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  1. Thanks man! Yeah, I had a lot of fun syncing vids up with the lyrics. That whole sequence first has Vakama as a Metru, then it flashes forward to his Turaga days, followed by a glimpse of the Vahi (the mask he created), and then it flashes back to when he got transformed into a Hordika. I had a lot of fun making small sequences like that. I slipped in quite a few memier references like Jaller from Insane BIONICLE Brain, and I even tied that with it's own little sequence involving Jaller Inika holding Thok's spine from BIONICLE heroes, followed by him being held by Hydraxon as a Mahri-- kinda like a call and response . I didn't even know Hardcastle had a YouTube account, so it was pretty cool when he commented on it. Maybe he was nostalgic about BIONICLE?
  2. Made this music video about 3 years ago, but thought I'd post it to BZP for my first real topic here on the site. I really liked the unreleased song by Paul Hardcastle called 'Bionicle Age', and I wanted to sync the video to the beats of the song. Also tried stringing together a narrative for the various segments of the song: a calm before the storm, villians attacking, heroes descending etc. Been thinking about remaking the vid using LordFindogask734's 4K upscales, but don't know if I will. Something cool that recently happened was Paul Hardcastle actually commenting on it-- didn't expect that at all. I'd be interested to hear what y'all think of it!
  3. Petewa

    Are you sure you're new? Your name seems familiar.

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      Nope I'd never been on BZP before.


      You may have heard of me from the TTV Message boards as I used to be a moderator for 'em.

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