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  1. Well well well... Here I am again, back with some more "work" As per usual, each photo will be hidden with a spoiler tag so it doesn't take forever to scroll down. And for those of you that are still oblivious to my Instagram account, I'll link it at the bottom Notice that not everything shown here has been uploaded to IG, as I try to stretch it out over the darker and more rainy parts of the year; which means a single post a week with a library of photos to choose from Starting off with my girlfriend's favorite BIONICLE set: FIKOU SPIDER GAHLOK KAL A CERTAIN MASK OF LIGHT SCENE I THINK EVERYONE CAN RECOGNISE TAHU NUVA RESTING ON MOUNT IHU And as the last one.... LEHVAK AMBUSH Hope you enjoy these as much as I do If you haven't seen the previous 'installments' and aren't a member of the facebook group, feel free to take a look on IG Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dane_with_no_name/
  2. Hewkii, Nuparu and Matoro are the ones I like the most - but even Hahlis color scheme is an improvement over the one we got
  3. Thank you very much I think that's because I use a photo of the set, posed in my hand, as a reference - so I get the original set design almost perfect :b
  4. Finally got around to finish this one A3 paper, regular drawing utensils and a couple of hours later this was the result: Hope you enjoy it
  5. Thank you very much! Perhaps one day; have a sketch atm of Lewa Nuva performing a Nova-blast :b But I am more focused on regular photography, only casually drawing when I feel for it Thank you, but no - when I drew a lot back in the day people started requesting so much it sucked the fun out of it - and now with work etc. it isn't something I do very much anymore unfortunately :b
  6. When I'm not out taking photos, I occasionally draw as well. Made this on A3 in a couple of hours, using a photo of the figure posed in my hand as reference Hope you like it
  7. Oh, that's really cool! So simple to implement, yet gives such a great effect Yeah it's pretty simple, but quite effective
  8. I use a simple piece of 3-axle length rubber tubing (like the one used in the Boxor set for instance, just cut to lenght) for the Toa Mata/Nuva and matoran As for the bohrok, I've removed the to long gears, and swapped them with ball socket and the ball joint from the Glatorian lines (if you know which piece I'm thinking of) to get the movement :b I am very happy to know it's not just me that can find some childish nostalgia in this little hobby! :b As for the environments I've used everything from small clumps of dried dirt on a plank of wood, sprinkled with powdered sugar to recreate a snowy landscape, to real locations near my home - but since Denmark is pretty flat, and the part I live in is almost at sea-level across the entirety of it's area, mountains and such haven't really been an option :b I refuse to use photoshop to edit the backgrounds I get; though lighting, contrast and such is fair game IMO That's why many of the photos have a more realistic feel, while some others have more of a commercial-kind-of-feel to them Especially the one of Lewa swinging, compared to the Kohrak Kal one
  9. The snow is actually powdered sugar for most of them, as snow doesn't tend to fall as regularly, or be there long enough for me to exploit, because of the climate but thanks alot!
  10. Thank you very much Katuko Of course some photos are getting quite old (2005ish when I first started taking photos of my figures) so my 'skills' have improved over the years :b I try not to take photos that would need photoshop or anything like that, though I usually play a little with contrast, light and color density to get the right feel across
  11. Anybody here who wants something to entertain them for the next 30-40 minutes or so, is welcome to check out the links below If you want to see my work more often than I post videos on YT, you might want to consider finding me on Instagram :b Best regards, Patrick Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dane_with_no_name/ BIONICLE Realism #1 - #6 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYlPk8VEw7v2oC6UQt9foAdogp7HAsMG3
  12. Yeah it was quite expensive to get my hands on 'em.. Glad you like them! Unfortunately I live in Denmark, and it's not exactly like there are mountains around.. Have to work with what I can, and I'd rather have a few plants out of proportions, than big buildings in the background
  13. Hello again! Some of you might remember a post a few months ago, with pictures of Gali Nuva and the like, taken in a 'realistic' portrayal of size in our world Well... I've taken loads more since then, and the quality has only gotten better if I say so myself As I don't want to spam the forum with my photos, I'll leave a link for my instagram at the bottom for those of you that wish to see what I get done in the future :b Even though I know it's actually breaking the rules of usage of spoiler tags, I did it so that people watching didn't have to scroll for an eternity to get to the bottom, but instead had the opportunity to view the photos one at a time :b GAHLOK SWARM IN LE-WAHI KOPAKA NUVA ON MOUNTAIN RIDGE (Note: fake snow - used powdered sugar instead of waiting for the actual winter weather) TOA NUVA WITH JALLER & TAKUA ON THE HUNT FOR THE BOHROK KAL KOHRAK KAL (Note: again with powdered sugar as stand-in for real snow) And last but not least: ONEWA METRU Hope you like these - and if you do and want to see more, I am on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/dane_with_no_name/
  14. Thank you very much ^^, The whole idea is to make them seem life-sized, so I'm happy that aspect came across to you
  15. Yeah, could be Glad you like them Thanks! Hopefully the folder should be public tomorrow, but I'm happy you like them
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