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    I am Tomdroidser. I am Sabershadow. I am DarkSaber. I am these three that are one.

    To all you Transformers fans, I'm Sabershadow Prime, but you can call me Sabershadow.

    I'm am facinated with video games, fantasy, comics, Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Zoids: New Century Zero, Transformers, Bionicle (obviously), necromancers (yes, undead are cool), swords, close combat games.....

    I also like to create imaginary Toa. My creations are:
    Toa Evolverz
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    KopakaMatoroNuva (could spell it as KopekaMatoroNuva)

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    SilverBlade, Toa of Mask Powers
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    Matorannui 433, Toa of Energy


    Magna Nui, Toa/Glatorian of Mysteries (also Matorannui 433's half-brother by nature)
    Combinations: Matorannui433 + Tomdroidser = Toa Sabershadow
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  1. Throwing my few coins at the topic: As a fan of the story: It's fine if the official story doesn't continue. Some prefer their version of Bionicle over others. I have no problem with that in many cases. As a builder and fan of the sets: I'd like to see the sets return even if it's the pieces are updated. There are unique parts to Bionicle that other sets can't replace or replicate. There are sets that I find fun to build but I missed out on. There are even some sets I would like to rebuild but currently can't. Simply put I would like a set rerelease/update like they do with the Star Wars line, but don't really mind the story staying where it is. -Tomdroidser
  2. BBC #78: Matoro Inika Rebuilt 2.0 MOC Upgrade from 2006 to 2021 Front | Left | Back | Right Six cannisters floating towards Voya Nui contain six Matoran. Each patiently waiting for their destination. However, from above, lightning from a mysterious Red Star strikes them. When they emerge, the will be known as the Toa Inika. Fifteen years later, one of them receives a makeover: Matoro Inika! Comparison Pictures: Kopaka 2015 | Overwatch Bastion | Bastion Turret | Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition Fun Pictures: The Knighting of Matoro | Bring it! | Borrowing from Kopaka & Tahu | Fight Pose | Undefeated Brofist | Deep in thought I enjoyed making my first rebuilt Inika and considered improvements. I used both feedback and some ideas and made it simpler. It should help that Matoro doesn't have too much problems as Jaller. Side note: Linked pictures may be a bit big. I intend to upload smaller versions at a later time. Sorry if pictures look terrible. Thoughts, comments, and suggestions are appreciated. -Tomdroidser
  3. I was thinking of putting up pictures of figures that are essentially palette swaps. (Example: Tahu - Master of Fire, but blue) I don't consider them MOCs, but I'm not certain if they belong in Lego-Based Creations. -Tomdroidser
  4. Due to being bored out of my mind, I'm looking for friend codes for anyone who is willing to: 1. Trade Pokémon in Sword and Shield 2. Play against in Smash Bros Ultimate every now and then I will update post with my FC if asked in topic. -Tomdroidser
  5. Considering that, in G1, there's a lot of things happening where x is y but sometimes z and not equal to q. Considering that Mata Nui's body was a robot and the life inside are nanomachines, how could fusion attempts, short of Energized Protodermis, result in an unliving fusion? Natural fusion requires the unification of willing and compatible beings with physical forms. Fusing a dead body to a living one with the Spear of Fusion... probably best not to think too much on it. Back to the original topic: I think that, in the unlikely event that it would happen, a fusion of the same individual would result in the formation of a being of a similar personality. It would either be enlightened or suffer some form of time disorientation. If wearing the same/similar mask, then I'd assume it would be slightly more powerful than its strongest version. Of course, fusing three of the same person tapping into the Mask of Time Duplication may create a functional temporal paradox. -Tomdroidser
  6. It's been years since the introduction of Mask of Time Duplication and the alternate realities of the Olmak, but I recently had thoughts that probably won't have a confirmed answer: What would happen if three of the same individual (example: Toa Mata Tahu, Original Tahu Nuva, and Toa Nuva Tahu Mistika) formed a Kaita fusion? (edit 1: looked back at old Greg Q&A stuff and said not possible for same element to Kaita fuse... although I wonder if it's still possible if there was one regular Tahu, a Fire/Shadow Toa Tahu, and a Shadow Toa Tahu) (edit 3: I know this isn't possible in the main universe, but what if another universe where this restriction didn't exist?) Would they still be the same person but with greater control over their (assuming that they have the same) element? (edit 2: same as the edit 1) If fusion components have the same/similar Kanohi (such as Hau/Hau Nuva), would its power be enhanced? I would like to know what others think on this topic. -Tomdroidser
  7. After looking for some time at old news stories, I was wondering if news contributions were still a thing. Does news@bzpower.com still work? Unless I missed something the last news story "source" was September 18, 2016 as a set review. -Tomdroidser
  8. As I looked at this topic, I had this sudden thought: How will CCBS continue? I don't mean that they will use it for something like Star Wars, but to actually continue as a core element to a theme like G2 Bionicle and Hero Factory. I would like to read other thoughts on this. -Tomdroidser
  9. I'd like to see Bionicle return, but it would be nice to reintroduce the old sets. I think, as impossible as it is, they should have G1 back if only for a limited time. -Tomdroidser
  10. Thanks for the observations. I currently have an idea of a more colorful model. Unfortunately, it also means I'll probably take apart my Master Tahu and Master Kopaka for certain parts. -Tomdroidser
  11. Should've been more specific: I used the Arkham Origins Firefly as a inspiration for this design. Although it looks like a generic CCBS model with a custom winged jetpack, it's sorta like a combination of Bulk 3.0 and Brain Attack Surge... or just a modified Ultrabuild Batman. I'm only slightly dissatisfied with the "flamethrower." But that's my opinion on it. -Tomdroidser
  12. Arkham Firefly Link to gallery in picture. Made this around the time Batman: Arkham Knight was released. Comments and polite criticism appreciated. Enjoy! -Tomdroidser
  13. This MOC does remind me of Tarantulas. Is this based on his original Pre-TransMetal or his Transmetal form? -Tomdroidser
  14. BBC #72 Entry: B2 Super Battle Droid Link to Gallery Description and post modification at later date. -Tomdroidser
  15. It's more of a Headless Centaur, but it does invoke the Headless Horseman feel at the very least. -Tomdroidser
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