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  1. A MAN HAS FALLEN FOR A MAN IN LEGO CITY! But as everyone knows, love isn't canon. This update prompts a cultural revolution in Lego City, marked by debate, political upheaval, rampant disregard of standards and practices, and one lone figure by the name of GregF crying in the town square. The city is in chaos, and eventually begins a civil war. Lines are drawn and battle begins over the immortal questions, "but can Bonkles love?" and "how much of Bionicle lore also affects Lego general canon?" As fighting continues and new LEGO City sets only cover interesting topics like fire and police, gas station playsets begin to stop production and as a result, gas prices skyrocket. This causes motor vehicles of all kinds to be completely abandoned, left for scrap parts used to assemble primitive siege technology and flick-fire launchers. The docks become graveyards of ABS plastic, all waterlogged and submerged at the bottom of the LEGO City river. A lone figure watches from an empty cave miles outside of the city, observing the carnage. He waits patiently as the battle's front moves from these boneyards to the city proper, with the new fire stations and police cars turning to rubble by the day. When the waters are sufficiently safe, he dons a scuba backpack and descends to the bottom of the river. He looks around at the sunken vessels until he spots his target, a glint of metal catching his eye. He spots a spearfishing pole, mostly covered by algae, resting on the deck of an old abandoned fishing boat. The figure chuckles, and swims to a chest beside the primitive gun, the dank fur of a great cat still impaled on the hook. He firmly grasps the handles of the chest and laboriously pulls it to the surface above. The lone figure chuckles as he sees his life's desire, the Kanohi Ignika resting within the chest. He removes his scuba gear to reveal the yellow gleam of a LEGO City minifigure. It was this figure who fell for a man in LEGO City, coldly calculating his romance to cause just this upheaval in the city. He tears at his face, ripping yellow apart as he reveals his true, Bionicle-looking face under the System disguise. Dallior begins to smirk, then to chuckle, which then turns into a roaring laugh. He then sheds a tear, as he is finally able to whisper the words he had not heard for what felt like generations... "My mask."
  2. I hardly did anything with Aka'Ri. I'll probably just awaken them from a LONG SLEEPtm in their dorm and have them start anew. And now that I have more LIFE EXPERIENCEalso tm , I know how to write and speak so I'll not be acting like a 12 year old who just learned how to use a keyboard.
  3. Hey all, Dilly-Dal here. I'm more active on BZP as of late since BZPGOT S3, and I thought I'd hop back in here. Is it uncouth for me to continue using my 2 year old Aka'Ri character or should I kill it and make a new one?
  4. *from within padded security cell* I'm just happy to be part of the team, haha... *Cries*
  5. And I guess I'm the guy who used to be on the show but swings by the set every so often to see what's up before the security guards drag him away kicking and screaming. There's one on every television production.
  6. Here I go, here I go, here I go again.

  7. It's me, Dilly-Dal, back from the dead! I'm so up for this; should I make a character sheet or since it's a special role should I not?
  8. the possibility might arise later in the season for additional players to join. Noice, make sure I get spammed to high heaven if that happens
  9. End my life, I check back on the site after a long hiatus again the DAY submissions to this end. May the ghost of Dilly-Dal haunt you all again!
  10. Remember when I said I'd make a Mafia? Good times. Sorry I totally bailed on y'all; I sort of forgot BZP existed again? But hey, I have a Huna now.
  11. I have a Huna now? Awesome!

  12. Finally read BZPGOT Season 2; so good!

  13. Me likey. Awesome job on the dinosaur; the legs and feet are my personal favorite parts of the build. Loved the description as well; it's been a while since mine eyes have seen the glory of Peemoss comedy. 7/10, not enough SHOTGUN
  14. I have three awesome memories from the site in my 2+ years being a part of it. 1. The Kanohi Force! Shortly after joining, I got to help form an awesome collection of people from the site into a fun, open club called the Kanohi Force, united by the split-mask avatars like unto the one I don currently. After 2 years, even though there's been conflict inside and outside of our walls, we're still going strong, and the friends I've made through it are loyal through and through. 2. BZP Secret Santa. Ah, that was fun. It didn't happen this last Christmas as I recall, but we were able to pull a good deal of members that much closer together, and inspire some undiscovered creative juices to flow, such as in the case of my picture for Doodleloot. Good times. 3. BZPower Game of Thrones. That was one of many RPGs I've participated in here, but easily the biggest and most fun. Voltex's brilliant creation started out as a procedural country simulator (SETA, anyone?) and transformed into a conspiracy-drenched coup starring the heir to the throne and myself at his etherial side. I wasn't able to hop on the Season 2 bandwagon, but I still enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks, BZP. Though I'm not as active here as I used to be, I still cherish the memories I've gained.
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