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  1. [IC: Timak, Road to Po-Koro] Timak ambled ponderously through the sands. They couldn't help overhearing the conversation up ahead, and caught Aurax's glance while the subject of memories was being discussed, and felt a sting of loss deep in their chest. Once again they were reminded of some part of themself they'd never know about, left behind on that grey shore through the endless fog. Shielding their eyes from the sun with their hand, swapping periodically as each arm got tired, they strode loosely within the group. Unused to matching pace with the shorter-legged members of the group, and distracted by the heat, every so often Timak found themself almost stepping on Aurax's heels and had to slow down again. At the mention of a Suva they perked up. After their long period of silence, their voice came out a lot louder and croakier than they expected. "I've never seen one. A Suva. I heard that Toa use it to store artefacts of power." Under their breath, they mused. "I wonder if they'd mind me borrowing anything?" Timak looked up from the rhythmic plodding of their toes in the dust and interrupted their own thought with another. "How much further?" they asked with an almost imperceptible whining tone to their voice. "My feet ache." OOC: @BBBBalta @BULiK @Snelly@Tarn @Lady Takanuva @ARROW404 @~Xemnas~ @EmperorWhenua @Mel
  2. [IC: Siika, Ko-Koro] The Skakdi woman lowered the squirming miscreant slowly, reluctantly. "What if he runs and tells his friends before we get there?" she growled, as his face came into contact with the icy cold floor. She peered down at him, still gripping his ankles. "I mean, I don't wanna actually hurt the guy, but.. " - her shoulder wound twinged from the extended effort and she suddenly released him as she hissed through her teeth, watching him crumple to the floor - "ah... What do you think? Do we let him go?" Her face showed genuine conflict as she looked at Mar for answers. She'd never thought about what she'd do when she actually caught one of them. @Geardirector
  3. [IC: Siika, Ko-Koro] Siika stifled a noise of genuine excitement as she stepped the other side of the table, not trusting that the culprit wouldn't escape without Mar's blade at his throat until she was ready. She stood directly behind the matoran, looming over him, hands on hips. "Let's try a new angle," she chuckled ominously, lunging downward and grabbing the guy by the ankles, hoisting him up at arms length to dangle between herself and Mar. She shook him vigorously for a few seconds, then waited. "Anything filtering down into that head of yours?" she said, tilting her head comically. Nothing. Karz, well there goes her only good idea. "Alright." She marched him over to Karv, dangling his face right in front of the kavinika's maw. "Wanna get to know our good boy here?" came the rhetorical question, as she transferred one of his ankles to the other hand, now holding him aloft with just one arm, freeing the other to search in her backpack. Finding what she needed, she brought the hand back to reveal the bag of fishing bait she still had. She smushed the whole bag in her hand, mashing the contents (worms, and bits of old meat and bread) into a delectable paté, and then inverted the bag and smeared the contents all over the subject's mask. Karv smelled it straight away, and began licking. The matoran's view was filled with glistening teeth, and his lungs with hot smelly dog-like breath. "Let me know if you taste any little nuggets of truth down there, eh boy?" ooc: @Geardirector
  4. [IC: Siika, Ko-Koro] "I've got him" the voice of Mar said, directly into her ear. "That was quick" she said, turning her head to where she thought the voice was. Oh. Siika groaned and pushed the last very tired matoran off her, this one having been drunkenly persistent in his valiant fight. Some of the others had given up and wandered off, and the rest were out cold, either from the drink, or Siika's "encouragement". She picked herself off the floor to find a distraught bartender peering at the carnage from over the counter, her eyes flicking from smashed cup, to upturned table, to a pair of awkwardly positioned snoozing matoran in the corner. Siika offered a shrug. "Bunch of loonies, all I did was ask for a drink." she murmured, and waited for the shocked bartender to traipse back into the kitchen, mumbling erratically about the damage. Then she sneaked around the corner and found the door Mar had gone through, entering quietly. Standing in the doorway, she could see Mar had had his own struggle in here, from the remnants of Stralix powder on the floor and the discarded diskettes. The figure he was pinning against the table seemed a little familiar - the same black paint, the red creeping at the edge of their eyes - but as she got closer, she let out a sigh. "Not the one I ran into." came the gruff remark, her face reflecting her disappointment. "That means there's more than one of them, as we feared." ooc: @Geardirector
  5. [IC: Siika, Ko-Koro] Siika leaned over to Mar. "Do I feel comfortable? ... You know you're talking to a Skakdi right?" Without further warning, she stood up abruptly, her stool clattering to the floor behind her. "THIS DRINK TASTES LIKE MAHI FLUIDS!" she bellowed, before smashing her ceramic tankard on the floor. Just for good measure, she picked up Mar's and smashed that one too. "Now who's gonna serve me something with a PUNCH?" growled the Skakdi, baring her teeth to the room in a wild grin, using her impact vision to punctuate the final word by flipping the nearest table. For a split second, silence. Then, chaos erupted as half the room's occupants fled for the door, or vaulted out of the windows, and the other half - mostly comprised of drunkards or bashed-up scoundrels who came in here for this exact reason - yelled in reply, beginning an assault of half-full drink cups and food on the roaring Siika. She deliberately left her spear and shield on her back, not wishing to actually injure anyone, as 3 of the 7 remaining patrons ran towards her. She sent a hasty wink in Mar's direction, then turned to face them head on. She grabbed one by the torso with both hands, depositing them firmly onto their back with a thud, winding them. The other two took the opportunity while her hands were occupied to grab her legs, one each. Roaring in mock-anger, she threw herself onto her back, hurling her legs in the air and propelling the two matoran over her head. She continued to make a target of herself, throwing matoran off her whenever they got a little too proud of themselves, almost like a big muaka plays with her cubs. Hopefully this was enough to keep eyes off of Mar while he did whatever he needed to do. ooc: @Geardirector
  6. [IC: Siika, Ko-Koro] Siika followed Mar into the drinking room, hunching herself down on a stool at the end of the bar. She spent another widget on two pints of the cheapest alcoholic beverage they had, handed one to Mar, and settled to observe the occupants. If anyone noticed the big shark-like woman squinting at them from across the room, there would probably be one of three reactions: hiding, picking a fight or running. Siika decided she could deal with the feisty ones. Mar could go after the runners, she thought, with a smirk. ooc: @Geardirector
  7. [IC: Timak - Forsi, from Ga-Koro] Timak followed the group to the ferry, and after a minute to look around for Kimala, boarded the boat and sat down somewhere quiet, leaning their back against the side. They thought back to the conversation from before. The Toa of Crystal seemed to have her head in the right place, and Timak was none to argue with a more experienced Toa, but they were disappointed to see her leave regardless. They had hoped to get a little more wisdom from her before they parted ways. Unable to think of more, they had said a simple goodbye. The ferry trip itself was uneventful, thankfully. The De-Toa used the time to relax and meditate in their element, letting the soothing sounds of the waves rush over them, into their body, and feeling them revitalise him. It was an odd duality, being so sensitive to noise, yet using it to survive. They hummed softly to theirself, rocking with the boat. --- As the boat landed, Timak gazed upon the new scenery in wonderment. Such a short trip across the bay, and yet such a drastic change in environment. Even the sea air here felt warmer, the plants clinging to the coastline more suited to the arid environment. Walking to the Iron Mahi station, the Toa turned to Nara, who happened to be next to them. "This is a strange place. I've never been somewhere so dry, and the sounds are all different... The footsteps are muffled in the sand, yet peoples' voices carry further in the still air." --- At "Papa Podu's" (Timak thought the name sounded strange... what was a "Papa" anyway), they ate slower than everyone else. They chewed each mouthful for too long, mutedly staring down toward the plate, though unfocused on the food. The Toa wasn't particularly happy at having been dragged out to the station only for it to be closed, but they knew it wasn't anyone's fault, so they simply stewed on the disappointment. Eventually they tuned back into the conversation. Timak blinked a couple of times and looked up from their plate. "Didn't Aurax say he used to live here?" -ooc: @~Xemnas~ @Harvali@ARROW404@Mel@Lady Takanuva@Tarn@BBBBalta@EmperorWhenua@Rahisaurus @BULiK
  8. [IC: Siika, Ko-Koro] The Skakdi shrugged her huge shoulders and fell in step behind the Toa, noting his confident stride. "Alright buddy, you look like you know a spot already. Figures." She smirked. "Takes a shady fella to know one, I guess," she teased. "So what do we do once we find somewhere? Just start picking the little guys up and shakin' em till the answers come out?" she said, talking with her hands, eventually using both of them in a rather vigorous shaking motion. ooc: @Geardirector
  9. [IC: Siika, Ko-Koro Sanctum] Siika looked over the notices tacked to the board, not seeing any sign of her particular suspect, though she supposed, catching any of them would be just as beneficial to the greater good. She couldn't shake the disappointment, though, and turned to Mar, about to say something, but caught sight of a familiar shape in the corner of her eye. Looking back to the poster, she plucked it from the board and studied it again. The figure had looked wrong without the colour, being just a sketch, but in her peripheral vision the silhouette had become clear. She held the poster towards the De-Toa. "This one," she announced, in a hushed yet triumphant voice, "I wasn't sure at first but if you imagine some black here... and orange eyes... and some blue here..." - pointing to different points of the sketch - "That's definitely the one." She turned and looked around. "So what now? I've never done this bounty thing before." ooc: @Geardirector
  10. Siika leaned forward. "Bounties, eh? Well, revenge would have been payment enough, but I wouldn't say no to some of the Sanctum's cash if we can get it." She stood abruptly, the stool propelled onto the floor behind her. "Sounds like a plan, let's do it." OOC: @Geardirector
  11. [IC: Timak, Ga-Koro] Timak nodded to Aurax. They were optimistic about this opportunity to finally prove theirself as a real Toa. "I'll go, of course. It would be a great privilege to help you in any way I can. That's what Toa do, right?" ooc: @Harvali @ARROW404 @Mel @Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @~Xemnas~ @BBBBalta @Umbraline Yumiwa @Rahisaurus @Snelly
  12. [IC: Siika, Ko-Koro] Siika dropped herself heavily onto a stool opposite Mar, immediately regretting it when she heard the wood crack. Thankfully it held. She leaned on the table and pulled a roll of bread out of her pack, taking half of it in a single bite and chewing thoughtfully while she watched Mar grill his fish. It was nice to see someone appreciating her work. She had just popped the other half of her bread in her mouth as Mar sat down and asked his question. "So you know I mentioned the battle earlier," she began, spraying a few breadcrumbs onto the table, "Well, I was there. I got through most of it just fine. Then it got dark, and the battle seemed mostly over, but there were still a few of the Makuta's forces running around causing as much damage as possible before we finally beat them back. I was chasing after some, but then I heard a matoran cry for help in an alley to my side. I was weary already, and when I went to help, the attacker got the better of me. They moved surprisingly fast, and gave me this - " she pointed to her scar " - with a long hooked blade. I hit the scum in the back with my impact vision but they got away... and.. the matoran died while I was blacking out on the floor." She swallowed the last of the bread, her throat feeling dry as she remembered the sight of the victim, lying limp on the cobbles as the edges of her consciousness had slipped away. "I woke up in the Sanctum, presumably after some healer found me and patched me up. There was nobody around at the time, so I just got my stuff and made myself scarce." Clearing her throat, she reached a long arm over to the nearby bar, waggling one of (formerly) Mar's widgets in the barkeep's direction until he replaced it with a flask of ale. The skakdi took a long draught from the bottle and gave the bartender a nod and a smile. "I tried to forget about it all, after we won, but it just kept eating away at me. I told myself that the attacker probably died when the battle was won. And then, last week, I caught a glimpse of them disappearing down one of the back streets while I was here buying supplies." She frowned, drawing up the memory again. "They were short, so probably a matoran as well. Looked black at first, but there were scratches in the black, showing blue underneath - so it's likely they were a ga-matoran in disguise. The eyes were striking, that's what I remember most. Yellow, with red creeping in from the edges, almost like Makuta was slowly claiming his territory over their soul." Siika shifted on the stool, wincing as it creaked some more. "So yeah, I've got a score to settle," she said with a huff of frustration, "and I can't sit comfortably knowing that folks like that are still around. Not to mention, the way they fought, they definitely had training, so there could be more of them". She scratched lines into the table as she waited for Mar's response. ooc: @Geardirector
  13. [IC: Siika, Ko-Koro] The hulking Skakdi woman loomed over Mar, grinning with an oddly sadistic look in her eyes. "Oh you're reely in for it now, buoy. Hook, line and sinker. If you only knew the scale of the fish pun shiptuation... you'd run a nautical mile." She leaned in even closer, nudging him with an elbow. "No trout aboat it." She cleared her throat. "Sorry. Just had to get that out of my system. Anyway, uhm... why don't you sit down and I'll give you my end of the story." She looked around. "Know anywhere good? I don't come into town much." ooc: @Geardirector sorry
  14. [IC: Zassani] An oddly-coloured Lesterin of Iron sat on a rock in the black dusty terrain next to the entrance, leaning his back against the ancient stone of the doorway itself, eyeing the rest of the group from a slight distance. He wasn't particularly comfortable with gang the Broker had picked out, having never met any of them before, but since this operation wasn't supposed to be high-risk (as he'd been told) he decided to afford them a little trust by not keeping his plasma launcher trained on them while they waited. Instead, he sat with one leg over the other knee, using it as a workbench of sorts to nonchalantly tinker with the launcher, checking the tuning and idly wiping away the bits of black ash that continued to accumulate. He had stubbornly refused to wear any kind of mask to help with the sooty air, preferring to keep his speech and peripheral vision unobscured, so he sat with a perpetual grimace on his face, breathing shallow sips of air through his teeth, spitting black-stained saliva onto the nearby stone every few minutes when he started to taste it. He quietly hoped the air inside the ruin would be less dirty. Noticing the appearance of 3 new silhouettes on the ridge nearby, 2 of them continuing into speaking range, he growled up another gob of black spit, then spoke up in his gruff voice. "Oi! Bout time you lot dragged yer sorry arses out here. Been sittin' here breathin' soot for two goddam hours." He hauled himself to his feet, holstering his launcher, and plodded over to the newcomers, his jet boots clunking metallically with each step. "Perhaps introductions are in order?" "Too right," murmured Zassani, scowling up at the distant figure still standing up on the hill, "Especially if one of em's too good to come down and make it 'imself." He pointed at Kihr. "What's 'is deal?" He gave a raspy huff of a sigh, cut short by another choke of ash that he spat out. "Name's Zassani, by the way. Not much of a treasure hunter, but Broker said I could take a cut for keeping you all alive. Or most of you." ooc: @BULiK @NorikSigma @Ghosthands @a goose
  15. [IC: Timak, Ga-koro] Timak sat cross-legged on the floor, staring half-focused at the group, trying to process the giant wall of yellow text scrolling through the empty black void of their brain. They blinked, looking at Aurax with bewilderment. "This is all very bewildering," they said, "and I'm not sure what it means." After a considerable pause, frowning at the floor, they spoke up again. "I appreciate your efforts to catch me up, by the way, Aurax. This is all really good to hear, now knowing that we have hope and some direction. I'm very happy for you. I just wish... I wish the Great Spirit would give me more of my own memories back. That's what I was hoping the cactus might do, I guess." They put their head in their hands, taking a deep breath, then looked up again. "Perhaps He is telling me to make new ones. And, I can't think of any better company to make them with, than with all of you." Standing, they smiled and stretched, stepping over to Kimala to hand her slightly grimy handkerchief back. "Sorry about the.. uh. That." They walked to the door, opening it slightly, appreciating the fresh air and taking the opportunity to ground themselves. When they turned around, their face was bright again, and not just from the polishing. "Hah. So! Where to next?" OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly @Rahisaurus @~Xemnas~@Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @Umbraline Yumiwa @Mel @Harvali
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