eyes glowed, and then beams of light shot out, as he swept his gaze across them - shrinking them all to half their usual height and size. He held out his hand to Lueji. "It's time for a Bros. Attack™, Lueji!" he called. "Use your vines!" @Toru Nui @Jakura Nuva @Burnmad @Dane-gerous @Snelly @Sparticus147 @Vezok's Friend
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