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    Lots of stuff-

    Lego, especially Bionicle

    Legend of Zelda
    Animal Crossing
    Super Smash Bros
    Team Fortress 2- if you ever see a "Pohatu Uniter of Stone" player, its me.
    Monster Hunter
    Touhou. Its hard, but fun and rewarding!

    Lord of the Rings/Hobbit
    Harry Potter
    Reading in general
    The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

    Anime, specifically the following:

    One Punch Man
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    Squid Girl!
    My Hero Academia
    Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On!
    Monster Musume

    Monty Python
    Doctor Who

    And food. Food is a relevant interest. But I am very picky. I'd much rather have a bag of raw green beans and two hard boiled eggs than a pizza or burger. (Despite the fact that I wrote this in, like, 2012, its still true!)

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  1. Dang, it's incredible how accurate this is! I especially like the weathered look some of the parts have.
  2. Hi, I'm dead. Busy playing Touhou.

  3. It's amazing how well those shells fit together! Must have been hard to align them.
  4. Ovens are just spicy freezers.

  5. Made by the artist who did the chibi Bohrok up there, although I added the owo Vezok.
  6. IC: Squid A moment of dumb realization hit Squid. With a gesture of forgetfulness straight out of some anime, he responded. "Ohhhhhhhh that was Rain? Yeah, I don't recall ever hearing their name but I remember them now. Pretty nice guy, responsible for my room not looking so... drab. I've always been a fan of the arts, so we got along great. We never really interacted much outside of that, so I don't know too much about them outside of "painted my room." Well, now I know their name I guess." OOC: Yeah I forgot...
  7. IC: Squid Squid thought for a few moments. "Rain? I've heard that name before- referring to the Rahkshi, not the weather- but I've never met them. I know of them, but I don't them. Are you trying to find them for something?"
  8. IC: Squid "Alright, ask away!"
  9. IC: Squid Looking up from the table, Squid saw a familiar face. "Oh, hey Canvas. That was your name, right? Its been a long time since I've seen you. What's been going on?" He cheerfully asked.
  10. Profile pic broke... the quality finally couldn't go any lower. Now, to get a picture that is small enough to fit...

  11. Clean up the stuff on Bara Magna- have it revolve around Mata Nui, introduce supporting characters as it goes along. No need for arena fights and "wow Bara Magna is bad" because Mata Nui can see all of that when he arrives. The whole arc would have been better if viewed from his perspective. He gets the robot, hints towards Bara Magna's past are strewn about and the series ends with a great big fanservicey battle like it actually does. Also, cut out or heavily revise the post-ending web serials.
  12. For years, I've wished to have some animating skill to make a Corpus Rahkshi anime intro. And now, I still want it. Does anyone here know how to animate?
  13. IC: Squid Much to Squid's chagrin, the food had not improved. He sullenly scooped slop onto his plate and sat at one of the numerous tables, shrinking into the old cloak haphazardly covering his spiked back. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but any food that looks *that* bad has no chance of tasting good. On this rare occasion, Squid frowned. Without Phantom-On-The-Water or trips to other towns, his chances at getting some good food were next to none.
  14. IC: Squid The silver-armored Rahkshi waded in the shallow water of the Causeway close to the land. He'd been keeping to himself even more than usual for what seemed like forever now. Squid had been one of the first at the school, but he'd faded out of the spotlight as time went on, practically becoming an irrelevant background character. A lot of stuff had happened, and he just hadn't been involved. The Rahkshi fought and made up, Makuta did their things and the food was still just as bad as it had always been. Well, there was always hope it might be better. Hauling himself back on shore, Squid picked up his sword, shield and back and headed for the Refectory. It was time to do... something.
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