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    This still exists, doesn't it. I certainly still do as well. Probably not here any more than the last few years but still around. Yeah.
  2. I look back on it with fond memories, but I lost it in 2007 or 2008 so I can't go back and replay it. I also lost the second GBA game with it. Matoran Adventures or something. The Bohrok one.
  3. 10777 best sister WORST best Misaka come at me

  4. IC (Karin): Karin almost stumbled as she crossed the threshold into the medbay. She stood there at the entrance, propped against the wall, slowly looking over the gathered crew members with half-open eyes before her gaze finally stopped on Rehn. Since the Mantis and slaver attacks had finally subsided Karin had been busy dealing with individuals picked up from the slaver ship, tending to their wounds and setting up medical profiles for them, and checking up on the rest of the crew to deal with minor injuries and any less obvious issues. While all of that went pretty smoothly, this particular crew member had put more than a bit of effort to stay away from the doctor as long as possible, so Karin just set up an automatic alert and used the time in between to finally get some rest. Fixed on Rehn, her eyes opened fully and she spoke. "Great that you're actually here. It'd be such a pain to have to have and officer get you in here." She sighed. A sort of bored, tired sigh. "Have a seat." She gestured towards an empty table.
  5. IC (Karin): Having just finished working on the Colonel (her being the commander of the mission making her a much higher priority for medical attention) Karin set aside the used medical nanite tube and pulled a new one from a cabinet near the medical tables. She turned to Ashley, who was now asleep (though it was fine at this point), and pressed the tube against her patient's abdomen. Ashley would have felt a slight prick if it were not for her current state as the device pierced her skin and began dispensing the healing nanites to the affected area. OOC: Bluh but at least I posted. Maybe I need to try more. Something.
  6. Each episode of Katanagatari is about 50-60 minutes long, so the total series length is equal to a typical 24-episode anime. But yes it is much, much more than worth the time to watch it.
  7. IC (Karin): After finally finishing preparing supplies Karin got around to tending to Ashely's wounds. She stripped off the old makeshift bandages, then pressed a new pad of gauze against the wound with one hand while wrapping more around Ashley's body to hold it in place. "All right," she said to the cat-girl, "that should be sufficient for now. If something starts to hurt just let me know." She pressed a few buttons on the medical table's console so that if any abnormalities were detected in the patient it would ping her master console so she would be aware immediately. And now for the Colonel. While the slug, Souper, had done a decent job of patching her up for the moment there was likely internal damage that needed to be dealt with. OOC: Not 100% certain on how Ashley's wound was so if that needs correction I can edit.
  8. IC (Karin): Karin nodded and rushed off into the ship. Upon reaching the medbay she tore off her coat and tossed it to her desk. She then scurried around making sure that all of the equipment was ready for use. After this she found a paracetamol bottle in one of the drug cupboards and popped a caplet into her mouth to help with the headache. Done with preparation, Karin sat down in her desk chair to wait for specific orders or for any wounded to show up.
  9. IC (Karin): Karin had loitered around the Kestrel's hangar for the better part of an hour, waiting for someone to invite her to join them on the station, but no invitation ever came. By now she was sitting against the wall near the entrance, her knees tucked under her chin. What am I doing here? she thought to herself. Of course no one's going to invite me out now. If they were it would have been earlier. It was silly to expect anything of the sort in the first place anyway. With a dejected sigh she pulled herself to her feet. That's what she expected at least. However, the next instant found her face flat against the hard metal deck; her ears slightly ringing from the blast. She rolled over on to her back and looked up at the ceiling. Then her brain finally started working again. "Oh shoot..." she mumbled, leaping up. She almost fell over again as the pain in her head hit her, but this time she managed to keep her balance. Someone was shouting over the radio but she could barely make it out over her ringing ears and pounding headache. The message seemed rather urgent, so Karin quickly scanned the hangar for someone who could confirm what was going on. There. She spotted another crew member at the other end of the hangar entrance quickly setting up some makeshift fortification. He's, uh, one of the marines. Harken I think? Karin dashed over to Harken and ducked down behind the cover he had set up. "What exactly's going on?" She almost had to shout to hear herself.
  10. IC (Karin): Back in her cabin after the meeting, Karin chucked off the dress uniform and pulled on a generic grey (and much more comfortable) work suit. She normally didn't come back to the cabin, preferring to spend her time in the small section of the medbay she set up as her "office." She stored most of her belongings there, leaving only the more bulky possesions such as clothes and cooking materials in her cabin locker. As such, she rarely saw her bunkmate--or anyone else, for that matter--outside of the mess hall, and even then she tended not to take the initiative conversation, instead directing her attention to savouring her food (even if it wasn't the greatest) as much as she could. This isn't to say she didn't want to interact with others or make friends. She just wasn't so sure how to prioritize her time now on this new, smaller ship. This now was her chance, though: in her announcement, the Colonel directed any crew leaving the vessel to travel in groups. This would be her best chance, even if already a week into the journey, to finally form connections with other crew members. Despite her thoughts, her outward demeanor was decidedly not so enthusiastic. Perhaps this was also a factor resulting in her current state. Oh well. Karin reached down to pick up her belt and sidearm from her locker and tightened it around her waist. She then pulled out the issued "clandestine" dark coat and stuck her arms through the sleeves, then fastening it in the front. There was no cap issued with the coat, so she made a mental note to get one on the station if such things were being sold here. Preferably some sort of soft cap, but she figured it wouldn't matter too much so long as it looked fine. All set, she stepped out into the corridor and made her way to the bottom deck to disembark.
  11. Name: Karin Renard Gender: Female Age: 28 Species: Human Profession: Doctor Skills: General medical knowledge and extensive emergency medical experience, baking, Items: A portable emergency medical kit. A semi-automatic handgun of German make. Flour and yeast for baking. Playing cards. A model of an old Austrian fighting vehicle. Appearance: Karin is a five-and-a-half-foot-tall light-skinned human woman. She has loose shoulder-length light brown hair with an almost green tinge. Her hair is parted in the front, the left side held up by two plain grey hair clips. She has blue eyes and wears glasses. She wears the standard Federation uniform, with white bands on the upper arms marking her as the ship’s medical officer. Personality: While clearly female, Karin doesn't behave in a particularly feminine manner. She often appears lazy to others, but she is quite serious about her work. She tends to take things pretty slowly unless there’s an urgent need for her to work quickly. In conversation she almost always appears bored or uninterested, even if that is not actually how she feels about the subject. She likes cheese, bread, sweets, games, and military vehicles. She doesn't like spiders or being yelled at. Biography: Karin was born on Earth in the city of Bern, the daughter of a baker’s family. She was carefully guided through her childhood by her parents, and under their direction entered as a student into a medical school in Salzburg. After a year on her own she had an epiphany: she could do whatever she wanted. At this point, nobody was really making decisions for her anymore, so she chose to make the most of it. She developed an interest in things her parents had branded as “unwomanly,” such as the military and space travel, and after completing the required medical education in ALT92 she left the school and joined the Federation Space Force as a shipboard medic. From here she was transferred from ship to ship every few months until the Mantis invasion of Earth. She returned to Earth just after the invasion to check on her home and help out in the aftermath. This was her last station before finally being assigned to her first head doctor position on the Federation’s new Kestrel cruiser.
  12. After waiting two months because it was stuck halfway across the state because I didn't change the shipping address in time, I got this:
  13. Watch Spice and Wolf first then, I guess.
  14. Have you seen Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (or just Maoyu)? One of my favourites of 2013.
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