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    Once upon a time, a crazy toa of air decided to write anything and everything that came to mind for an interests column. Then he decided to take it down because its structure collapsed due to its intense height. D=

    To replace this giant rock, the toa of air (let's call him... uh... Cautiously Offending Orde Like Dume Using Dirty Etiquette, or COOLDUDE for short) decided to present a rather obscure acronym instead.

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    Phoenix Wright
    Dangan Ronpa
    Harry Potter
    Hans Christian Andersen
    The Brothers Grimm
    The Legend of Zelda
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    Sara Bareilles

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  1. I think I've been on this site for almost seventeen years. In that time I've made a terrible comic series, had some fun in General Art, added a handful of unfinished stories to the library and made a few friends and acquaintances along the way. If any of you here want to keep in contact, my twitter handle is attached to my profile. It's goofy and weird and a bit of a mess, just like my time on this site. The more time has passed, the more I recognize that the only thing keeping me coming back to this site is my blog. And really all I've used it for lately is to complain about life's frustrations. I'm tired of being someone who only complains. I know my content used to be goofy and silly and full of... well, more than what it is now. I've been lucky during my time here. I can't say I've been a victim of any sort of prejudice or attacks. But due to more recent statements, it appears I was ignorant to the other members that had been victims of such actions. I also feel I haven't always been the most supportive member of the LGBT+ community on here to my fellow LGBT+ peers. I feel I remained silent when I should have spoken out. I feel I was inconsiderate during one or more occasions. If I ever caused any grief, I apologize. Being gay myself is no excuse for instances of lashing out due to internalized homophobia. This website held a lot of personal milestones for me. When I was nervous about coming out to my family, I sought advice from an openly gay staff member of the site. I came out publicly here before I did to the rest of my family and friends and was mostly met with support. That meant the world to me. I like to think the person I am today was molded in part by the experiences I've had on this site. However, it would appear bzpower is no longer a place where I feel comfortable or safe. And so I shall be logging off. I hope one day things will be better and I can feel comfortable logging back in again. But I kinda doubt that will happen. So, for what is perhaps the final time... GET OFF MY LAWN! ~Tekulo <3
  2. Not sure if I'll stick around this site for much longer.

    1. Mushy the Mushroom

      Mushy the Mushroom

      Happy birthday if you ever come back!

  3. Oh, everything is metaphorically on fire so I'm just tryna roast a few metaphorical marshmallows. They all burned.
  4. Wish me luck folks. There's gonna be a meeting tomorrow with me included about how I'm bad at my job. Such highlights will be "I can't single-handedly bake everything by myself for the entire weekend" and "We need to hire a new employee. We have been down an assistant since May." And that's not to discredit "The reason I can't do as much as my manager is because they have over thirty years of experience in this job. I haven't been with this company for a single year and the other jobs I have had in this field have been very different." Let this be a lesson, kids. Don't get a job in a high stress industry. Maybe don't get a job at all and become a nomad. But enough about my life being a mildly annoying train wreck that shouts a deadpan "nooooooooooooo" as said train mildly bumps into a tree with a subtle hiccup that merely unnerves its passengers. What's going on with y'all?
  5. I'm still around. Kinda. Definitely probably still here. I got a sunburn the other day. I was helping with yardwork. I ordered a new phone which should be in tomorrow. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I had a dream earlier in the week about my late dog. She was in my bed and we were hanging out like old times. It was good to see her again. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Bonkles r rad knock knock who's there? Botar? Botar who? Exactly. Well that's about all. ~Tekulo <3
  6. I've had my sketchbook for about ten years and it's not even halfway done. But I'm just lazy lol
  7. Very few places still make desserts and breads from scratch these days. And even the ones that do use some cheats like cake mixes, icing that gets shipped in buckets or just factory made products. Baking from scratch to me seems to be a bit of a lost art. In my entire career I've worked in three locations that made everything from scratch. In all of those locations I was the only baker/pastry chef and the workload was always demanding. It can be a lot for one person to run a bakery alone. At my first job, my position was terminated and the company went with factory made products as opposed to scratch made products. It was disheartening. Nowadays I work in a grocery store, where nothing is made from scratch. Everything comes in frozen, from bread doughs to cakes to cookie dough, etc. And these products? They don't hold a candle to the work I've done in the past. And that's not because I'm an especially skilled baker, though I did build up my skill set over time. No, it was simply because I took the time to bake the products with care. Baking isn't that difficult. It is an exact science a lot of the time, and yes there are some projects much more involved than others, but overall things like italian bread, chocolate chip cookies or a fruit tart don't take an especially great amount of skill to achieve. All anyone needs is a recipe, the proper ingredients (butter in place of crisco for example), some equipment and the time to bake. It always saddens me these days to see so many people buying, frankly, inferior products at the grocery store. People pay good money for birthday cakes that come in frozen, probably loaded with preservatives and topped with icing that comes from a box and gets water added to it. And frankly it's overly sweet and addicting. I just find it sad because here we have a special occasion and people celebrate with garbage food. I've made cakes with flavor other than just sugar. It's so much better, I find, to taste butter, real butter, in buttercream icing. I know I must sound like a snob, but when I studied at culinary school I created and tasted some of the finest patisserie in my life. I try to keep that alive every now and then too. But in the food industry, the things we treat ourselves to just aren't worth the calories when they come from the store. Anyway, that's just my random thought of the day.
  8. This is a blog entry -Tekulo
  9. It's my birthday. waaaaaaaaaaat Anyway, Billy, GET OFF MY LAWN! ~Tekulo ♡
  10. I really like your style! It always boggles my mind how much people improve over the years when they stick with drawing. I'm a sucker for sketches, but also these look very detailed for scribbles. Well done!
  11. Maybe 2020 will be a good year. 2019 for me was just a lot of surviving and recovery. I'd just like some peace in the new year. 2019 wasn't all bad. Even some of the more challenging moments lead to some good things this year. I know a little more about myself now. This was the first year I didn't go to pride adter going two years a row to the Seattle pride parade. I'm back in Ohio now and Pride isn't really celebrated in my hometown. This next year I should really get a ride to the city. I'm thinking of dying my hair blue or maybe pink again. This year I got to go on a couple of vacations which was nice. Though they weren't without their fair share of drama. I got to see some old friends this holiday season and I'm going to see more of them soon. That is one thing I do like about being home; getting to see everyone. But I don't see friends too often these days. I wish I could meet some LGBTQ friendly folks. I'm not staying up til midnight tonight. I work early tomorrow morning. Happy new year, everyone! Be safe and I'll see you around. ~Tekulo
  12. Title says it all. Warm wishes, Tekulo
  13. Hello and welcome back to Late @ Night With Tekulo! Yes, that's always been the title of this show. After episode one was a rousing success, and popular demand, we are here on episode 2! During this holiday season, work has been keeping me busy. On my days off, however, I feel a bit of unease. There really isn't much to do here in my hometown. I have no local friends, no means to get out of the house and really no place to go hang out if I could get out anyway. I find myself missing living on my own and being more independent. Sure I took the bus to work, but it was still a good year up until the end. I used to go for walks, was surrounded by people I thought were friends, but I haven't spoken to them since I left. Now I'm left with memories of being happy tainted by my own mistakes and regrets. But hey, that's in the past. I'm sure I have lots to look forward to. Like being alone forever stuck in my hometown where I'm too afraid to dye my hair or wear fun clothing. Right now I'm honestly just surviving. I feel completely adrift with no idea where to go from here. And yet my story continues...
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