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  1. Dude. Those remixes on your Soundcloud are pure gold.

  2. might as well dump some more of these here while i'm on bzp for the first time in months
  3. what a coincidence i too once found this, and had to share
  4. wow these are honestly really nice... i remember BACK IN THE DAY most of the fanmade contributions to rayg 2.5 looked really noticeably off, even i had a lot of trouble making stuff for it that looked remotely decent. i can't really say for sure how PERFECT it is, namely because i don't think i've even looked at the original kit in ages, but this definitely stands out as one of the most impressive attempts to imitate rayg's style with the shading and stuff that i've seen (the colors could probably use a little bit more contrast though)
  5. you... do realize this is a topic that was posted over a year ago for a comic made many years before that, right also honestly it feels kind of weird to even group bzp's brand of sprite comics together with like bob and george style video game stuff, it basically diverged into its own weird subculture in like 2003 or so and has had almost no connection to the larger online sprite comic scene since then
  6. the image here seems to be broken, so i will substitute my own emkay comic
  7. some more Lego Biocicles™ [/size]i drew sort of recently Inappropriate content removed. -B6
  8. What you're looking for is Richard Nixon That is the secret
  9. Just some bonkles that I drew recently
  10. Matoran have numerous elementally-affiliated "races", each with their own culture, and are adapted for life in different environments The idea that they'd all fall into the same human ethnicity is inherently ridiculous and shouldn't even need to be said I think more people should take into consideration where they actually live though and what skin color/traits would make the most sense for that - I've seen a whole lot of art where Onua is the Token Black Toa just because he is literally black, even though the Onu-Matoran live underground and would probably make more sense to be the palest
  11. "instead of school" Really Like even if you somehow honestly believe kids should not think about anything but school, you DO REALIZE that you are talking about a Bionicle forum where people regularly get into heated arguments about children's construction toys right We get it, you don't personally want to hear about important social issues, please come up with a better justification next time
  12. Glad to see more people acknowledging Pridak's codpiece in their MOCs, an essential element of Bionicle fanon as established by the classic art piece "pridaks family" by drago-flame
  13. Superglue two zamor spheres to the chest of your MOC This is the new Nuva shoulder armor Get on it, BBC
  14. IMPORTANT QUESTION: why does Hahli have hair, and why doesn't Jaller I mean this is a pretty standard thing in awkwardly sexualized female bonkles art but it will never not be weird to me Do all these artists just exist in a world where all girls have long hair and all guys are bald or something??
  15. ...Is this supposed to be some sort of innuendo Like I honestly can't tell, please help me out here
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