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  1. [IC: Siika, Ko-Koro] The hulking Skakdi woman loomed over Mar, grinning with an oddly sadistic look in her eyes. "Oh you're reely in for it now, buoy. Hook, line and sinker. If you only knew the scale of the fish pun shiptuation... you'd run a nautical mile." She leaned in even closer, nudging him with an elbow. "No trout aboat it." She cleared her throat. "Sorry. Just had to get that out of my system. Anyway, uhm... why don't you sit down and I'll give you my end of the story." She looked around. "Know anywhere good? I don't come into town much." ooc: @Geardirector sorry
  2. [IC: Zassani] An oddly-coloured Lesterin of Iron sat on a rock in the black dusty terrain next to the entrance, leaning his back against the ancient stone of the doorway itself, eyeing the rest of the group from a slight distance. He wasn't particularly comfortable with gang the Broker had picked out, having never met any of them before, but since this operation wasn't supposed to be high-risk (as he'd been told) he decided to afford them a little trust by not keeping his plasma launcher trained on them while they waited. Instead, he sat with one leg over the other knee, using it as a workbench of sorts to nonchalantly tinker with the launcher, checking the tuning and idly wiping away the bits of black ash that continued to accumulate. He had stubbornly refused to wear any kind of mask to help with the sooty air, preferring to keep his speech and peripheral vision unobscured, so he sat with a perpetual grimace on his face, breathing shallow sips of air through his teeth, spitting black-stained saliva onto the nearby stone every few minutes when he started to taste it. He quietly hoped the air inside the ruin would be less dirty. Noticing the appearance of 3 new silhouettes on the ridge nearby, 2 of them continuing into speaking range, he growled up another gob of black spit, then spoke up in his gruff voice. "Oi! Bout time you lot dragged yer sorry arses out here. Been sittin' here breathin' soot for two goddam hours." He hauled himself to his feet, holstering his launcher, and plodded over to the newcomers, his jet boots clunking metallically with each step. "Perhaps introductions are in order?" "Too right," murmured Zassani, scowling up at the distant figure still standing up on the hill, "Especially if one of em's too good to come down and make it 'imself." He pointed at Kihr. "What's 'is deal?" He gave a raspy huff of a sigh, cut short by another choke of ash that he spat out. "Name's Zassani, by the way. Not much of a treasure hunter, but Broker said I could take a cut for keeping you all alive. Or most of you." ooc: @BULiK @NorikSigma @Ghosthands @a goose
  3. [IC: Timak, Ga-koro] Timak sat cross-legged on the floor, staring half-focused at the group, trying to process the giant wall of yellow text scrolling through the empty black void of their brain. They blinked, looking at Aurax with bewilderment. "This is all very bewildering," they said, "and I'm not sure what it means." After a considerable pause, frowning at the floor, they spoke up again. "I appreciate your efforts to catch me up, by the way, Aurax. This is all really good to hear, now knowing that we have hope and some direction. I'm very happy for you. I just wish... I wish the Great Spirit would give me more of my own memories back. That's what I was hoping the cactus might do, I guess." They put their head in their hands, taking a deep breath, then looked up again. "Perhaps He is telling me to make new ones. And, I can't think of any better company to make them with, than with all of you." Standing, they smiled and stretched, stepping over to Kimala to hand her slightly grimy handkerchief back. "Sorry about the.. uh. That." They walked to the door, opening it slightly, appreciating the fresh air and taking the opportunity to ground themselves. When they turned around, their face was bright again, and not just from the polishing. "Hah. So! Where to next?" OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly @Rahisaurus @~Xemnas~@Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @Umbraline Yumiwa @Mel @Harvali
  4. [IC: Siika, Ko-Koro] "Catching stragglers, eh. Well, you hit the nail on the head. I'm getting cold feet" - she paused to snort at her accidental pun - "in my old fishing shack down mountain, and I can't stop thinking about the ones who slipped the net, so to speak. I have a score to settle with one of them, specifically." The burly skakdi gestured to the scar covering most of her shoulder, with a slight grimace. "Trouble is, I'm no good at the finding and investigating lark. Shows why I've been sitting on my hands up to this point. But it eats me that these no-good troublemakers are still wandering around." She thumbed the tip of her spear, feeling the sharpness of the tip across her scales. "Feel like helpin out?" OOC: @Geardirector
  5. Siika leaned against a wall, her head and shoulders in shade from an unused balcony overhead, and took a brief moment to furtively survey her surroundings for any possible listeners before continuing. Occasionally, nervous eyes flicked toward her from passers-by, which wasn't unusual given her size and demeanour. Nothing to indicate mal-intent. Doing her best not to spill all the beans so quickly, she opened with something she hoped she'd already guessed the answer to. "How much do you know about the gang of louts who took over this place a few months back?" came the question, in her low, rumbling whisper. Her casual stance and relaxed shoulders spoke of simple traveller's curiosity, but her icy blue eyes never broke contact, fixing Mar with a sharp, analytical gaze. "I assume you're not affiliated. No way you'd be so relaxed around here otherwise." OOC: @Geardirector
  6. [IC: Siika, Ko-Koro] The tall skakdi graciously pocketed the widgets with a nod, chucking the remaining fish at the old merchant, not really caring whether he caught it or not. She raised an eyebrow. "Oh you heard that, huh? Probably should have expected that, given the colours n' all. You sonic types are sneaky buggers," she said with a wink, then leaned down and spoke in a low voice. "You know, I had another little errand to run. I'm not just here to sell fish. C'mere." She gestured off to a quiet shaded corner of the marketplace, giving Karv a brief pat on the head before ambling over there. OOC @Geardirector
  7. [IC: Siika, Ko-Koro] "...AND WHAT GOOD ARE YOU AS A SALESMAN IF YOU CAN'T SELL THREE STINKIN' F---" Siika stopped mid-word as she heard the stranger's voice. "Oh thank Mata Nui." mumbled the salesman. She cleared her throat- "ehhem.. three.. delicious fish?" The words came with a forced grin, which, on a Skakdi, looked especially awkward. She took one of the fish from the bag and offered it to the newcomer, tail grasped in a white-knuckled fist. "You wanna fish? Three widgets." Waiting for his reply, she looked him up and down. "Say. What's a well-armed guy like you doing in ol' ko-koro? Been no need for weapons like that since... " she trailed off, unconsciously rolling her scarred shoulder and wincing. OOC: assumed Siika can see Mar's weapons, sorry if not. @Geardirector
  8. [IC: Timak, Ga-koro] Timak's head jerked up from their mask-polishing, face gleaming with confusion (at this point, it would gleam with whatever) and clambered over to where Aurax was talking. Something about the last few minutes of polishing their mask had sobered the Toa up somewhat, and now they were acutely aware that the rest of their armour needed a polish so that their face didn't stick out so much. Maybe this is why polishing was not a thing people normally did... They moved onto awkwardly polishing one of their pauldrons, sheepishly rubbing little circles with Kimala's darkening handkerchief as they waited for Aurax to finish. Timak spoke in hushed tones, "So... You were killed by a Rahkshi? I've only seen one dead, and that looked frightening enough. I dread to think what that was like for you. Are you gonna be ok?" OOC: @Harvali @ARROW404 @Mel @Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @~Xemnas~ @BBBBalta @Umbraline Yumiwa
  9. [IC: Timak, Ga-Koro] Timak let Kimala put them back on the chair, looking at her with equal parts admiration and remorse at needing to be handled so. Of course, in their inebriated state, this came across as likely the most awkward stare Kimala had ever received. They took the handkerchief - marvelling at how this piece of fabric had appeared, wondering what other tricks Kimala may have up her sleeves - and offered a meek "thank you". As they began vigorously rubbing their mask with it, they were mildly conscious of the fact that this was not something they had ever done before... but it kinda felt nice...
  10. [IC: Timak, Ga-Koro] Timak waited for the tea. No chance they were trying the fruit raw, especially after seeing the absolute state of Nichou on the floor over there. Taking a cup, and thanking Ranok, they took the first sip, finding it quite relaxing. They settled down further in the chair, slouching, propping their head against the back in preparation for a nice chillout session - and hopefully some remembering. That was the main excitement held in the tea - they were pretty sure they'd heard it could restore some memories of forgotten events... They took a shaky second sip, hoping for the best: an epiphany that explained how they really became a Toa and why. Maybe some nice memories of their home island (wherever that was) would be a bonus. After the third sip Timak was feeling notably un-remembery. "This tea is doing nothing," scoffed the gangly-limbed Toa, sprawled out on the chair with arms akimbo and spine all but horizontal. Then they simply chugged the rest of the cup. It wasn't even that hot. A few more minutes passed, and after watching the snoozing onu-matoran and taking part in idle chatter with the rest of the room for a while, Timak was in need of some fresh air. So they got up. The legs didn't move. I said: They got up. Nope. Sorry! Our code monkeys are working very hard to fix this problem. Timak slumped even further down in the chair, and thought to theirself. Why is my head thumping so loudly? This feels just like that time back in secondary school when I fell down the stairs on the way to the front door. God that was a weird day. Andrew turned up and we had the most normal afternoon, and then we went upstairs and found those Bionicle masks on the floor. And then we put them.. on... our noses? And then it grew and covered my face and turned me into a Toa, and then we got sucked through a weird swamp-coloured portal into a poorly-rendered 3D forest... Karz, I knew I had misremembered something. Wait, no, that can't be right, I was a matoran, not a.. squeaky pink flesh golem. Where the karz did that come from? And where is my mask, anyway? They started crawling around on the floor, looking for it (though it was still on their face! ah, relatable). "Hey guys have you seen my mask? I just remembered I'm supposed to polish it today... "
  11. [IC: Siika - Ko-Wahi] Siika was halfway up the mountainside when she realised she needed something to actually trade for the supplies she needed. Thankfully she knew there was a river nearby, and that the fish would be migrating upstream this time of year. What luck! She took a minor detour and found herself at the source of the musical trickling, watching for the familiar glint of fish moving beneath the rushing waters. She crouched low, her piercing blue eyes watching intently, her spear-hand slowly rising... then with a jolt of sudden movement, the spear was sticking out of a fish nearby. She smiled. Still got it. Maybe she didn't need the extra fishing net and bait after all. ... The next day, Siika arrived in Ko-Koro with 3 large fresh fish in her sack. She wandered through the quiet marketplace, heading for the stall she knew well. The owner easily spotted her towering figure before she had a chance to greet him first, and rolled his eyes. Doesn't she know this is the worst city on the whole island to sell fish? Nobody wants to eat that up here, they want hot, warming meals.... "Koreko! My old friend." Siika flashed a sharp-toothed grin. That's an overstatement... "Here I am again, with the finest fish your stall has seen this week!" she said, putting on her best saleswoman voice. "Try the only fish my stall has seen..." mumbled the aging ko-matoran. "I will trade you these three fine fish for a new net and a parcel of mealworms", offered the Skakdi. "Look, Siika, this is... rough for me but I just can't sell your fish. Last week I only sold one, and the others stunk out my store room before I had chance to throw them out." "What?? Clearly you weren't trying hard enough to sell them? What else am I supposed to do, huh? Big girl like me, I can't craft fine things like you or do anything else worth money. Fishing's all I got!" She shifted the weight of the shield on her back, the scar on her shoulder swimming over the rippling muscles beneath. "...that, and pummeling." "Okay! Alright, I'll take them, but you're only getting the mealworms." "WHAT?!" The sounds of their continued argument echoed about the marketplace, no doubt drawing a few stares. ooc: @Geardirector one buff skakdi, loud, proud, and ready for noticing, senpai tune in next year to catch the next thrilling instalment of Siika Does Something™
  12. [IC: Timak, Ga-koro Industrial district] Timak sat on the side of a lilypad gangway, dangling their feet in the water, staring at the reflections on the waves as the situation unfolded behind them. When the scuffle in the warehouse had resolved, and everyone first came outside, Timak had congratulated Kimala and Lapu on their expert handling of the stone ape, and then quietly drifted over here, where they had sat ever since. They just didn't feel connected to the situation somehow. Thinking back, they knew they had originally signed up to help out the group of Matoran based on some latent sense of Toa honor, but seeing how things happened back there... they were uncertain. These Matoran were perfectly capable of handling themselves. None of them besides Ranok had even spoken to him since the first meeting inside the Great Takea. Was Timak simply intruding and the Matoran were just humoring him? ... No. Eita had invited him over to the table back then... The grey Toa's hunched figure almost seemed as if it would keel over into the water simply by the force of their downward thought spiral, but they were snapped out of it when they overheard Hakari's comment. Try some?? The thought had never even occurred to Timak that the boon of their recent exploits could be shared. Swept to their feet by sudden overwhelming curiosity, they bounded over to the group. "Wait, we're trying the cactus?! Can I try some too?" ooc: @Harvali @ARROW404 @Mel @Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @~Xemnas~ @BBBBalta @Umbraline Yumiwa @Snelly
  13. IC: Timak, Shady Warehouse Arriving at the ape's rear side, Timak noticed Kimala had no time to actually carry through with the plan they mentioned, and it seemed she noticed that too. They watched as the Toa of Crystal's mask glowed, heralding a display of telekinetic power Timak had never seen until now. The ape was hovering there in front of them, looking very bewildered with its current predicament, vines trailing off it haphazardly as the Lesterin seemingly began to lose control of it. Timak took the initiative whilst the beast was incapacitated, and ran about beneath the flailing ape, slashing at the vines with their vibro-blade. The final few dangling tendrils were severed with a single arcing sweep as the Toa slid in a spinning motion beneath the beast's front legs, and continued onwards toward the warehouse door. "I'll make sure Ranok is safe!" they called over their shoulder. With this brief glance back, they spotted the Lesterin cowering beneath the two small silhouettes of Eita and Kanohi, and Hakari's larger form. They added a furtive addendum to their call - "Try not to implicate me in any murders while my back is turned!" - then headed out the door. "Hey, Ranok," said the Toa in a hushed tone, breathing a little hard from the recent exercise, "nice idea with the whistling. The ape liked your tune so much it decided to come backstage, so to speak... seems like the other Toa have that handled now, though." They rested a firm yet gentle hand on their Matoran kin. "You alright?" ooc: @ARROW404 @Snelly @Harvali@Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @Umbraline Yumiwa @Mel @BBBBalta @~Xemnas~
  14. IC: Timak, Shady warehouse Timak appreciated the appearance from Kimala, but now both Toa were to the side of the group and not doing a whole lot of defending. Just as Timak was about to try running back into the middle, they heard a whistling noise from outside. An ally of the lesterin's perhaps? That couldn't be right. The ape was ignoring the matoran now, which meant this whistle was intended to disrupt... but now it was wandering toward the new source of the whistling. A quick survey of the scene brought the young Toa the answer they needed. Of course! Ranok. He must have stayed outside to keep watch. Leave it to a De-Matoran to figure out the whistling trick - Timak made note to commend him on that, later. Turning to Kimala, the gray Toa spoke for the first time since the Lesterin appeared. "Looks like the ape is distracted, but now there's nothing between him and Ranok outside the door, and the distance is closing. I suggest one of us gets between the ape and the group, and the other goes between him and Ranok. Then the ape will be pinned between us and will have nowhere to go." Assuming Kimala agreed, and being too impatient to wait for confirmation, Timak set off to stealthily assume the point between the ape and the main group, hoping they weren't noticeable with its back turned. This left the space between the ape and the door to Kimala. They readied their vibro-blade and waited for her to make the next move. ooc: @ARROW404 @Snelly @Harvali@Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @Umbraline Yumiwa @Mel @BBBBalta @~Xemnas~
  15. [IC: Timak, The Shady Warehouse] Timak saw Kimala's instruction, very cleverly engraved upon her blade so as to keep the notion from the enemy. This was the sort of inventive thing the Toa would need to learn to think of in the moment, they told themselves. To be always ready to face any situation with cunning and wit. They reached out with their senses, trying to pinpoint the location of the voice. They found it, without too much trouble - sound was still sound, after all. Knowing they would only have one chance to use this to their advantage, Timak gave a pointed look to the Toa of Crystal - eyes determined, with a slight smile of confirmation, and a glance toward the location they had detected. Then, without further warning, the grey Toa turned on the spot, and leaped from a standing start, arcing over the group of matoran into the leafy shadows, right on top of the spot that the sound had originated from. They silently congratulated themselves on their lucky spurt of flawless gymnastics, before realising that the space they had landed in was empty. No lesterin to be found. Timak wheeled around, swinging their sword in an arc in case they had misjudged the location slightly, but only leaves collided with the blade. Realising the danger of being split from the pack, in the shadows, surrounded by unseen vines, they looked back towards the centre of the group, once again to Kimala. Though this time, the two orange-gold lights visible in the shadows were wide with panic. ooc: @Harvali @ARROW404 @Mel @Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @~Xemnas~ @BBBBalta @Umbraline Yumiwa @Snelly
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