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  1. IC: Skyra Daring I sighed with relief as Leah fell asleep. We had done it, the poison was gone. "Thank f**k that's over..." I stepped back as I started to massage the left side of my head. My headache had become even more noticable now that I no longer needed to focus. I grabbed the bottle of pain meds that Dorian had gifted me. I swiftly popped a pill in my mouth. Now I just needed to wait for it to kick in. I wondered briefly if I'd have to deal with it for the rest of my life. Head injuries were annoying. "So...did anyone beside Leah get a good look at the f***er who did this?" @otter @Lady Takanuva @Vezok's Friend @Eyru @Krayzikk @sunflower
  2. IC: Skyra Daring I breathed deeply as I watched my friends and comrades one by one began to pour their energy into healing Leah, to fighting the poison that ravaged her body. The power they were using, it wasn't elemental. It was a more...primal. Something that all Toa had, even if they didn't realize it. I stretched out my hand as I got a feel for it, I could taste it in the air. I could feel my head pulsing as a headache flared up, but I ignored it. I let the energy flow out of my hand and towards Leah. It was both like using the air and not at the same time. I held onto that feeling and kept pushing further, into Leah. The poison would not survive our combined might, not today. @otter @Lady Takanuva @Vezok's Friend @Eyru @Krayzikk @sunflower
  3. IC: Hakari - Ga-koro - Outside Great Takea - "So, if I'm understanding all this correctly..." Hakari paused, there were so many people here, all speaking at once that it took her a moment to sort it all together. Having to look at what Kanohi was writing down as well, her brain was working overtime. "...we find these miracle cacti...we find our Lesterin botanist...probably." She put her fists together. "Sounds like a plan! Let's go! To um...wherever these cacti are." OOC: @Harvali @ARROW404 @Mel @Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @~Xemnas~ @BBBBalta @Umbraline Yumiwa @Rahisaurus
  4. IC: Zanakra - Fort Garsi - Zanakra had been just about to give T'harrak a few choice words of her own before the warlord of Fort Garsi herself spoke through a speaker. "Well, it seems we've been noticed. Seems the stealthy approach is out the window." Zanakra didn't seem unhappy about it, judging by her grin. "Well, of course!" Zanakra suddenly shouted towards the speaker, her arms wide open. She assumed the other warlord could hear her, though it mattered not. "It would be remiss of me not to test the defenses of the great Fort Garsi after all. How else would you know where you need to make improvements?" Zanakra suddenly pointed the Cordak blaster towards the fort, aiming for the 'front steps'. "Careful, it's hot." She fired, the Cordak blaster lobbing six rockets towards the entrance of the fort. It was time to see if the fort was as impressive as it looked. Zanakra glanced towards her followers, still grinning. "Well, those of you who have ranged weapons, use them. If they have traps, we'll set them off before we even step forward." OOC: @ARROW404 @Smudge8 @Nato G @Zeal @Sparticus147@Mel
  5. IC: Kaminari - Ko-koro - Kaminari of course noticed the guards as they approached, aiming their little sticks and other gadgets at her. Though the dragon ignored them, instead continuing to focus on Kalyss. "I've been warned about the Makuta and his followers by my elders. It is good you were able to repel such filth." She nodded her large, reptilian head. "These archives you speak of, I wouldn't mind seeing them myself. Assuming I'd fit inside to view them." @Keeper of Kraata @Visaru
  6. IC: Taleen - The Dancing Crab, Ostia - Taleen made no obvious movements as she observed the 'interview' between the Captain and Lash. Taleen had found it a bit surprising at how openly that Lash had admitted to working with the Piraka, who were well known to have been working directly with the Legacy. Now as a former assassin, Taleen had done more than her fair share of things she wasn't proud of. However, working for Makuta or those associated with him was not one of those things. She'd made it a point to take jobs eliminating members of the Legacy in fact. And if the Captain ordered it, she'd be taking out another, no doubt. @Ghosthands@Void Emissary@pokemonlover360 @Visaru @Nato G
  7. IC: Skyra Daring - Not a Doctor - Now I wasn't someone who would claim to know much about medical practice beyond basic first aid. I could bandage just about any wound just fine, but treating them was a different matter. I looked between Cael and Praggos as they discussed how to proceed. Though looking at Leah's current state I was kind of with Praggos on the idea of taking action ASAP before she got worse. Leah seemed to be trying to tell Praggos something, and I could only guess what that was. Something to do with a Toa of Water's ability to purify things? I knew healing was a secondary ability of sorts for Toa of Water. Why didn't Toa of Air have something cool like that? Perhaps we did and I just didn't know. There was one thing I could do for sure, lend my power. "Regardless of how we proceed here...you have my power at your disposal." I'd use every last drop I had if I needed to. @otter @Lady Takanuva @Vezok's Friend @Eyru @Krayzikk @sunflower
  8. Snelly


    Wow this didn't age well did it?
  9. IC: Hakari - Ga-koro - Outside Great Takea - Hakari looked at Kanohi with concern, he seemed very stressed for some reason. She'd been traveling with him long enough to see the signs. The way he clicked his bracelet, and even how he was currently writing with his shaky hands. "Are you alright Kanohi?" OOC: @Harvali @ARROW404 @Mel @Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @~Xemnas~ @BBBBalta @Umbraline Yumiwa @Rahisaurus IC: Skyra Daring - Ga-koro - "You got it." At Praggos' order I simply accepted Leah from him, letting her rest against me as I started guiding her over to Destiny. I was no doctor like Praggos, but I could tell when someone was seriously hurt, those scratches were festering. Was it some sort of poison? I wasn't sure. I couldn't help but crack a small smile however when Leah cracked a joke despite everything. "Yeah I know, just can't get rid of me." I gave a quick whistle as we approached Destiny, the Kahu immediately lowered herself to make it easier for me to help Leah aboard. You never really had time to think when in situations like this, and the only thing really on my mind at that moment was getting Leah to Cael. I made sure the Toa Maru was secure before I got on Destiny myself. "Try to stay conscious for me, alright?" That's all I could really ask of Leah as Destiny began to take off towards the Central Plaza. @Krayzikk @otter @Vezok's Friend
  10. IC: Skyra and Karoru - The Fowadi - Karoru took her time examining the ship as Skyra led the way. Well… Actually it would be more accurate to say that Karoru dawdled behind Skyra. It was just that there were so many new people, and she was scared that each one could be one misstep away from becoming a total calamity. Anxiously, she looked to the green-armored warrior. "S-so… Who should we talk to first? Or maybe there's a part of the ship you could show me?" Karoru winced at how plainly her anxiety bled into her voice. She hoped Skyra hadn't noticed. As Karoru spoke I was watching Destiny land in the pens ahead of us, I turned to look at the Menti. "Say…" Karoru turned to face the Le-Toa. "Huh? Oh, um, sorry, I mean yes?" "...you ever seen a Kahu before? Wanna take a closer look?" Karoru shook her head at the first part, but to the second she hesitantly responded "...sure. What… exactly is a Kahu?" Destiny squawked as if in response, looking in our direction. "Well she is a Kahu." I pointed at Destiny. "Her name is Destiny, I raised her since she hatched." The Menti Carefully looked the large creature over. She appeared to be… a bird of some kind. But far, far larger than anything they had in the Archipelago. "A dragon…" she said to herself, not quite as softly as she had meant to. Blushing, she turned back to Skyra. "I-I mean, sh-she looks as big as one! I bet you could ride a rahi of that size, with enough training." I grinned at her. "And I do!" I stated proudly. "You wanna go for a ride?" Destiny nudged me with her beak as we approached, it seemed she was up for it. Karoru's eyes went wide. Not with fear, but excitement. "YES! I mean… er… c-can I? I… r-really?" Flying across the island, high as a flitting sparrow. Higher, maybe even. This was the opportunity of a lifetime, how could she ever say no? I leaped up onto Destiny, getting my legs around the saddle before offering my hand to Karoru. "Of course, this is how we get around in Le-koro." "Oh! Well, if it is so common a practice, I…o-oh…" Skyra's hand was there, an open invitation. Cheeks flushed purple beneath her glassy Kanohi, Karoru flusteredly accepted the hand up and… …tried very hard not to focus on how close she was to Skyra on the Kahu's back. I made sure Karoru was firmly on Destiny before looking forward. "Alrighty, hold on tight. Let's go, Destiny!" Destiny let out a cry before spreading her wings out, the tips of which began to glow as Destiny suddenly took off towards the sky. In no time the Fowadi was far below us as we began to fly over the bay towards Ga-koro. Karoru had lived her life on the ground. She'd come to expect it to be there, like a familiar friend. Robbed of this now, her reaction was understandable. "WOAHOOOOOOO!" the Menti whooped as the pair launched into the air. Her heart was thrumming in her chest, the wind making almost flutelike notes as it whistled off of the spires and hollows of her ornate crystal armor. A giddy grin was pasted on her features as she held on tight. I grinned at Karoru's reaction, she seemed to be enjoying herself. I couldn't not blame her, my first time flying had been thrilling as well, and it still was. Destiny began to circle around as I took a curious look down below at the bay and Ga-koro itself. I saw what appeared to be rain and erratic moving water, all concentrated in a small area of Ga-koro. We were flying too high to really make out what was going on however. "Something weird is going on down there…" I gave Destiny a small tug and she began to descend slowly towards the koro. "...let's get a closer look." Karoru, roused from her revelry, looked down to where Skyra had indicated. They were momentarily baffled by the microcosm of weather they were witnessing, before looking back to their friend. "Can folks like you that control wind do something like that with the weather?" she asked, shouting to be heard above the wind. I shook my head. “That’s the work of a Toa of Water, like Leah.” I could indirectly affect water using the air, but that was like saying someone slapping water with their hands was affecting it. As we descended the rain and water began to calm down, and what I saw alarmed me greatly. There was visible destruction of a hut. Additionally, I spotted what appeared to be Krayn. I didn’t have to think too hard to put two and two together, something serious had gone down. I directed Destiny to fly towards the scene, as I looked back at Karoru. “Okay, so I’m going to jump. I need to get down there fast.” "JUMP?" yelped Karoru, her heartlight doing its best to jackhammer into her skull. "Are you mad? You won't need a burial jumping at this height!" I laughed. “Don’t worry, I do this all the time, trust me.” I pulled my legs up as I began to stand on top of Destiny, ready to spring myself off. “Destiny will find a place to land, but in the meantime!” I jumped off as we flew over, already using my elemental power to guide me towards the spot I was aiming for. The wind blew against me and began to slow my fall. Karoru would be very impressed by the feat of both acrobatic and elemental prowess, once her mind began working again. Fortunately, Destiny's many years knowledge of the island led to her lighting down in a clear area. All thought of optics left her mind. If Skyra was running into danger, she would not be going in alone. The smell of ozone filled the air as Karoru's massive, cleaver-like sword blazed to life in her hands. At the same time, a slight magenta glow touched her mask. For a moment, she stood there, fiercely imposing with the light of her soulsword glinting off of her crystalline armor. Then, with a gusting noise, the Menti launched forward like a shell from a canon, aimed straight for the source of trouble. When she spotted Skyra, Karoru weaved and dodged until she materialized, barely showing sign of her sprint, next to the Le-Toa. The winds slowed my fall till my feet hit the ground, which I quickly turned into a roll before ending up on my two feet once again. I had landed within sight of Krayn, no doubt the Toa of Sonics had heard me land if he hadn’t already noticed us flying around on Destiny before. Karoru was suddenly behind me thanks to her mask power, and I noticed she had what appeared to be a crazy looking sword that glowed. I didn’t have time to ask her about it as I ran towards the other Toa. “Krayn! What the heck happened here?” OOC: Jam between me and @Lady Takanuva @Krayzikk@Vezok's Friend @otter
  11. IC: Kaminari - Ko-koro - "A gate?" The Mystix looked around, before spotting the gate. She snorted as she looked back at the Toa. "And how I was I supposed to know there was a gate? You can't see it from the sky." Now that Kaminari thought about it, it didn't seem like these small ones could fly, so perhaps the gate made sense...her point still stood though. Kalyss was offering information, that was a mistake that Kaminari would take advantage of. "Well since you're offering. I'd like to know as much as possible about this Ko-koro, tell me everything." @Keeper of Kraata
  12. IC: Kaminari - Ko-koro - The dragon looked at this Kalyss of the Toa Kalta, guardian of Ko-koro as she appeared. That name was quite the mouthful, was it in order to make up for their small stature? This Kalyss was also quite fast, impressively so. "Hello, Kalyss of the Toa Kalta. I am Kaminari. I came here to see why my elders think you small ones are so interesting, so far it has not been disappointing." These buildings of theirs, and how they all scurried about were quite amusing to the draconic Mystix. @Keeper of Kraata
  13. IC: Taleen - The Dancing Crab, Ostia - Taleen glanced at the Vortixx with interest as she walked in and introduced herself to the captain. Looking Lash over, Taleen had a few guesses who she could be, and the sorts of things she may or may not have done. Being well connected with the underworld went hand and hand with being an assassin, or a former one in her case. You heard things, especially when you were a Toa of Sonics. At any rate, Taleen liked interesting people, and no offense to the boys, but having another woman around would be nice as well. "Recruitment seems to be going well, captain." @Ghosthands@Void Emissary@pokemonlover360 @Visaru @Nato G IC: ???? - Somewhere in the desert - Life has a funny way of working out, sometimes in ways you don't expect. Two matoran brothers had lost their way in the Motara Desert, a sandstorm had caused them to lose sight of the road, and they weren't entirely sure where they were anymore. Thankfully their wagon provided them shade, pulled by two Mahi. However, they were rapidly running out of water, and forget food. The Mahi had begun to slow as well, and once they collapsed it would be over. Luck had finally turned around for them, however. In the distance they saw a tall figure, he had a massive shield and sword, and wore impressive armor that covered his even more impressive muscles. It was a Toa! They were saved! At least that's what they thought as they ran up to him, till the Toa turned around, revealing his infected Kanohi. "Ah..." The Toa spoke, looking at the two, petrified Matoran. "...do not be alarmed, for a bring great tidings. The Dark Lord, Makuta...has returned!" They ran as fast as they could back towards the cart. Lapo was always faster, and was a meter head of Lepu...till a stone spike rose from the earth and skewered him anyway. Lepu screamed, his brother's blood splattered against his mask. Lapo was dead...just like that. "It's rude to walk away when someone is talking to you..." Lepu spun around, he couldn't control his breathing as he fell backwards, looking at the Toa in absolute terror. "...there is no reason to be afraid. Your brother has been taken by the Great Spirit, to slumber with him till his time to awaken comes." "Y-You're not well, that mask...Makuta controls you!" Lepu barely managed to get the words out without screaming them. "Oh this?" The Toa reached for his mask, before he ripped it off his face. "I wear this mask, blessed by the Dark Lord, to show my absolute devotion to him. My Lord may control me anytime he wishes, but I follow him quite willingly." He placed the mask back on his face, looking almost euphoric while doing so. Lepu couldn't understand, how could he willingly... "Why!? Why did you kill my brother!? Why do any of this!?" The Toa started to laugh, "I killed him to send a message of course." He smiled, it wasn't a wicked smile, he seemed to be full of joy. "Much like your Stannis Maru, I am a prophet. We merely follow different Great Spirits. Though I serve the Dark Lord with all my heart, know that I have nothing but respect for his slumbering brother, the Great Spirit Mata Nui. Makuta and Mata Nui may have their quarrels, but they are brothers. They are two sides of the same coin, darkness and light, the sun and the moon...don't you see?" This Toa was clearly mad, this much Lepu understood. "Are you going to kill me too? Like my brother?" Lepu was afraid, but he wasn't sure how he could go on without his brother either...maybe this was for the best. The Toa shook his head. "No, death does not call for you this day." He explained. "Your purpose is to live, live on and tell everyone what happened here today. That I...Drakkar Brack, prophet of the Dark Lord, murdered your brother, so that his blood may pave the way to enlightenment! The time of darkness has come, and the champions of Mata Nui must come to stop me! It's the only way the cycle can continue, don't you understand!?" Lepu shook his head, this Toa was utterly mad. The Toa frowned. "Well, you will understand soon enough. You all will. Now go." The Toa pointed towards a path...Lepu recognized it, it headed towards Po-koro! Lepu started to run, he didn't look back, not at the mad Toa, his brother, or the cart. He didn't stop, not until he reached the gates of Po-koro themselves...where he finally collapsed.
  14. IC: Zanakra - Spineless Bay - Heading South - Once the warlord and her gang reached the shore, they continued marching south on foot. They rarely slowed, and if they did it was merely to kill a rahi or anything else that got in their way. Eventually they reached the southern end of Westside Zakaz, in the distance a fortress could be seen, Fort Garsi it was called. Zanakra looked at her companions, her grin widening. "Suppose we should knock." She raised up the Cordak Blaster she had grabbed from Razorfish;Vaa, they weren't in range just yet, but they were getting close. OOC: @ARROW404 @Smudge8 @Nato G @Zeal @Sparticus147
  15. IC: Skyra Daring - The Fowadi - I looked away briefly as Karoru called me personable. "Thanks, I try." Actually it sort of came natural to me, if nothing else I was a people person. Having it pointed out felt a little weird for some reason though, not that I minded the compliment. Moving on, Karoru commented on all the metal on the ship. It was admittedly pretty impressive, but I got the impression that metal was quite rare where she came from. "Metal is super rare in Kentoku huh?" I thought about how many metal weapons I currently had stored on the ship, I'd be freakin rich on Kentoku. "We literally have Toa who can create metal with just a thought. Like Kale, who you'll meet later at some point. And Dorian over there." I pointed at the Toa standing on the other side of the deck, speaking of the devil. "Our currency here is even made of metal." I took out a few widgets out of a pocket on my belt to show her. "Though admittedly, having a ship covered in metal is new even for us. Heck I bet it would even have Makuta himself running scared if he saw it, ha!" Wait, did she even know who Makuta was? Eh I'd just explain the most evil thing in existence when she asked. I briefly glanced out towards Ga-koro as I saw something weird. It seemed like there was a lot of mist and watery things going on over there...was that lily pad floating away from the Koro? What the f**k? I shook my head, this was no time to let myself get distracted by random bulls**t! "Well anyway! As you can see this is the deck! It is...where most of the stuff you do on a ship happens..." Look I wasn't a sailor okay, I was usually in the sky or the trees give me a break. "...aaaaand over that way is the Gukko Pens, that's where my Kahu, Destiny nests at." Speaking of which, said bird was flying down into her nest as we spoke, after eating all those dead seagulls. OOC: @Lady Takanuva
  16. IC: - Ko-koro - A roar was heard across the village of ice, coming from the sky. It wasn't like a Gukko or other type of bird that you'd typically hear, this was different. Much more bestial in tone. A shadow formed as a large figure flew in circles around Ko-koro, and it became clear that it definitely was no bird. It appeared to be a large, lizard-like creature. It was quad pedal, had massive, white wings, and was covered in blue scales. Kaminari landed with a big thud on her four legs in the center of the koro. She looked around with her large head at all the small creatures staring back at her in surprise. "Hmmm...the elders we're not exaggerating when they said you were small ones." OOC: Open for interaction to literally anyone and everyone.
  17. IC: Hakari - Ga-Koro - Suddenly they seemed to have the attention of just about everyone in and around the Great Takea. Did they really stand out that much? Hakari glanced at Kanohi, Lapu, and then down at herself. I guess we do seem a bit out of place... "Uh...hi! I'm Hakari, and this is Lapu and Kanohi." She figured she might as well introduce the three of them to everyone while Kanohi explained their objective in writing. @Harvali @ARROW404 @Mel @Tarn @BULiK @Lady Takanuva @~Xemnas~ @BBBBalta @Umbraline Yumiwa love tags they're great
  18. IC: Skyra Daring - Ga-koro - The Fowadi - As the skiff approached the Fowadi I began to secure it to the ship so it wouldn't float off, I considered Karoru's question briefly before shaking my head. "Everyone on this ship is the exact opposite of 'nobby' I would say. We're all from different parts of the island, though we all came together for the same reason, to protect this island from those who would do it harm." Gods that sounded so cheesy, but I didn't know how else to describe what our goals were really, other than just outright saying we wanted to defeat the dark lord. "I'm not gonna lie, we're a pretty crazy mix of personalities. But if they can tolerate me and my shenanigans then you should get along with everyone just fine." I climbed up onto the Fowadi before turning around and offering my hand to Karoru to help her up into the ship. OOC: @Lady Takanuva
  19. IC: Skyra Daring - Ga-koro - I wasn't used to someone being blown away by my powers. Yeah I know. Since Toa of Air were about as common as anyone else on Mata Nui. I could only imagine how she'd react when she witnessed all the other types of Toa use their powers. That was a thought for later however, Karoru seemed a bit...unhappy about the dead seagulls. I mean at least Destiny was eating them so they weren't going to waste right? Wait did I just see a sword appear in her hands just now or am I just going crazy? "Yea, for sure. Perhaps when we get aboard I can take some time to introduce myself personally." Hmm yeah, she was mad. Not the first time Dorian p***** a girl off. Probably not the last. “...Scrap" groaned the Menti, palming her forehead, "I've blown it with that comment haven't I?" I blinked, she had no idea how laid back we all were did she? "Nah, not really. I was thinking of smacking him a few times in the head myself." @Lady Takanuva
  20. IC: Hakari - Ga-Koro - Somewhere people gather huh? Hakari looked up at a sign that said, The Great Takea, before looking back at Kanohi. "You mean like that place right there?" It did indeed seem that it was where the Matoran was pointing at. Even from this distance it looked pretty lively, as all taverns did. "Works for me, I could use a drink anyway." Hakari gave a thumbs up. It was a little known fact that Hakari liked her drink, of course like most Lesterin she had a high tolerance for alcohol so perhaps it wasn't surprising. OOC: @ARROW404 @Harvali IC: Skyra Daring - Ga-koro - “Couldn’t tell ya. Ga-Koro’s just too much fun…Miss Daring.” !!!!!!! It was official, Leah was the most dangerous Maru. "...okaywilldoseeya!" I blurred out something before I pushed the skiff away with a small force of wind from my hands, making sure the Dasaka was on board before I did of course. Wait, did she even know what sort of powers Toa had? I probably just scared the #### out of her doing that. "So uh, I'm a Toa of Air if you didn't know. So if you see me making the air do things that's why." I snapped my fingers and the wind picked up, the sails on the skiff catching the wind as it started moving, I sat down on the skiff, looking at Karoru. "Anyway, while we're sailing to the Fowadi...feel free to ask me uh...anything. I'm sure you have plenty of questions...about stuff." I had questions I wanted to ask myself, but asking mine first seemed kind of rude to me. BANG BANG BANG! I heard gunshots! I whirled my head around to see a lot of blood and feathers of some very dead seagulls. "What the f### is..." The distant laughing coming from the deck of the Fowadi up ahead told me what I needed to know. I turned back around to look at the Dasaka. "Don't worry about that, just some chuckler we have aboard the ship. He's great, I'm sure you'll like him." I was gonna smack him. Destiny proceeded to swoop down from the sky and grab one of the dead seagulls. Guess I didn't need to feed her later. @Lady Takanuva @Vezok's Friend
  21. IC: Zanakra - Tahtorak Encampment - "Akuum is with me because they are useful." Zanakra said flatly. She didn't like being questioned, and her expression reflected as much. "As long as they continue to remain useful, then there is no issue. The same goes for everyone." Zanakra was only prejudice against one thing, the weak. Zanakra picked up her hammer, letting the heavy end rest on her shoulder as she walked towards the south of the encampment, looking beyond...they'd wasted enough time here, it was time...time to get things done. "We're done here, we march south. I think it's time we introduce ourselves to our neighbors." She didn't even wait for a response as she boarded the scouting boat, she simply expected them to follow. OOC: Wow post 10k. @ARROW404 @Smudge8 @Nato G @Zeal @Sparticus147
  22. IC: Hakari - Ga-Koro - Hakari slowly stood up after she finished recovering from her sprint. "Whew! Okay, we're here at Ga-koro! Where to now?" She looked at Kanohi, it wasn't like she had a clue where they should head now that they were here in the koro of lily pads and water. OOC: @ARROW404 @Harvali IC: Skyra Daring - Ga-koro - “Oi, Skyra!” Well that sounded familiar. “If I catch Destiny raiding the crab-traps again I swear I’m gonna make you fish for replacements until you’re as blue as me!” Mmmm yep, definitely knew that voice. I turned my head to glance at the Maru. Leah was someone who I knew from work, well my former work in the Gukko Force. We'd both changed quite a bit since then. Leah was now one of the Toa Maru, and I was a chick. Funny how things change. "Oh hey Leah, what is it like being blue anyway?" It did cross my mind to ask Leah something a bit more serious, like whatever she knew about Makuta's return and stuff like that. But the middle of the dock out in the open didn't seem like the appropriate place to ask such things. Besides, I was with company, company that I owed a tour to. It also seemed that Karoru knew Leah. Perfect, there was no need for introductions then. "A-apologies, I'll stay out of your ways. Miss Daring, I'm ready for the tour of the ship whenever you are." Karoru calling me Miss Daring caught me off guard. I still wasn't completely used to certain things. Not that I hated it. "That way I can prove to you what an asset I could be as part of your crew." "Well, I'm sure you'll prove more than capable." I wasn't just saying that either. I wasn't familiar with what sort of powers these Menti had, but from the look of Karoru she seemed like she could hold her own in a fight. "But anyway, I suppose we should head to the ship then yeah? We'll just uhhhhhhhhh..." I just realized I would not be able to grapple back to the ship when I had to take Karoru with me. I eyed one of the skiffs that the others had used to get to the docks and simply leaped off the dock onto it. After stabilizing myself on the now rocking skiff I turned to look at Karoru with a grin. "Hop on and we'll get going." @Lady Takanuva @sunflower @otter @Krayzikk @Vezok's Friend
  23. IC: Taleen - The Dancing Crab, Ostia - "I prefer to keep my feet on the ground personally." Taleen commented as she casually tossed butter knives into the dart board nearby, they never failed to stick. @Ghosthands@Void Emissary@pokemonlover360@Visaru
  24. IC: Taleen - The Dancing Crab, Ostia - Taleen appeared, quite literally before her captain and other crewmates, such was the nature of a Toa of Sonics that wore a Huna, who could appear or disappear at pretty much any time. Only those with a trained eye even had a chance of detecting her without her wishing it. Unless of course they had some sort of power that let them cheat, that was always annoying to deal with. "Been spreading word around, whole island should have at least heard something by tomorrow I'd reckon." Taleen slowly glanced at Verak, eying him up and down. "Hmmmm...interesting." What she meant by that she would never tell. @Ghosthands@Void Emissary@pokemonlover360@Visaru
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