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  1. I found these on Reddit, I thought they were interesting; however, I did not contact the person asking about them. They are in the Part Identification Mega Thread - April 11, 2023.
  2. I could not remember where I got the 3000 from, however I think your right about there only being two stage 5.
  3. My friend bought one for $175 in 2020 from CA, I am not above paying $400 for 1. Also, for some reason I think 3000 of them were made and that stage 5 was not made or only 3 sates 5 where made.
  4. Thank You, I need to get it working on a FDM Printer.
  5. Its because people are trying to sell them for $800+
  6. I just got a new printer,I can make one if it does not fit. I plan to release the digital file for 3d printing. I need to make a MSLA mask and a FDM mask. So anyone with any type of printer can make one.
  7. This is a redesigned Kanohi Weha, the original design and concept was created by Galva. The requester wanted a smoother version of the mask with hexagon cells. These hexagon cells represent the kanohi's power. This is a redesigned Kanohi Arkahna, the original design and concept was created by Scarabax Forgeries. The requester wanted the mask optimized to print on a FDM 3D Printer, Have an axle holder and a smoother surface. Axe-Head Klingon Mek'leth Conquest Armor Sonic Sword
  8. Conclusions on gray leeches 1. They do not fit on Lego axles. If they are Lego parts, should they not fit? 2. They are FDM printed, so they are hard to paint. 3. They don’t match any leech’s artwork made by Lego. 4. All the Lego printed prototypes I research are SLS. 5. I feel that they are fake, however TNG did not charge me for them based on my research. About the Blue Leech It was sold by TNG partner who claimed ownership of the Blue Leech. The blue leech is the same as the one in the picture that I posted. Holding the piece in the past, it was made of SLS and felt like sand and was painted blue.
  9. I made this mask as a raffle prize for Bionicle Day. My goal was to have it raffled on BZ-Power. However, the resin printer, I share died and it took a while to have an air-brush artist paint the one prototype I had. The mask only will attach to a Toa Mata head from the 2001 line, that’s wearing a Krana-Xa.
  10. Lego made the white metal krana very badly. I don't know why the points on the ends of the krana are missing. I bought some copy's of metal krana that where better from a source that does not want to be disclosed.
  11. The eyes have been made bigger and the back is destroyed, I clean it with a metal polishing cloth and that made it look even badder, it has burned glue on it.
  12. I made this mask for Bionicle Day. This design is based on the Bohrok promotional image from 2002. The mask is resin printed.
  13. I think they bought one blue from the Brick Cascade Expo, from a person who was an attendee.
  14. The blue leech looks like this picture I found online. There partner wants to see if they can sell it at Brick-fest.
  15. It’s a white metal Krana, someone tried to drill it to make it a pendent. I have looked at some other white metal krana that Lego made they are cheaply made with molding lines and rounded points on the sharp parts of the mask, like someone used a hand file on it. Someone tried to solder something to this one and drill a hole in the forehead. So bricks and mini figs could not sell it. There is ownership problems with the one blue leach.
  16. I ended up going to McDonald's and get them and the stuff I wanted. .
  17. I have bought other stuff from them that was real. There prices are like from 4 year ago on masks. No ones going to sell you moive edition set for $50 now adays.
  18. From Seller: They are a table prop; I would call them a decoration and they were gifted to me in 2011. I had a leach pod that was missing a clip on one side and a color deformity, the person who bought them told me they sold it on eBay for $000, when they came back asking for more. I don’t see much value in them like $7 a piece, I been looking on eBay for prices. Arther considers these prototypes; I don’t see them as such.
  19. These are being sold as "Trade Show Leach " , they are FDM printed. Does Lego 3d print pieces for trade shows? My 3d printer at home can make these in a higher quality in the same color.
  20. These Kraata are created by the normal ones being crushed in the packing prosses. Or they can be created by storing old Kraata and allowing them to be crushed. An easy way to make them is to put a Kraata in hot water, take it out and pull on it and you get the same effect. Some seller has made a few hundred dollars by selling a six-sage set of long Kraata.
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