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    Hatpile 2018

    perfectly balanced as all things should be
  2. press f to pay respects

  3. america has so much stuff that a lot of tourists in america are american
  4. How to make a buzzfeed news story: this method will blow your mind
  5. how do you play clarinet with weird squiggly rahkshi mouth

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    2. Rahkshi Guurahk

      Rahkshi Guurahk

      Although all one would need to accomplish for a basic embouchure is sealing lips around the mouthpiece and having a tongue...

    3. McNugget


      who needs tonguing when you can slur forever

    4. Rahkshi Guurahk

      Rahkshi Guurahk

      Me when I'm forced to play something like Mendelssohn's Midsummer Night's Dream Scherzo. It's basically all staccato. Almost all of it. ;-;

  6. tfw iron deficient narcoleptic with a throat infection and a sinus infection

    1. McNugget


      tfw two infections that impact breathing occur three days before an audition on Bass Clarinet

    2. ToaTImeLord


      God have mercy on you.

      I hope your audition gose well.

    3. ToaTImeLord


      I know how lung infections can make playing instrument difficult.

      (saxophone player)

  7. wow you got old yuck

  8. I swear i'll try to be active soon probably

  9. from the wikipedia page this means that the events that took place in the books was set around 4000 BC not many people besides those who arrived in England about 800,000 years ago lived in England until Roman invasions during the 1st century AD. The native peoples of England were white The Romans were mostly white. There were some Egyptians and Middle Easterners due to the Roman presence in those areas. I haven't done enough research into whether or not they spread into the France/Germany areas, but I'm leaning towards the idea that they didn't.
  10. I'm not against the idea of making literature and films break away from the white as a default race, all I'm saying is know your time period. England didn't have much of diversity pre 1700s besides a couple shades of white. When writing a story that takes place/is based in ye olden times Africa, you can hold off on the white people and have an all black cast. I haven't watched Fant4stic or AoS, but if you're making a story that takes place in a modern setting(aka Fant4stic/Agents of Shield), there's no excuse for not having a diverse cast.
  11. much of what influenced the story was Northern European mythology. Northern Europeans (or at least those native to the section of Europe) have a tendency of being on the whiter side in terms of skin color. I'm all for asian dwarves and black elves, but only if the argument for them existing in a story is more than diversity for the sake of diversity. You're right in the idea that modern fantasy does not need to be limited to European inspiration. what I've seen of African/Asian mythology seems like it could hold a lot of potential for a pretty great high fantasy story that contains diversity (so long as diversity isn't the cast's entire personalities because it's really annoying when a story includes characters where race/sexuality is their whole personality).
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