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  1. Had to include this classic timak moment @~Xemnas~ @ARROW404
  2. [IC: Timak, the Great Takea] Timak sat up, turning towards the voice of Eita. Finally, a chance to prove themself! "Wow!" they said, "I was so sure I had just condemned myself to a lifetime of ridicule for that introduction... Of course I'll help! I am still trying to work out why I'm even on this island, so maybe I'll find out on the way.." a pause. "As for elemental powers, I can control Sonics!" They leaned over the bar, reaching a lanky arm around, and pulled out the closest sealed drink receptacle they could reach. They held it in front of them proudly. "Watch this!" A hum sounded from the bottle/can/whatever it was, as it began to vibrate, and slowly buckle outwards, before exploding with a loud fizzy POP. ooc: @~Xemnas~
  3. [IC: Timak, The Great Takea] After a few long seconds of silence and awkward glances, they slumped and moved quietly to the bar. Clearly, things are not as they once were in the old tales of heroes Timak used to hear as a young matoran. Taking a stool, they sat and listened to the barkeep as she made a show of opening up an entire wall of the establishment. The Toa watched with slack-jawed appreciation. Then she mentioned the dragon. Wait... THAT's what I was going to investigate with Toa Leah right before the submarine got attacked! they thought. Toa Leah... Oops. Maybe I should've waited to see what she had to say about the whole situation before wandering-- Their thought spiral was cut short by the dragon itself popping up right outside the newly-opened entrance. Timak remembered its demeanour to be mostly honourable (as it seemed, anyway), but they couldn't help tensing up. A wary hand rested over the hilt of their sword, as they watched attentively. @Vezok's Friend @otter @~Xemnas~ @Emzee @Void Emissary I don't have any idea who is actually likely to be interested in what Timak's doing
  4. IC: Timak, Ga-Koro Timak smiled at the Commodore's words. "Thank you, ma'am. I've learned a lot in the last couple of hours, that's for sure." Still distracted, they moved as if to leave, but then caught themself in time to turn back and offer a proper goodbye. "I hope your people find strength and peace here, Commodore. I'm going to see what I can do to help the matoran here. May our paths cross again soon." And with a subdued wave, they turned back to the busy Koro and left. Having stated their mission, though, Timak immediately found themself wondering how they could possibly find a way to help without individually asking each matoran they stumbled into. Wandering the streets for a while, their eye was caught by a structure different to the rest, and though the place didn't look exactly like anything Timak had seen before, they could see enough common themes to make the connection. 'It's a pub! Like the ones back home!' they thought. 'Perhaps the patrons in there will be looking for help. Many people from different walks of life go to find respite from their troubles in a pub...' And so they went in, eyeing the sign above the door as they entered. 'The Great Takea. Snappy name.' Standing in the doorway, they were immediately overwhelmed by a far more diverse selection of characters than they had expected to encounter. At a loss, but still energised with the desire to prove themself, their brain stumbled on to a characteristically clumsy solution. "Ah-hem.... " Timak cleared their throat, waiting for eyes to point their way, before continuing loudly. "I am a newly arrived Toa. I pledge myself to the matoran of this island, and anyone who needs help, I am at your service." @Vezok's Friend ooc: Timak is open for interaction (preferably from imminently adventure-bound matoran)...
  5. [IC: Timak, Ga-Koro] Timak noticed the Commodore approaching and picked themself off the ground, still rubbing their head gingerly. "Thanks Ma'am. It would've been a lot more nifty if it hadn't given me this pounder of a headache... I guess I need to ease myself into the new elemental stuff. No idea where my limits are yet." They gave a small groan and slumped slightly, holstering their sonic blade. After a quick glance back to the Ryuu with an exasperated puff, they continued. "I figured a sinking ship was worth telling Toa Leah about, regardless of allegiance, and since she was so quick to dive in, I felt ok with helping out too. But the voice of the attacker on the ship... that had to be a Toa, right? I put my blind trust in Leah simply because she's a Toa, and yet there's other Toa around here doing stuff like that! I've been following people around looking for someone to teach me how to really be a Toa on this island... but maybe I should be more careful about the people I get involved with..." Timak turned to look back into Ga-Koro. "There are so many more faces here than I ever remember seeing back where I came from, and if some Toa aren't putting the Matoran first, then I guess they need all the help they can get. I should see what I can do to help the Matoran here..." OOC: @Vezok's Friend Timak is open for interaction
  6. cool now to figure out the search terms to catch myself up... If you want, one of them could bump into Timak and "hire" them (they're naïve enough to just go with, i think) or if Timak overhears them worrying about the adventure, they might offer to join since they have a bit of an inadequacy complex and "protecting" matoran satisfies that probably
  7. Ooh, could you by any chance give me a quick rundown on what they're doing so far? I've seen bits of it happening but I haven't had the bandwidth to keep up with that plotline and/or who's involved in it, sorry.
  8. Anybody wanna whisk young Timak away on an "adventure"? Currently incapacitated after being a telephone too hard...!
  9. [IC: Timak, Ga-Koro pier] Timak was still standing there, one arm outstretched to the Commodore, the other holding their sword towards the Ryuu. The strain was showing quite obviously now, both arms trembling, jaw clenched in a grimace of determination... and the conversation carried on... adding to the growing headache that pulsed behind their eyes. The guy attacking the ship is just... chatting? Surely the Commodore has heard enough by now... The stupidity of the moment was the last straw for the exhausted De-Toa and they blurted out the thought that had been rattling around in their skull along with the throbbing pain. Their usually calm and feathery voice came out as a hoarse grunt through their gritted teeth - "You try to steal a military vessel manned by powerful foreign psychics, alone, and expect them not to kill you over it? What kind of idiot are you? .. Even with Aeragot's help you're screwed as soon as you try to move it!" And with that, they dropped the connection. Timak fell to their knees and elbows, and rest their pounding head against the floor. A long, feeble groan wheezed out. "Mata Nui.. why did I try that..." OOC: @Razgriz @oncertainty @Ghosthands @Vezok's Friend
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  11. [IC: Timak, Ga Koro] “Name and element, Toa? What can you do?” ... Then Ayiwah’s gaze shifted back to the other Toa, the earlier question still hanging in the air - unanswered. Timak watched rapturously as the experienced Toa Maru leaped from the pier towards the Chiisai Ryuu. Oh, to be so confident. The young Toa was getting fed up of not being able to help like that. They thought they could just about make out her fuzzy shadow descending towards the sinking craft, but remembered the Commodore's question and turned back, standing straight and offering an awkward apologetic salute. "Timak, Ma'am! Sonics. I can't do much to help the ship itself, and this is my first day as a Toa, I think, but I could try and relay your voice into the ship if you want to talk with the attacker or the others inside." The lean youth raised a hand towards the silhouette of the submersible, frowning as they concentrated on the bridge, filtering through the sounds. It was all very faint and confused - the washing of the waves between them, the bubbling of the rushing water around the ship, the groaning metal of the hull, all mingled in with the urgent breaths and shouts of frantic crewmembers and the heated conversation on the bridge. It was too much, headache-inducing. Getting an idea, Timak drew their sword and pointed the twin-pronged blade toward the bridge. The air rippled around the tool as the Toa of Sonics focused their mind, narrowing the target range of the incoming sound to just the space within the bridge itself. "I don’t mean to interrupt anything, but I’m realizing only now that there might be seriously differing opinions on what I should do to help here.” ... what? What a strange way to introduce oneself... Shunning the minor distraction, Timak gave the Commodore a pointed look, lips pressed tight in concentration, and raised their other hand toward her, making a cone with their fingers. Taking a deep breath, the Toa made a channel, feeling that sonic energy almost like a thread that now tied the two locations together through Timak's form. Suddenly anyone standing in that direction would be able to hear the goings-on within the ship. Timak's lip curled in a slight smile, as much as they could manage through the effort, secretly proud of themselves for being able to hold up on their offer. A cocky, yet desperate voice rang out towards the Commodore. "—You feel like makin' a whole lotta widgets?" OOC: @Vezok's Friend .. and if Ayiwah uses this new channel, all the people in the bridge will be able to audibly hear her voice @Razgriz @Ghosthands @oncertainty paper-cup-string telephones
  12. [IC: Timak, Ga Koro] “Forgive the interruption but we have a security situation.” Timak heard this and saw the Commodore rush to check out the situation. They turned to Leah, feet bouncing with excitement, hurriedly speaking while barely containing themselves, "That sounds important! We should help out, right?" Without waiting for an answer, they immediately turned and started pushing through the crows to get to the edge of the dock. "I gotta see what's going on!" they called over their shoulder. Upon reaching the edge they looked in the same direction the Commodore had, and saw the sinking submersible. They called up to her on the deck, projecting their voice so that she could hear them clearly. "Commodore! If I can help, just say the word!" Timak winced immediately. What were they thinking, offering help in this situation? How could a Toa of sonics possibly make things any easier? .. Hang on a minute, there's a Toa of water right here! Timak called back again. "Leah! A sinking ship's no problem for you, right?" OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  13. [IC: Timak, Ga-Koro, in the crowd near the Yukanna] Standing next to Leah, Timak looked up and saw the three figures standing aboard the Yukanna. One he recognised as the Dasakan Empress, whom Leah had pointed out just now. There was another of her race there too, standing proudly across from the third - a tall, intimidating figure that seemed completely alien and wondrous to the amnesiac Toa. They leaned over to a nearby member of the crowd, not taking their eyes off the scene, and asked in a sideways whisper - "What the heck is going on up there?" "Karz if I know. That dragon just splashed up from under the ship and started chatting to the leader of the Dasakan navy, like it was a normal thing. What does a dragon have to say to anyone non-dragon anyway? I didn't even know they could talk." A dragon? Is that some kind of Rahi? Timak gave a nod of thanks to the matoran, and stood up again, focusing on the trio ahead. Squinting, they raised their left hand, palm open towards the ongoing conversation, and Timak could suddenly hear the three members talking as though they were standing right next to them, the noise of the crowd dulled as if in the distance. OOC: Timak open for interaction with anyone nearby @Vezok's Friend @Umbraline Yumiwa @Bjorkway @BULiK (sorry if tags were unnecessary)
  14. [IC: Siika - A lake near the Ko-Wahi/Le-Wahi border] Siika sat down with a huff. It had been a long day of fishing and not finding much. She dropped her meagre gatherings beside her and looked around at the inside of her hut, surveying the mess. She really needed to have another tidy up, but it had been so hard recently with the shoulder acting up again - she barely made it through the day of fishing, just winding the reel made it sore. It wasn't usually like this, but recently there'd been a sour note to the air.. not a smell, just a feeling, as though all was not well. The heavy-set Skakdi reached to her left shoulder and rubbed gingerly at the deep scar, grimacing but enjoying the "good pain", as one achieves from poking a bruise. *** In the Past *** She rushed through the dark streets, panting. No doubt the Toa Maru and the rest of the major forces had suppressed most of the Outsiders by now, but Siika kept her wits about her. There were always the slippery ones, hiding in dark places to surprise and bite back at the victors whether it actually helped their cause or not. Sweat dripped off her ridged brow and through the cloud of mist escaping through her clenched teeth into the icy air. Suddenly a cry rang out to her right. Siika whirled around, crossing the entrance of an alleyway just in time to notice a shadowed figure pulling a blade out of a dying Ko-Matoran. "You there!" she growled sharply, readying her sleek spear in her right hand and her targe in her left. She advanced down the path, her grand silhouette blocking the only escape for the murderer. "Drop the knife and get on the ground and I may spare your life!" She grimaced, trying to take in the being's appearance in the dark. She only got a vague image before the assailant, trapped and panicked, instead opted to charge for the alleyway's exit, coming straight toward the towering Skakdi with a scream of rage. Siika raised her targe and made a defensive stance, but the attacker was far more agile than her, avoiding her heavy jab with the spear and bounding sideways, leaping off one of the side walls to get around her. Suddenly there was searing pain in her shoulder and her shield arm went limp, the heavy wooden disc clattering to the floor loudly as she stumbled to the floor. She blinked through the pain and threw her head back to catch the fleeing figure in her sights, and with a glare, her impact vision pounded through the night and connected between the shoulder blades, sending them pitching forward onto the icy street. Snarling, Siika tried to pursue but sparks gathered at the corners of her vision, and the effort caught up with her, forcing her to the ground as though an anvil had suddenly been attached to her chest. She watched the silhouette of the poor Matoran stop moving as darkness took her. *** Siika slowly rose with a grunt. The weeks since then (or months, it all blended together) had been filled with many days of nursing her wound, followed by painful exercises and stretches to try and get her left arm back to its former strength. It was getting there, she reassured herself, and she found that she was able to lift her new tower shield - a wise upgrade from the small targe, she thought - without much effort now. She strapped it to her back and continued preparations. Taking the fish from her bag, she placed them in a stone-lined cubby beneath her floor, covering them over with crushed ice and replacing the lid. That should keep them fresh while she made the trip to Ko-Koro for supplies. This was something she had to do once a week, or thereabouts. It was a longer trek to the mountainous village than it was to the Massif, but up there was the only place she'd found a vendor with good fishing supplies, and she could visit the hospital on the way back to pick up salve for her shoulder. Besides, she liked visiting the settlement since the occupation, taking pride and comfort in the way the stalwart villagers had clawed back their homes and begun to rebuild. She could see the change and it reassured her that the cost was worth it. That is, until last time. She was buying her new tower shield from a quiet back-street craftsman, the friendly owner being skilled and reasonable with his prices. As she left the shop she caught a glimpse of a silhouette that had burned itself into her memory... the same attacker from the night of the battle. She hastily made amends with the shopkeeper and dashed out the door in the direction she saw, but the criminal was gone. She had had plenty of time to consider the event over the following days of quiet fishing. Now, a week later, Siika thought to herself as she took her spear and headed for the door. She was going to find out where that crook had gone and make him pay. Closing the door behind her, she steeled her gaze into the icy winds at the path ahead. Justice would be done. OOC: for future interaction purposes, Siika can be in Ko-Koro without me making another post. @Geardirector feel free to "notice" her where/whenever you want in town, and then I'll make a post explaining how she got there and continue interaction from there if that's ok!
  15. [IC: Timak, Ga-Koro] Timak obediently fell in behind the veteran Toa and followed towards the crowd. What are we going to do if the dragon isn't friendly? They thought to themselves. Will the village be in danger? Entering the gathered mass of people and watching the tides of blue heads part around Leah's confident stride was something to behold, especially for Timak who had never dreamed to have such confidence in their whole life. Then she pointed out the Dasaka royalty. Timak spoke to Leah, just loud enough for her to hear but hopefully nobody else. In fact, that particular hope led the Toa of Sonics to attempt a new sonic ability. They reached into the space surrounding them with their mind, and pictured a bubble of perfectly still air around them, manifesting a sonic shield around their conversation. "I've never seen people like that before, let alone royalty. Where do they come from? Should I bow?" OOC: @Vezok's Friend @Umbraline Yumiwa
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