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  1. new Immolation is metal aoty and it's not even close
  2. I almost died a couple times and then I went to college. pursuing a PhD in psychology and currently living in Las Vegas. almost had a career as a photographer until COVID ruined it.
  3. almost 16 years since I joined this site as a kid. it was a major part of my life for so long. to say that my time and the people I met here was instrumental to my development would be an understatement. so many friendships came and went, even a relationship started and ended here, and the drama - so much drama. all the arguments, bullying right-wing bigots, carving out an identity and (infamous) reputation through so many different phases and identity crises. Laughin'Man, Scythey, Ryuujin, Serein, Heck - I changed so much from the time I started here till I faded away that it feels like I was five different people, and there's a little bit of every one that's made me who I am today. shout out to the 3 people who might see this and think, "hey, I remember him". and to the handful of people who joined after I left who are reading this and thinking "who's this weird old guy?" just remember when you're pushing 30 the people, places, and things that got you there.
  4. genuinely shocked that a topic like this exists on bee zed power dot com in the year of our lord 2022 you could say I dabble a bit in metal here and there.
  5. Just wanted to say that the dog picture is quite fine, had been admiring it for a long time. ^_^

  6. Laughing Man


    this site still exists? lol
  7. I've gotten literally hundreds of things since I last posted here but the 5 most recent are Algleymi by Misþyrmings/t by AcathexisHordaland doedskvad by TaakeLitourgiya by BatushkaTerra Inanis by Somnium Nox
  8. missed opportunity to title it "down with the wickness"
  9. if you have an unhealthy obsession with the crusades there's a 500% chance you're a white supremacist

  10. never forget the thousands who died that day, the millions of innocents who were killed in a war over an act they did not commit, and all of those who have been targeted in hate crimes because of their religion or the color of their skin ever since.
  11. 2/5 - further cementing my opinion that the last two White Zombie albums and Rob's first two solo albums are the only good things he's ever been involved with
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