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    thank you, good to hear from ya!


    it's been a few years huh. i miss how things used to be the last time i posted but then again i don't miss all of it. lotsa stuff happens but i gotta remember me is me one thing i miss is how the old blog system looked lol, that modular layout was also holy cow i forgot ALL ABOUT THESE FORUM EMOTES I JUST THOUGHT THEY WERE GONNA BE EMOJIS BUT I GOT A BLAST FROM THE FRICKIN PAST idk yall ive just been nostalgic recently and wanted to drop by and say hello to whoever is reading i hope life is treating you fair, and if not then i know you can take this bull by the horns and make the best of it. i've just been down recently considering im now living 2500 miles away from where i was when i made the last blog post. but im in good company and making the best of it all, just homesick and nostalgic. in happier, and older, news, i got engaged in 2017! sorry for telling you all so late lmao we got a puppy recently, we're living in a nice house, and we have a videos game in production!! sorry im just LOVING these emotes what's going on with everyone here??
  3. makes sense that i would miss something like that seeing as how i havent really touched adjectives yet lol
  4. hardest part about learning japanese? probably the fact that, aside from plenty of english loan words, it's a pretty isolated language that doesn't take elements from too many other languages, unlike English which is pretty much a frankenstein beast of different languages lol. in this respect, the grammar, sentence structure, and many many words are completely different from what I'm used to seeing in latin-derived languages. buuut that's exactly one of the reasons why I decided to go for japanese. it's so foreign to me to make it a challenge but there's tons of japanese media readily available to the western world that i can get my hands on (thanks, anime!) as for what I'm excited for for when I eventually do visit japan, probably the food. food is good. totally the food. こんにちわ!元気ですか lol! i dont think i could ever imagine getting back into comics again at this point. it's been waay too long for me and i'm prob rusty as heck haha I use google translate but rarely ever for actual translations lol. it's got a handy feature for when you're translating japanese into other languages, you can type the romaji and it'll automatically transcribe it into hiragana/katakana/kanji so that's super useful when you want to type out stuff. also using google translate for japanese can be pretty... weird. it's such a contextual language that usually cuts out words that are obvious to the listener so computerized translators, being as limited as they are, won't be able to pick up on the more subtle areas of a language. there's also the fact that the minimum requirements you need to have a complete grammatically correct sentence in japanese is a single verb so yeah there's that lol
  5. Knock knock who's there
  6. hey guys hows it crackin. idk i heard a lot of drama was coming from this site but like, im not gonna touch that at all. it just reminded me that this place existed lol so whats new with me is that well fairly recently i decided to pick up the good ol japanese language mostly because of 2 reasons: 1) i like linguistics and languages and all that jazz and B- my bf has mentioned multiple times that he wants to travel to japan with me and since itll be a good idea for at least ONE of us to have an at least basic grasp of the language i think that would be a goodidea so yeh theres that i know so little but i do pick up on stuff from time to time so thatas cool but enough bout that i just really wanted to check up on you homies, i know some of ya follow me on different social media outlets n all that but everyones nice and kind here when they reply here also i just remembered sorry i didnt get a pic of my leather jacket OR my 犬 but whatev theres no nee to worry about that
  7. cool as heck mad respect homie can i use emojis here is that a thing aww yeh
  8. okok i got a killer knock knock joke but u gotta start it

    wha tsupo

    I will try to get a picture of me and the pup to put up here and some other places as well i also gotta take a pic of that lol. glad to hear everything's fine c: wonderful! despite not being in the lego zone anymore i still must admit that i kinda want that figure haha

    wha tsupo

    how has everyone been ive been busy working on a new group project w my bf and several friends christmas is around the corner. who here's celebratin that? excited? i am. i wonderw hat im getting. i did end up draining nearly all my money buying gifts tho lol good thing i did commissions this fall i got a puppy a week ago. hes rly cute and really smart and learns really quickly but he is still nippy and likes to bite everyhting tell me bout all the stuff thats beeen goin on with yall quick edit to tell u about the awesome leather jcket i found in an antiques store. it looks super rad and i love it and it was only 30$ whan the original price was probably 100-200$ possibly more
  11. this name is very important

    1. Naota Takizawa

      Naota Takizawa

      This is the best name in existence.

    2. GAY AS HECK

    t h0r

    thank you for your contributions this is now just a comic made by me no one else also all previous comics here are not canon anymore im resetting the story


    do you like the taste of ocean water and would you drink it if it had no negative effects on your body

    t h0r

    this comic series is now a non-rotational open massive multiple author comic series anybody can be a co-author if they so choose, the only prerequisite is the conscious will to join. anybody who meets said prerequisite is automatically accepted. as such, there will be no official list of co-authors; contrary to popular belief, horses cannot read the minds of humans. comics created by co-authors other than myself will not be added to the first post. there will be no roster. any co-author(s) may submit a comic(s) whenever they choose. do not use this opportunity to develop a comic series within this topic that is separate from t h0r. please try to stay within the already established themes of the series, whatever you may interpret them to be. staying within the established art style(s) of the series is preferred but not mandatory; feel free to exit your comfort zone, this is what we're here for. joining is not mandatory. please follow the rules of the website and subforum.
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