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  1. The only motion controls are pointing at the screen to aim your gun, and to me the controls feel really intuitive and not annoying at all. When I first played Corruption though you had to hold A to turn for some reason but I dunno if it's because the options I picked or if they fixed that but just turning by pointing in a direction feels really nice, I've had no trouble with the game due to controls (Only played Metroid Prime 1 from the Trilogy bought from the eshop but played part of Prime 3: Corruption in the past) I've been really enjoying Metroid Prime so far... The music and atmosphere is really fun... I never really got into Corruption first playing it but I've liked this game a lot better... It is only 10$, I'd buy it unless you have played these before and really don't like the new controls. No idea what the Gamecube Controls were like...
  2. Super Smash Bros. for Wiiu 3 Amiibos, Mario, Link, and Zelda Greninja plush Rock candy Xbox 360 controller little Zelda plush (to go with my Link plush :3) Megaman X Collection and Megaman Anniversary collection for PS2 Umbreon plush Nintendo eshop 20$ gift card Some money wow... I got a lot more Nintendo related stuff than I realized
  3. Get a master ball. Now. It's gonna take FOREVER if you don't... But what if he wants to soft reset for more than one thing? Get more master balls, or just decide what he wants to use one on if he has one, or just continue as he is, I don't know, I'm probably not helpful sorry
  4. Get a master ball. Now. It's gonna take FOREVER if you don't...
  5. Guys, actually Amiibos have boosted stats at higher levels, even without equipment... I only plan to use them to do fun stuff with my sister/friends though... I'm probably gonna end up with a handful of them to display/use for fun. Also, the 3DS version's online has felt VASTLY superior to Brawl's to me. I've had so many laggy Brawl matches but a lot more not laggy Smash 3DS matches... Does anyone feel like it's cheating to use a hammer on the collect all custom moves/equipment challenge? I did hear about the Fox amiibo, but technically it wouldn't exactly be a fair fight but still pretty funny, anyone see that picture of a Fox amiibo in front of a gamecube controller? I'm still waiting until Christmas to get Smash bros. for WiiU but I'm hecka excited for it... I feel so much better at smash bros. now then I was in my younger days in Brawl... No more sideways wiimotes for me
  6. Got me a diancie this morning (got the card yesterday and put it in today after updating my 3DS and X and Y and finally being able to get it) My National Dex is now complete again :] Yeah I have like a box of competitive mons but I'm just no good at pokemon and I almost NEVER win online because I'm always outsmarted, the competitive play for it is just way too complex for me... I used to think it was gonna be fun winning but that never really happened Even playing online again to see if I could win for once I was smashed once again I think the only time I ever won in the past was with my mega Gengar sometimes...Competitive play seems more fun in like friendly competitive matches like the ones I've had with people on here Even if I don't win, it just seems more fun that way... Now to hope I can make up the money to buy ORAS in a few weeks...
  7. I read that that analog stick on the "New" 3DS will apparently function as a C-Stick for Smashes on Smash 4... That's really cool, though I'm not sure how viable it'll be for ingame play... The analog stick looks interesting enough, hopefully it'll work well... This new 3DS model is also my excuse to upgrade to an XL with the new features... I'm liking what I've seen so far with it.
  8. This is just amazing. The size and details (and amount of cheeseslopes) really make the MoC. The angled thing is just plain awesome, it looks so complex to build something like that. I love it!
  9. But the potato turns out to be GLaDOS, who teleports you away to Aperture Laboratories, and you are forced to test for her. Forever. I wish for the moon to have a smiley face.
  10. Ahhh BIONICLE: The Game, I remember the day I got this. I returned it to the store I got it from the next day. Because I beat it in a few hours, and it was super frustrating to try to get all the lightstones. It really was terrible, huh. I did enjoy it slightly because I was a lot younger (I don't remember the age) but I totally couldn't figure out how to beat Makuta at the end I just ended up having to look it up.. I still don't remember how it went and nor do I really want to remember Heroes was the most boring thing ever I just I liked the free demo I had on my computer as a kid but when I finally get the game years later bam it stinks It was disappointing I thought it might be slightly fun without the hero mode but you can't turn it off and just makes everything so gosh darn easy Oh well though, I guess a good BIONICLE game just wasn't meant to be...
  11. Personally I use Payback since going last gives the move 150 Base power technically if you go last but yeah I dunno if that's the best choice, just what I use. Assuming you can get payback? I can't remember how you get it...
  12. I've got about 31 movie Genesects so I can spare one, friend code is 2363-6119-4489, already added you. 31!? Is that a typo?? That's a lot of Genesects..
  13. I too have a box and a half or so of trained pokemon, so I'd love to battle all of you Anyone wanna battle Ubers or Singles or Doubles? PM me if you do. I have the exact same Electivire moveset as the one mentioned somewhere above xDD Completed the national dex a few days ago, shiny charm yayyyy
  14. I have only gotten 3 shinies from Masuda method, and it took me a good 733 eggs before I got the first. (The other two came out of nowhere shortly after, luck is weird and dumb like that.). So the best advice I can give is to keep at it, though it's definitely a good idea to take breaks from it, because hatching eggs can get really boring really fast. It took me over a month to get my shiny Phantump because I kept cycling through different things and only did Masuda at irregular intervals, but it worked. If you're aiming to have it by Christmas you're a bit more pressed for time, but there's still time to take breaks from doing that kind of stuff. Although if you're just aiming for a shiny of the Froakie family, I think getting a Frogadier from the safari is a much more likely scenario. I've gotten well over half of all my shinies from safari, the rate is ridiculous in there. Unless you definitely need it to be a Froakie or have specific IVs or moves to work as a present, I would recommend the Friend Safari as an alternative to the Masuda Method. Thanks for all the advice! Alright I got the Frogadier from Friend Safari =D (after only an hour of searching wow.) It had pretty good IVs too! (Although the speed could've been better.) Gosh the RNG is evil. I actually looked in the safari before I read all this (thankfully I had a Frogadier safari handy) And I have almost 500 eggs of Froakie now... But I'll keep continuing and get a shiny one for me.
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