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  1. wow you got old yuck

  2. I was in a pixely mood today. I attempted at nonorganic versions of the inika masks and noble versions of the same.
  3. Yeah Ok so the smaller versions of the pics are for actual use and the large versions are for seeing what they look like. The coloured bits are pallets for the kit based on each of the classic matoran tribes and I tried to do all the classic masks in both noble and great forms. Some had never shown up in noble form so I made do.
  4. I'll be honest here, I don't think I'll ever get around to making mmrsr at this rate. However, I do have an animated series I'm working on with characters based on the friends I made in the Rant Square, so there's that.

    1. Tahu3.0


      It's ok, I'm really excited to see what you do now!

  5. Hello.

    1. Tahu3.0


      Can't belive it, hi Petewa.


      Mighty Morphing it around like always.

  6. Granted, but, As soon as you're finished with them, They're finished with you, On no more than a whim, They move on to someone new. Reheat,A simple feat, To cure the staleness, It's nearly fail-less. I wish, For my wish, That I wish, This day, To be granted, In the most, Unexpected way. A curse apon my wish, That I now do wish, That is my wish, Corrupt this.
  7. A faceless name, A nameless face, A faceless man, Shall win no race, And know no fame, Just as any can.
  8. A raptor man, With a raptor plan, The alpha boy, We all enjoy, Chris Pratt.
  9. The squad is near, And all shall fear, Those in my photograph here, For they are near, They'll make you fear, The squad whose photograph I hold dear.
  10. A warrior, I see, Armour strong as can be, Sword readied, Shield readied, Warrior ready, Frekkin' watch me.
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