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  1. IC: Kehla – Tajun The ashen Glatorian smiled wistfully as she waved farewell to her travelling companions, their caravan continuing on with its trundling course into Tajun. They hadn’t been the most personable of company, but even with the resentment between the Fire and Ash Tribes, no Agori was going to pass up the company of a Glatorian during a journey across the inhospitable sands. For her part, Kehla was glad not to have been alone for the journey either. In the open desert, there were no canyons or crags to serve as landmarks. It seemed all too easy to get lost out here. She sat down on a slope overlooking the village and pulled out her sketchbook. She’d already added a few new pictures to its pages during her journey; mostly illustrations of Vulcanus, the Agori she’d travelled with, and the beasts of burden pulling their carts. But from the moment she’d set out on her journey she’d been eager to add a sketch of Tajun to her record. Behjen had been here a few times, but for all his skill in the ring, he’d never had much of a grasp on the fine arts. His uninspired descriptions and messy scrawlings of the site hadn’t done it justice. The brilliant blue of its oasis glimmered bright silver-white in the sun, more water than Kehla had ever believed could exist, its brightness and colour contrasting with the unnatural shape of the “Knee Island” rising up against the horizon, a strange silhouette that cast a crooked shadow across the sheltered crevasses that contained the village itself. The rest of the world faded from Kehla’s attention as she sat and sketched, the charcoal staining her grey fingertips black. She was absently aware of more travellers coming and going from the village as she worked, phantom figures that flitted quietly by in her periphery. The sun hung slightly higher in the sky by the time she was satisfied with her sketch, a greyscale snapshot of the settlement that was likely going to be here home for the next few days. She packed away her sketchbook and dusted off her hands, before getting to her feet and setting off down the path into Tajun. The sand-strewn road was marred with bootprints, animal tracks, and vehicle trails, each one belonging to a different wanderer, each on their own journey. Idly, she wondered how many of these people had come here for the exhibition match, and how many of them she might end up crossing blades with in Atero. Angst and anticipation in equal measure whirled within her at her thoughts turned to the tournament; she’d been doing her best not to think that far ahead, but there was no ignoring the reason she’d come all this way. The resources and reputation of her village rested on her now. And they weren’t the only things resting on her. She could see and feel the gazes of some of the Agori she passed by lingering on her. Were they simply taking note of a Glatorian arriving in their midst, or was it her grey armour and the allegiance it indicated that had caught their attention? Somok had always insisted that all outsiders hated the Ash Tribe, and while there was certainly some animosity between them and their Fire Tribe neighbours, Kehla had always figured anything beyond that was just fearmongering on Somok’s part to justify his isolationist policies. With all of their politics and conflicts, surely the other major tribes didn’t know or care all that much about the people of a small settlement in the middle of nowhere? I guess I'll find out soon enough... She continued on her way, ignoring the occasional glances and stares to take in the scenery of the city. Preparations seemed well underway for the spectacle that was soon to unfold, with stalls or displays seemingly set up in every alleyway and street corner. One stall in particular caught her eye as she reached another corner. A ramshackle caravan draped in faded fabric, with a pair of phosphorescent lamps out front and a string of dried fruit hanging by its door. It wasn’t the hut that had caught her attention, though, but its stairs. A set of steps might not have been particularly remarkable for most passers-by, but Kehla had an eye for art, and the strange symbols that decorated the steps were intriguing. Her curiosity piqued – and not dissuaded by the mangled spelling of the sign out front – Kehla stepped up and knocked gently on the door, “Hello?” @Lady Takanuva
  2. IC: Skrall – Roxtus, Parade Grounds As the Skrall dispersed, Tirveus’ booming words reverberated in the mind of one young warrior long after their echoes across the parade ground had faded. This warrior fell into step with his section with his section almost robotically, training and instinct taking over as he became numb to the outside world, his mind stuck reliving Tirveus’ speech over and over. “In recognition of true strength, I will ENTITLE our champion as reward for this feat.” Everything he wanted. Everything he needed. Everything he’d sought and fought for. He could finally be someone, more than another mere Skrall. But instead of the expected excitement, he found himself burdened by… disappointment? Skrall had dreamed endlessly of what deeds he would accomplish, what trials he would have to endure, in order to earn his individuality. And now all he had to do was best a few Southerners, simplistic savages and scavengers who wasted their days squatting and squabbling in the sand? It was beneath him. Beneath any Skrall. But he knew better than to let his pride get in the way of what he or the tribe wanted. If this was what it took to claim his name, so be it. After all, it didn’t matter how his legend began, for he would have the rest of his life to add to it. __________________________________________________________________________ IC: Somok – Precipere It was a cold morning in the village of the Ash Tribe. Most days, the searing sun and the warmth wafting over from the volcano kept Precipere hot, sometimes intolerably so. But today a bitter breeze was cutting across from the East, bringing an agonising ache to Somok’s old bones. He blinked blearily against the wind as he emerged from his hut, flecks of dust flicking at his face. The building he called home was almost as old and weathered as Somok himself, its walls grimy and cracked, the historical records on its walls were dull and faded, almost illegible in some places. He didn’t have the time or the strength to renew the paint himself, his wife had passed on several years ago, and his children and grandchildren had long since moved out into homes of their own. This home’s story would end with him, and he was content with that. Everything had its time. But his hadn’t come quite yet. He made his way down towards the village square, leaning heavily on his staff, every unsteady stride down the stone steps making him wince. If anyone stopped to offer him aid, he didn’t notice it; his mind was already occupied with troubling news from the West. The warriors who’d escorted Kehla through to Vulcanus on her way to Tajun had returned the previous afternoon with troubling news from their ancestral home. Normally the bickerings of the other villages didn’t bother Somok. The Ash Tribe stayed out of everyone else’s way, and they usually received the same treatment in return. But if trade and contact were cut off between Vulcanus and Ferrum, that likely meant trouble in Iron Canyon. Trouble that the Ash Tribe might be blamed for. Trouble that could well have had something to do with the deaths of Behjen and his party. And if someone or something was powerful enough to take down the Iron Tribe, the Ash Tribe were easy pickings by comparison, especially with most of their senior warriors slain and Kehla away at the tournament. Still, they weren’t defenceless, and Somok had no desire to see his tribe’s legacy end on his watch. He quickened his stride despite the strain, pushing on towards the squarish structure where the Agori guard were headquartered. There was much to discuss this day.
  3. The Ash Tribe History A distant offshoot of the Fire Tribe, the Ash Tribe were driven out by their kinsmen many generations ago, following an irreconcilable disagreement around funerary rites and treatment of the deceased. With metal and exsidian being scarce across much of Bara Magna, some families in the Fire Tribe took to “recycling” these resources from the remains of their dead – removing their implants, reforging their armour, even using their bones to make simple weapons and tools – a practice they saw as the ultimate way to honour one’s ancestors. Fallen friends and family could “live on”, in a sense, continuing to serve their communities and defend their descendants well into the future. When the rest of the Fire Tribe discovered this practice, however, many of them saw it as nothing more than the disgraceful desecration of the dead. The families who followed this tradition were exiled, and went on to found their own fledgling tribe. Although their practice of taking bones and belongings from the dead is performed only on deceased blood relatives (or on fallen friends, with permission), this hasn’t stopped the spread of reprehensible rumours about them mutilating the remains of their enemies, or robbing the graves of other tribes. Such acts are deemed as vile by members of the Ash Tribe, and anyone caught actually conducting such defilement would meet with exile, or worse. Village The Ash Tribe reside in the village of Precipere, located East of Vulcanus, on the opposite side of the volcano. Their village is perched atop the cliffs, overlooking Iron Canyon, with the village accessible only via a sturdy staircase carved into the canyon wall, and a small makeshift elevator – a simple wooden platform connected to a system of ropes and pulleys – being used to carry larger cargo to-and-from the canyon floor. A treacherous network of trails and tunnels also lead directly West, back to Vulcanus, though the volcanic terrain and bitter enmity between the two villages means these are rarely used. Precipere’s architecture is simple and utilitarian, with basic structures constructed using the abundant stone of the surrounding region. Deep trenches have been dug around the base of the volcano over the years, to redirect the occasional lava flows safely away from the village, while subterranean shelters exist in which the villagers can hide in the event of gas or ash being released from the mountain. Ancestral arms and armour with no remaining family members to forge them anew or carry them into battle are housed in the Hall Of The Honoured, a catacomb cavern beneath the village. Though the village of the Ash Tribe rarely play host to Glatorian battles, with their warriors usually travelling to other villages to fight, Precipere does still house an arena. Known simply as the Maw, this simple round arena has a coarse dirt floor, and is filled with stone slabs and columns of varying sizes, ringed by a rim of jutting, jagged obsidian. Culture The Ash Tribe have a profound appreciation for history, and a passion for art. Their entire village is a monument to their past, with families adorning the exteriors of their homes with history through sculptures, carvings, or paintings. The tribe’s official colour is a smoky grey, though most of its members express their artistic natures by decoratively adorning their dull armour with other hues. The people of the Ash Tribe have a highly-developed understanding of Agori and Glatorian anatomy, making them adept surgeons and doctors, though the distrust directed towards their tribe means their skills are rarely sought. Among their more common “customers” are scavengers who’ve stolen cybernetics from slain foes and seek to have them installed by someone who won’t ask any questions. Many members of the tribe are also artisans of some kind, specialising in sculpture, smithing, jewellery, or painting, though the market for these goods is also limited in the wasteland. Outside of their artistic crafts, the tribe’s primary trade material is obsidian. Though less durable than metals, this volcanic glass is sharp and strong enough to serve in the making of certain kinds of weaponry, being especially sought-after for making fine blades such as scalpels, knives, and arrowheads. Present The Ash Tribe’s relative isolation, lack of resources, and the grim stigma that surrounds them, have meant the group have in the past gone relatively unscathed by raiders, and unbothered in conflicts between the villages. Small arable tracts in the nutrient-rich volcanic soil and well-trained hunting parties allow the villagers to grow and scrounge enough food to support their small population most years, with water being the main resource they fight and trade for, along with exsidian and metal. Their current leader is an aged, ailing Agori known as Somok, though many expect he won’t last more than another year or two in the role. With the recent troubles in Iron Canyon leaving them even more cut off than usual from the other villages, and their new prime Glatorian Kehla currently away, the people of the Ash Tribe are at the most isolated and vulnerable they have been in many years. Though they have faced adversity before, there is a sense of apprehension in the air, as many find themselves fearful of what the future may bring. ________________________________________________________________________ Name: Somok Species: Agori. Description: A soft-spoken Agori with green eyes and grey armour, Somok has led the Ash Tribe for five of his seven decades of life. While time has taken its toll on his body, his mind remains sharp, and his devotion to his people remains as true as it was the day he first took up the mantle of leader. Weaknesses: Somok is physically frail, and tires easily even from everyday activities. With his best years well behind him, Somok is terrified at the prospect of fading into obscurity if he were to retire, and clings desperately to power to the point of paranoia. Where he once wisely considered the counsel of others, he now views even simple suggestions as attempts to undermine his authority. Equipment: Somok’s constant companion is a crooked crimson staff, as much a badge of office as it is a necessary walking aid. The staff is by far the oldest item in the village, hailing back to before the Ash Tribe split off from Fire. He also carries a simple bone knife, fashioned from the remains of one of his ancestors. Background: A career politician, Somok earned his position by campaigning on a policy of conservative values, clinging to historical traditions and practices, and only dealing with outsiders when necessary. The Ash Tribe have remained safe and stable throughout his rule, but also stagnant and isolated, with innovations and pleas for greater diplomatic ties with other villages being routinely opposed under his leadership. In the face of new generations of villagers and a drastically changing world, Somok has struggled to retain relevancy, with many believing that he will soon be usurped by one of the tribe’s emerging younger, more progressive leaders. ________________________________________________________________________ Name: Kehla Species: Glatorian. Description: A lean, limber Glatorian clad in grey, Kehla is in her early-twenties, but carries herself with the youthful exuberance of a teen. Her armour is somewhat evocative of the style used by the Fire Tribe, though grey in colour, decorated in hues of soft purple and adorned with symbols from her tribe’s history. Weaknesses: Though capable enough in training, Kehla has never travelled beyond her village or been tested in real combat, rendering her naïve and overconfident in the face of the true dangers of the wastelands. Despite her outward confidence, internally Kehla is still coming to grips with the newfound responsibilities that have been thrust upon her, struggling with the burden of suddenly having her village’s entire future resting on her success in the arena. Equipment: Kehla’s weapon of choice is Heritage, a kusarigama passed down through multiple generations of her family. The metal used in each component and link in its chain is sourced from the armour or weapon of a different ancestor. The main part of the weapon consists of a modified scythe with two points rather than one, to make it more effective for catching an opponent’s weapon. A length of chain is attached to the bottom of the haft, with a heavy weight at the end. She also carries a basic knife hewn from the bones of her deceased older brother Behjen. Simple and sturdy, this tool is meant more for utility than combat. It’s true purpose is to serve as a reminder of the legacy she’s trying to live up to. Her cybernetics are a paired set of augmentations nicknamed the “leapers”. Integrated into her lower legs and feet, these implants allow her to jump great distances even without a run-up, and double as shock absorbers, allowing her to survive the subsequent landings without harm. Much like her weapon, these implants have been handed down through several generations of her family, a testament to their durable design. Her other equipment includes standard supplies such as a waterskin, bedroll, rations, a basic medical kit, and a battered leatherbound notebook with charcoal for sketching. Background: Kehla’s upbringing was equal parts sheltered and pampered. Her line had long been the tribe’s most prominent warrior family, and as such she was afforded the best training and education. But from the moment she was born Kehla lived in the shadow of her older brother Behjen, owing to her family’s designs to elevate him to the position of Prime Glatorian. As the two siblings grew older, the divide in their treatment and training grew ever wider. While Behjen was out hunting in the Iron Canyon or visiting other villages, Kehla was at home studying her tribe’s other specialties of medicine and surgical techniques. When Behjen’s combat training was advanced to facing captured beasts and Vorox, Kehla was still permitted only to spar with other warriors (and she was usually the one made to tend their wounds afterwards). When Behjen finally got appointed to Prime Glatorian, the role of Second went to one of his friends, leaving Kehla sidelined once more. Then came the day when Behjen, his Second, and several other senior warriors set out on a hunt in the canyon… a simple task, not without its dangers, but one they’d performed on countless occasions… but this time they didn’t return. Their remains were found days later, so ravaged by animals that there was no telling how they’d actually died. And with the sudden loss of the tribe’s most experienced warriors, Kehla went from being her family’s unappreciated spare to the tribe’s new Prime Glatorian, despite no real-world experience in the role. With the Atero tournament fast approaching, Kehla was sent to take her brother’s place in the listings, to see the world and gain the experience she so desperately needed. It was only after crossing paths with other travellers that Kehla learned of the troubles surrounding the Iron Tribe, and realised that her brother’s demise may have been part of a far larger problem brewing in the confines of the Iron Canyon. But with home now far behind her, all she can do is continue her journey, and hope she still has a home to return to when the tournament is over. ________________________________________________________________________ Name: Skrall Species: Glatorian. Description: A standard soldier-class Skrall, this warrior wears the customary red-and-black armour of his caste. He has a more wiry physique than most of his kin, having adopted a combat style that favours speed and agility over strength. Weaknesses: Skrall is eager and ambitious, dreaming of the day he can bear a name of his own, and adorn himself in crimson, perhaps even green. This desire for individuality and recognition manifests in a stubborn refusal to back down from confrontations, and reckless, glory-seeking behaviour. Equipment: Skrall carries the traditional saw-edged shield utilised by most Skrall warriors, but has forgone the usual sword in favour of the additional reach offered by a spear. Both of these tools are made wholly of metal, to be more easily utilised in combination with his cybernetics. His implants are electromagnetic devices integrated into the palm of each hand, capable of swiftly repelling or attracting metal objects. Skrall most often uses these to throw his spear or shield with horrific force, then retrieve them just as swiftly. Background: Skrall is a Skrall. A nameless nobody, destined to do his duty then die as one more forgotten face among thousands of others. But Skrall is determined to defy this fate, to do something meaningful and become someone who will be remembered forever more. ________________________________________________________________________ Name: Gayle Species: Agori. Description: A brawny Agori clad in green and teal, Gayle approaches life with a boisterous, happy-go-lucky demeanour. Over her storied life, Gayle has seen and experienced much of what Bara Magna has to offer, and is always eager to see something new, regardless of the danger, openly stating that she’d rather perish in the jaws of some beast than die a dull death in old age. Weaknesses: Gayle is perhaps a little too carefree, not stopping to consider that a situation might be beyond her capabilities until she’s already in over her head. She’s also suffers from an anxious, almost phobic reaction to her former tribe, refusing to go anywhere near Tesara, and being nervous and uncomfortable in the presence of other Jungle Tribe members. Equipment: Gayle’s weapon of choice is a simple hand axe, perfectly good for hacking apart enemies and obstacles alike. Her vehicle is a standard Cendox model, coloured green and black, its only noteworthy feature being a launcher and motorised winch mounted on the front rather than the traditional Thornax weapon. This launcher can be loaded with a harpoon or net, depending on what prey Gayle is pursuing, with the winch allowing her to reel in the projectile. Background: A decade ago, Gayle was a simple explorer, until one of her expeditions landed her in the nets of Bone Hunter slavers. After two years in captivity, every miserable day spent hoping and praying that her Jungle Tribe kin would save her, she was able to escape on her own. But, wracked with resentment towards her tribe for abandoning her, she could never bring herself to return home. Utilising skills learned from observing her captors, she now lives as a hunter of a different kind, taking contracts all across Bara Magna to track down criminals, animals, or treasure. The only contracts she won’t take are for recapturing escaped slaves, for obvious reasons. Similarly, she won’t have any dealings with Bone Hunters.
  4. IC: T’harrak – Fort Garsi Faces swam together in a bleary blur as T’harrak ducked and stumbled through the melee. Were the footsteps behind her retreating allies or pursuing enemies? Were Jojax and Zanakra still alive, fighting on beyond the barrier? She didn’t know. And then any possibility of finding out was dashed as shifting earth and writhing vines formed a fresh barrier behind her, giving the survivors a momentary reprieve from the ferocity of Fort Garsi’s defenders. It brought little relief to T’harrak. She’d already watched one wall fall. She stumbled to a shuddering stop, her heart feeling like it was try to hammer its way out of her ribcage. A familiar, friendly face came into focus as she tried to steady herself. “Smart move, sounding the retreat,” Gashril said. T’harrak didn’t reply. What was she supposed to say to that? What were the right words for a situation like this? She didn't feel smart, just scared. Between her panting breaths and addled mind, she wasn’t sure she could string a sentence together anyway. “Get Sohm-” Gashril was saying, only to break off as the Skakdi in question joined the retreat. “Lugnoz, Ythrok, Gutuor, and Seeker all fell,” the Bo-Skakdi who'd helped form the new barrier spoke up. Seeker? T’harrak finally cast a glance behind her, x-ray vision searching through barriers and bodies for some sign of the Skakdi who’d been right beside her less than a half-minute ago. She saw nothing she recognised. How? He was right there... What she saw instead were the two rahi riders, who had dispelled their summoned energies and were reloading their weapons, liking planning to ride down the survivors as they retreated. They weren’t alone, either. Already, more explosions were rocking the surrounding landscape, and a volley of boulders fired from the fort were peppering the barrier. T’harrak’s panicked mind scrambled desperately over the possibilities. If they cowered behind this barrier they’d simply be overrun again, but if they broke cover they’d be gunned down as they ran. They needed cover, but not another wall. They needed… a smokescreen? No, they had nothing to burn, and no Ta-Skakdi to light it. Her thoughts instead turned to the mists that sometimes formed on the seas surrounding Fort Razorfish:Vaa, and her eyes looked back to her remaining allies, “Water… air...” she mumbled numbly, pointing at Olkumo and Lookout as she forced out the words, “We need fog!” @ARROW404 @Sparticus147 @Zeal
  5. Just wanted to clarify a few things re. changes from canon. In canon, it’s said that the Glatorian and Agori naturally have a metallic bone structure. Is that still the case for this world? I mainly ask because I’ve long been kicking around a concept for a Bara Magna tribe who honour their dead by using their bones to forge weapons, tools, and armour, allowing long-dead ancestors to “live on”, in a sense. It’s never really been a good fit for any past games, but I’m wondering if it might work here (provided you don’t think it’s too grim of a concept)? How advanced is the everyday technology? Obviously, vehicles and limited cybernetics have been mentioned. But in canon there were vehicles like the Thornatus that had energy blasters, and Skrall shields were depicted (in the movie, at least), as functioning like giant buzzsaws (that seemingly had homing capabilities when thrown). So are power tools, energy weapons, etc. a thing in this game, or is the overall tech level generally more medieval in nature?
  6. As I acknowledged in my post, there's conflicting information. The LAN affirmed the $100 USD price point this morning, but some of Lego's internal newsletters - also from today - say $95. Different sites are reporting different things based on what source they consulted. Until Lego clarifies the confusion or the official listing appears on their store, there's still a big question mark over which is true, since both have come from official sources. Obviously the lower price point would be preferable for a lot of people, since a $99.99 set won't actually qualify for the $100 threshold and people would need to buy something else to push the number over the line.
  7. Looks like you're right on this. The newest conflicting info as of today is that there are theme limits, and that the price might be $95 USD rather than $100.
  8. This is the most up-to-date information I'm aware of, unless you have a more recent source?
  9. Any purchase qualifies, including Pick-A-Brick. It's not restricted to specific themes.
  10. The movies aren't always the greatest representation of the characters, so it's worth looking at the other media. In the books and comics, Teridax's six Rahkshi were powerful and tactical enough to form Kaitas, defeat the Toa Nuva individually and in groups on several occasions, and collectively destroyed three of the six Koros. Rahi don't need to wear Kanohi to survive. Terry just slapped infected masks on them to control them. Lore-wise, I think the masks appearing on the sets were mostly just meant as play features and design elements, as you suggested. The examples of rahi falling unconscious after having masks removed could be more of a psychological effect, with them passing out due to the mental strain of being freed from Makuta's control. I always assumed those principles were stuff that the Turaga Metru just made up, similar to their revisionist history story about how Mata Nui fell. Nice stories and concepts to keep the Matoran unified, without any basis in their actual history.
  11. Going by the info on the BS01 page, this doesn't seem to be the case. Kraata of any level can pilot a Rahkshi, with the level of the kraata used to create the suit dictating the overall level of the Rahkshi's power. (With the use of a staff further amplifying its powers). "To create a Rahkshi, two Kraata of the same power type are required, though level does not matter." "The Rahkshi armor amplifies its Kraata's powers to the same level regardless of the Kraata's stage." I imagine the only differences the kraata's level would make to the Rahkshi is its intelligence, since they become smarter at higher levels.
  12. Years ago, a pair of Toa appeared on Spherus Magna. The missing members of the Toa Nuva, long feared fallen during the final battle. They brought with them a tale of a strange world orbiting our own, a crimson construct where the dead still dwelled. Most of the dead, at least. According to the Toa, there were no Makuta or Rahkshi on the Red Star. I’d never given much thought to the idea of life after death until that day. But to learn that some kind of afterlife did exist, but beings of antidermis had no place in it… it hurt. It felt like there truly was no place for us, in this life or the next. It meant that the two Rahkshi whose lives I’d taken, and the myriad more who’d lost their lives over the centuries, were truly gone. At least, that’s what I used to believe. A mysterious missive appeared on my desk yesterday morning, and now I don’t know what to believe anymore. * * * Memoirs of a Turahk (By UltimoScorp) Hey there. I'm Kat. That name used to be short for Catatonic but I've left that name and a few others behind. I've also been dead for… iunno, 50 years or so? Truth told, I kicked around a lot longer than I ever expected to. Crazy how the years slip past when you aren't paying attention, huh? Anyway, I guess I oughta sum it up, huh? A lot happened over the thousand or so years since we finally left Corpus Rahkshi. We lived in that little abandoned village for a good while, smuggling others out of Corpus and doing what we could to keep the new enforcers off our trail. After a while it became a veritable community. Farms and everything, can you believe that? The Order gave us odd jobs here and there, and we made a quieter living when Corpus eventually shut its doors for the last time. I heard a couple different warlords made it their fortress during that time, but I'd imagine by now it's much the way I last saw it; a dead husk. The interim years were interesting. Teridax took over, and I had the opportunity to fight alongside(and against, once or twice) some of the big players of the winning side of that whole debacle. Honestly still think those Toa are overrated but hey I guess when you've got the mythical power of Destiny on your side you get to be living legends, huh? I suppose I shouldn't complain, after all, they didn't murder us on sight, and we even get to live in the big cities now. Our own people, with our own culture. I know I always wanted it that way but it's sure surreal to think about it. New Atero is definitely the best place I ever got to live. Even got to visit some old friends sometimes when I wasn't patrolling or hunting. Or eating. Oh yeah, guard captain. One of many but still. Your girl made it to the big leagues! Heard Exxan has a nice job as a chronicler up at the library now. Finally got to do what he wanted I guess, and I'm happy for him. I miss my friends sometimes, but I'm pretty happy knowing they're still living happily. The ones I know about, anyway. What? Oh, how I died? Ah jeez, well… look, it's kinda rude to ask someone that, isn't it? Fiiine, I'll tell you but…. Alright look, my luck had to run out eventually. Truth is, I plain got sick and it got me. Some kind of virus that pretty much only hit Rahkshi. Some people thought it was a bio-weapon attack or something but honestly I can't think of anyone who would have benefitted from it so I doubt it. Nasty bug, though. Definitely the second or third worst time I've ever had. No grand heroic demise for me I'm afraid, just a sick old woman passing in the night. But hey, I hit the big one thou' so I'm pretty okay with it. Well I can't stick around too long, y'know? The powers that be are just letting me pass this along this one time. Hope to see you again someday, Fang. And Hoto of course! Hope you and Jayar are getting on well. I dunno if you’re still kicking around, Cao, but we all miss ya, buddy. Hope that leg is still holding up for you, Dodge. Era, I know you’re doing well, you always had a knack for getting by even in the hard times. Shield, keep that head held high, kid. Well, I guess you’re a little old for ‘kid’ now, huh? Exxan (I know for sure you’ll be getting this one way or another). Phew, where to start, huh? We had our disagreements, and I know you always saw things from a different angle than a lot of us, but I want you to know that I had nothing but the utmost respect for you. But seriously you have terrible taste in partners. Oh, and Xara? When you get here, we’re having a proper rematch. That whole thing in the tournament? Terrible showing on my part. I got a reputation to hold up, y’know? That’s all the time I’ve got, so I’ll see ya when I see ya! * * * In life, Kat was a dear friend, a Rahkshi of Fear who faced every challenge with raucous recklessness and brazen bravery. She showed me kindness at a time when I was utterly underserving of it, and I even now, I feel I never properly repaid that gesture. I mourned her passing, as I have for so many others of our kind. I’ve done my best to honour her memory. I’ve tried to move on, and focus on telling the tales of those of us who still remain. The logical part of my mind wants to believe the letter is a forgery… an immaculate one… created by someone who somehow knew Kat incredibly well. But the handwriting, the words, the tone, it’s her. I don’t know what it means. I don’t know if I even want to know. Once upon a time, I believed the answers to all of life’s questions could be found in a library. It’s only now, as I try to write answers of my own, that I realise that knowledge only leads to more questions. And even without answers, some questions can completely change the way one sees the world.
  13. Try the BS01 prototypes page: https://biosector01.com/wiki/Gallery:Prototypes
  14. There's nothing backwards about it. The Red Star rules are pretty clear about requiring a body to resurrect. Even whatever happened with Jaller in Mask Of Light still required using a part of his physical form. It's very much in line with the way resurrection is treated in a lot of other franchises, with some remnant of the victim being required for the process to work. Matoro was essentially disintegrated. Him being unable to be resurrected due to having no physical remains is pretty logical (insofar as anything in Bionicle is logical). Besides, someone having to sacrifice their life to resurrect the Great Spirit wouldn't be as big of a deal if Mata Nui could just immediately resurrect them in turn. Especially in Matoro's case, since he already had a fake-out sacrifice in the 2006 storyline. Having him die and come back twice in two years would've completely undercut any stakes the story had. This is admittedly more anecdotal, but Mavrah's fate was so ambiguous in the book that I spent years thinking he'd survived and would show up again at some future point in the story. A well-intentioned Matoran villain was such a cool concept that the story never really revisited. As cool as it was to see him again, the Red Star revealing he actually had died was honestly kind of disappointing for me.
  15. If they do age, they must do so insanely slowly, given that most of them are veterans of a war that was fought 100,000 years ago.
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