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Late @ Night With Tekulo

Kaleidoscope Tekulo



Hello and welcome back to Late @ Night With Tekulo!  Yes, that's always been the title of this show.

After episode one was a rousing success, and popular demand, we are here on episode 2!

During this holiday season, work has been keeping me busy.  On my days off, however, I feel a bit of unease.  There really isn't much to do here in my hometown.  I have no local friends, no means to get out of the house and really no place to go hang out if I could get out anyway.  I find myself missing living on my own and being more independent.  Sure I took the bus to work, but it was still a good year up until the end.  I used to go for walks, was surrounded by people I thought were friends, but I haven't spoken to them since I left.  Now I'm left with memories of being happy tainted by my own mistakes and regrets.

But hey, that's in the past.  I'm sure I have lots to look forward to.  Like being alone forever stuck in my hometown where I'm too afraid to dye my hair or wear fun clothing.  

Right now I'm honestly just surviving.  I feel completely adrift with no idea where to go from here.  

And yet my story continues...



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